Gregg Williams has been looking for work for more than three weeks


While the NFL has yet to reinstate former Saints and former (for a few weeks) Rams defensive coordinator Gregg Williams, the league has allowed him to look for work.

Jim Thomas of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports that Williams has had such clearance since December 31, the launch of the annual offseason hiring cycle.

The fact that Williams remains unemployed is no surprise.  Players will surely resist him, given the perception that he “snitched” on Saints linebacker Jonathan Vilma as part of the internal NFL bounty suspension process, both with a sworn statement and testimony at the appeal hearing.  And it will be hard for any owner to justify adding Williams to the payroll, given both his role in the bounty scandal and his cartoonish locker-room comments from last January, as the Saints prepared to face the 49ers in the postseason.

It could be that Williams’ only hope, at least in the short term, will be to serve as a consultant, possibly without his name even being publicly mentioned as having a relationship with the team.

There’s a separate question regarding whether and to what extent he will be entitled to severance pay from the Rams, who hired him not long before news of the bounty scandal broke.  That question ultimately could be decided by the man who has yet to decide to fully reinstate Williams — Commissioner Roger Goodell.

18 responses to “Gregg Williams has been looking for work for more than three weeks

  1. Whoever is posting the pictures for the stories today is on the ball. Kudos to the photo department.

  2. Agreed he is pure poison at the moment for any team to hire…but probably his biggest problem is it looks like teams figured out his scheme. After some real success with Tennessee and the Redskins, he’s struggled to regain that sort of form. Even the SB year with the Saints they succeeded thanks to creating a ton of turnovers which was more a case of good fortune than anything else.

  3. From recent videos posted, there are some Youth/Pop Warner type teams in Ft Lauderdale/South Florida that would appreciate the style in which GW motivates his players with rewards.

  4. Where’s all the Saints haters?

    Roger Goodell will decide if he gets severance pay from the Rams? That’s rich!

  5. Good, I hope he never gets hired, I watched him when he failed in Buffalo with his hut-two-three army tactics that was laughable, and now he helps bring down the Saints franchise with his idiocy. This man doesn’t deserve another chance in the NFL. Go to the CFL, Williams !

  6. And, by the way, what’s what with Ryan, the suave debonair former Cowboy DC? Have five minutes gone by yet?

  7. Well this may be unpopular but he’s a great coach and somebody will take the chance on him and take on the bad publicity for a month and then be paid off with a stellar defense. My hope is the Bears bring him in at LB coach.

  8. I’ll take him back in Washington in a heart beat. Haslett took that top 10 defense straight to the bottom of the league. Now that we finally have some offense our defense is beyond crap. Blitz everybody and get burned deep is Haslett’s motto.

  9. Goodell must have a degree in jerking people around. Give the guy permission to look for a job in the NFL but don’t give him permission to actually work in the NFL. And to top it off, leave everyone wondering whether the team that took a chance on him last will have to pay severance for the five minutes he worked there prior to having his last permission to work in the NFL revoked. Of course no one will hire the guy!

    Frankly, I think Williams should be banned for life based on the tape recordings of his “motivational” sessions. But if you want to ban him Roger, have the backbone to do it outright. Stop this namby-pamby stuff.

  10. Letting him “look for work” is a cowardly move on the part of the league. They have doubts that anyone will hire him, so they don’t want to take the PR hit that comes from reinstating the guy most obviously guilty of encouraging players to inflict injury via late and dirty hits.

    That said, they obviously don’t mind him coming back…. I guess he should be glad he wasn’t encouraging players to wear their socks too low, that would have been a lifetime ban.

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