Jamarcus Russell wants to make a comeback

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Former Oakland Raiders quarterback Jamarcus Russell is hoping to make a return to the NFL.


Despite still weighing 308 pounds, the former first round pick believes he can make a return to the league. Russell has been working out for the last six weeks in an attempt to get back in shape and return to the football field for the first time since 2009.

According to Yahoo! Sports, Russell will be training with Brian Martin of TEST Football Academy and TEST West and be mentored by former NFL and LSU wide receiver Mike Clayton.

Russell is also expected to get specific training from a handful of former NFL players, including Jeff Garcia and Marshall Faulk, hoping to help restore Russell’s football career.

Russell still has a long way to go before any team will even consider giving him a look. Even if he’s able to get back into something close to playing shape, he’ll have to convince a team to give him a workout. He’ll have to answer questions about his arrest for having codeine syrup without a prescription in 2010 and convince someone he’s worth a chance.

But you can’t blame Russell trying to revitalize his career, even if he’s unsuccessful.

“I’m not looking for a pat on the shoulder from people who haven’t been there for me,” Russell said. “It feels funny not to go through a training camp, that’s just what I’m used to. It’s going to feel good to go back out there again. I will make this happen.”

176 responses to “Jamarcus Russell wants to make a comeback

  1. So what, all this crap about the last Raiders Super Bowl and now talk about this bum? Anyone else have any other terrible Raiders moments to hash out from the last 10 years?

  2. Well I want to win the powerball Jackpot, but you can wish in one hand and crap in the other and only one will fill up. The guy must be out of money and jonesing for some sizurp.

  3. Tim Brown said this, JaMarcus Russell is making a come back, whatever. Knapp is fired, the Broncos lost, and there still Oakland. That’s all that matters.

  4. I guess either he is running out of money or has been watching Russell Wilson, RG3 and Cam Newton playing and thinks he can play at their level.

    Naw dude gotta be broke…..

  5. Long way to go. If you have the natural ability , thats one thing, but reading progressions, the footwork, the mental aspect will need a lot of work.

  6. Being drafted by the raiders… i dont blame him for the codeine syrup and pills. Maybe neither one was a great career move in retrospect however.

  7. Don’t you just get the feeling that this is going to be one of those remarkable feel good stories?

  8. And I know the perfect place for him.

    The long defunct NFL Europe, or perhaps the even longer defunct XFL, or World Football League.

    And, there’s always the soon to be NFL Developmental League.

  9. Nah, I’d rather take Travis Henry back. And that’s coming from a buffalonian who needs a QB pretty bad.

  10. The guy has all the raw talent in the world but had close to zero commitment when he played previously. If he can get in to shape and prove to teams he cares then he deserves a second chance.

  11. Yeah, this story makes me laugh, next thing ya’ know, Ryan Leaf, Tony Mandarich, and Steve Entman will all talk about making a comeback. Hasn’t this guy seen what can happen to guys like Vince Young and countless other first round picks. Go have another cheeseburger, Wimpy ! You shot your chance !

  12. Send him to Seattle…he and Marshawn Lynch would make a dynamite friendship. #tastetherainbow

  13. ¨Had so much potential¨ has become the cliche of choice in modern sports, with so many good athletes that don’t cut it on pro sports.

    However, man, did this guy had all the potential in the world. He made Flacco’s arm look like Ryan Fitzpatrick’s.

    Couldn’t put it all together, and playing for such a dysfunctional organization didn’t help.

    However he did have a couple of very good moments in the NFL, and as a fan it would have been amazing watching a freak athlete like him dominate with his arm to the extent that just vick and griffin have been able to do with their legs. Cause I don’t think there is a pocket passer right now that can dominate as he could have with that arm.

  14. Hardly played his first season. Second season….struggled most the season, but started to look good at the end of the year. The win over Tampa in the season finale got Gruden fired. But then sucked his third year and was released. And this was before Hue Jackson ever made it to Oakland.

    The Raiders released him not long after they traded for Jason Campbell, and they said Russell looked decent in the Raiders’ minicamp before he was released. So maybe with better coaching he’ll be better? Just a thought. We all like to label him as one of the biggest all-time busts, yet he’s probably better than Ryan Lindley or John Skelton.

    But he would also be a big distraction and I don’t know which teams would want to take a chance on him, even as a backup.

  15. He’ll be back in the league in no time. GM’s would be crazy not to pick up a 308lb offensive lineman who has relatively good speed.

    After all, he is being mentored by one of the greatest blocking wide receivers of the Buccaneers, if not the entire history of the league.

    “I’m not looking for a pat on the shoulder from people who haven’t been there for me” < I can't begin to understand what this means.

  16. Call me crazy, but I’m for it. He could be a good starter in this league with good work ethic. and From what I’ve seen, he’s now got that. I think if he comes back, he’ll be motivated to prove people wrong.

  17. Given that JaBustus was always a lazy, unmotivated slug I can only guess that he’s burned through the bonus money he pilfered from the Raiders and is now close to being broke/destitute.

    I can’t see any other plausible explanation for Russell’s sudden ‘interest’ in being a legit NFL player.

  18. I’d be amazed if it happens. Russell never showed anything resembling a work ethic in the pros so it’s kinda hard to believe he’s got one now, weighing 308 pounds. I’d have huge doubts about this but at the same time I hope it happens, maybe Russell has finally had his epiphany moment…or maybe he just needs cash. Either way, best of luck to him.

  19. Sounds like he could be an o-lineman. But in all seriousness, why would anyone even think of lookin at this guy? He wasn’t just a draft bust, but a complete flop! Then again, maybe jerry jones will add him to the circus that is the cowboys, lmao

  20. There have been worse off the field stories. If he has gotten it back together and is in shape, give the guy a chance.

  21. His quote sounds ridiculous. Let me get this straight: if someone hasn’t been there for you, you don’t want anything; but if they have, then you want more. Because you are a self centered, self important jackass. You had one of 32 jobs in the NFL and didn’t give a crap. You squandered an easy road to a championship at LSU. And you can just continue sitting your ignorant ass down on the couch while watching how players who care go about their business, such as Wilson, Luck, and Griffen, each of whom is better than you.

  22. You want a pat on the shoulder? How about a kick in the #$$ from the fans and coaches that YOU weren’t there for, that you let down when you took the money and flushed it down the drain along with your career? Obviously you still won’t admit you did anything wrong.

  23. I can’t see this ending remotely well for Russell. I know some players who leave the game for off-the-field reasons often make a comeback and do okay (Reggie Bush, Michael Vick, Plaxico Burress). But Jamarcus Russell didn’t leave the league for off the field reasons, he left the league because he sucked and nobody wanted him.

  24. Im thinking someone is gonna take a flyer and bring him to camp…such a waste of talent and opportunity up to this point..Maybe the Jets, Bills, Chiefs maybe, Philly… It’ll be interesting to see if the guy gets another chance and if so what does he do with it..unfortunately I think he doesn’t make it and he is broke within 5 years..I truly hope I’m wrong though.

  25. Wouldn’t he have had to have had a career in the NFL in the first place for it to be considered a ‘comeback’? I know he technically played in the league, but come on – shouldn’t having been relevant at some point be mandatory for using the term ‘comeback’?

  26. isn’t draft already Heavy with Defensive Tackles? … If he’s serious, someone needs to get him along with Tebow in a room for group therapy to help explain to them … “it’s just not going to work out for you guys as an NFL QB!”

  27. You gotta be kidding! What happened, did that $32 million that you ‘stole’ from Al Davis run out already??

    I can already tell you one team that wont be giving him a second look…

  28. I guess the money ran out, can’t say I’m surprised. You could give these guys a billion dollars and I’m sure they’d find a way to lose it all.

  29. He wants to “get back in shape”? Doesn’t that presume he was ever in shape?

    And at 300+ pounds is he trying to come back as a nose tackle?

  30. Obviously the dude is already broke. Hard to feel sorry for a guy that at one time had the world by the shorthairs, got a huge guaranteed signing bonus & became entitled. JaMarcus was & is a lazy guy.

    It was well known before the draft that he really didn’t like football. That’s changed now?? Riiiight…

  31. comeback from what ? he’s fat, slow and stupid….. that’s no way to go through life, but wait he is rich…… what does a posse cost these day’s ?

  32. If I were the Ravens I’d give him a shot as a tackling dummy. Bringing down Big Ben wouldn’t be too hard if you could tackle this guy.

  33. He must be broke, nothing else would motivate this slob as evidenced by him still being 300+ pounds.

    All the top ten picks who got thrown under the bus due to his idiocy just love this guy because he was the main reason cited for implementing the rookie wage scale.

    Before his disastrous career, the union wouldn’t budge on those salaries.

  34. He sure was not in any kind of hurry for training camp when he held out for so long in his rookie season.

  35. It does sound funny at first but people do change as they get older. He is probably serious, and will get a shot if he does what he needs to to get in shape.

    It’s not exactly like he went into a great situation when he was drafted…but his being lazy and indifferent didn’t help either.

    Good luck to him; if he can’t make it as a QB he could definitely try OT.

  36. How’s making the news at 308 lbs and only training last 6 weeks show that’s he matured enough to be taken seriously? Had he come out of the woodwork at 260lbs….it would be different. He Still is the Same ol’Jawalrus.

  37. The only place JaBust Russell is coming back to, is the line at his local buffet for another plate of slop.

  38. Who’s running the Week 1 pre-SB headlines? Al Davis from the grave?

    Mind you, we would all get tired of the Har-Bowl stories anyways, the Raiders are more entertaining.

    As for JR, well, I’m sure he’s still got that rocket of an arm, but a pop-gun for a brain. He’s simply looking for a shot, getting a contract, and then hitting the roulette tables. Some team might invite him to camp, but I doubt it goes beyond a sniff.

    Calling Jeff George…calling Jeff George.

  39. pr0jecktpat says: Jan 23, 2013 3:29 AM

    The guy has all the raw talent in the world but had close to zero commitment when he played previously. If he can get in to shape and prove to teams he cares then he deserves a second chance.
    The road to hell is paved with QB’s with a great arm. As Jeff George or Jay Schroeder can attest, being able throw the ball 70 yards does not constitute “all the raw talent in the world.” The QB position is 20% about arm strength, and the rest is about heart and what you have from the neck up. And there, this guy is a neverwas and neverwillbe.

  40. All jokes aside, I love great redemption stories. If he has matured and works hard, it would be a good thing to see him redeem himself.

  41. if he can turn himself into a serviceable backup id take him back on the raiders… as long as he plays for free this time

  42. Ryan Leaf was a bust. This kid is loaded with talent and ended up on a team with no line. We ALL remember him being sacked before he completed his 3 step drop. I say give the kid a shot. Now it’s up to him to put in the work.

  43. Jeff Garcia will take him in and start mentoring him, next week he’ll be yapping to the press about how he should be starting over Russell.

  44. Think big’un has a better chance of turning himself into a tight end. Not nearly as much thinking involved. A good receiver coach could teach a monkey to catch a football; all Russell has to do is learn to run routes and get in front of somebody on running plays. The image of him in the open field with the ball has got to bring a sparkle to a coach’s eye…

  45. He knows he’s not gonna get paid again, so I actually give the guy credit for trying – even if he is unsuccessful.

    In a very very small way it’s a little redeeming. Let me emphasize very small.

    All that being said, if the guy can turn his life around and turn his attitude around it’d be one of the great stories in sports – and so I’m pulling for him.

  46. lets be real:
    if he can lose 50-100ibs and keep it off
    and with gracia or whomever teaching him too read defenses and faulk teaching him mentally how too be a football player and get some work ethic this might work
    trust me there teams that will look at him is wouldnt mind my browns lookin at him since that idiot lombardi drafted him? everbody deserves a 2nd-3rd chance just its up too u if u goin to slap or waste that chance away

  47. His physical tools are through the roof! If he can work on his accuracy and stop stuffing his face he’ll be fine.

  48. His footwork and release were the weakest parts of his game. That isn’t gonna change overnight. Coming from a Raiders fan here who watched every game, this guy was Tebow without the legs.

  49. “I’m not looking for a pat on the shoulder from people who haven’t been there for me,” Russell said.

    It’s not very promising to immediately try to lay blame for your own failures and terrible work ethic at the feet of others.

    Ironic, since the only person that I know of that HASN’T been there for him, is Jamarcus Russell himself.

  50. I never understood all the hype behind Russell when he was in college, or why anyone thought he was a first round talent, let alone worthy of the first overall pick. Considering that Adrian Peterson, Calvin Johnson and Patrick Willis came out of that draft, Russell may well qualify as the biggest draft bust ever.

    I wish the guy well in his comeback attempt. That said, it would have probably been best for him to keep that out of the press until he was at least back in shape.

  51. You cannot cure stupid. Is this not the same guy who showed up at an SEC championship game (LSU vs ‘Bama) wearing the jersey of the opposition? And then didn’t understand why members of his alma mater got mad? Besides the fact that he alienated all his teammates with his ‘Chosen One’ diamond necklace and his skipping meetings to go to Vegas, he’s too dumb to play quarterback in the NFL. Evidently too dumb to realize he’s dumb…

  52. This guy is terrible!! But i do think he will land a back up role in someons offense. I mean 3rd and goal at the 1 yard line. Qb draw from a 300 pound QB would be tough to stop. Maybe the Jets will pick him up so they can get on the front paper of the paper for another day…

  53. This is like a late Christmas gift to NFL sports writers. And to this site. Bring on the schadenfreude!

    Try Canada, JaMarcus. Take the Flutie route. Show us you love the game enough to play it in Canada. Go win the Grey cup there.

    Then maybe. Them’s some big ifs.

  54. Pat White wants a comeback. Tim Brown accuses his former coach of sabatoging the Super Bowl. JaWalrus wants a comeback.

    I think we fans are being Teo’d.

  55. Seriously, maybe a position switch would work for him, tight end or Offensive tackle, but QB…., I don’t think so. Been too spoiled since he left watching hard workers likeLuck, Cam Newton, RGIII and Russell Wilson re-define the position as the up and coming generation.

  56. I’m sure we were all geniuses in our early twenties, right?
    JaMarcus blew it, but if the only thing that amounts from his attempted comeback is that he sheds some pounds and adds some years to his life, then good for him.

  57. If Russell is admitting to 308, you can guarantee that he is about 20 pounds over that number. One thing you can guarantee in football is that the fat guys will shave about 20 pounds off the number they give publicly, and the skinny guys will add about 15 to the number they give.

  58. monsterright says: Jan 23, 2013 3:14 AM

    Wouldn’t that just be a come? Comeback makes it sound like he’s been somewhere before.
    Yeah, but “JaMarcus Russell wants to make come” would be the very last link I or anyone else on the planet would ever click on.
    pencilmonkeymagic says: Jan 23, 2013 4:22 AM

    Can you imagine trying to tackle a 308 pound QB on a scramble? Just a thought…
    Yes I can. In fact I’ve seen it. Problem is it’s 308 pounds of Reese’s and Auntie Ann’s pretzels, not muscle. Either way, he’s slow as molasses, and falls down as soon as a defender hits him anywhere below the waist.

  59. Does anyone remember that spin move Jamarcus put on 2 Eagles defenders back in 08 or 09? That was one of the funniest things I have ever seen. I don’t know how it actually fooled those linebackers, but it ranks up there with Chad Pennington juking out that Patriot player.

  60. Russell should have another chance, lets not forget what team he was playing for and for a general manager he had drafting for the people around him. Ya I know he was lazy and a bum but playing for a Raiders team that traded 2 first rounders and a 2nd rounder for a 31 year old Carson Palmer you know that somethings wrong. Let someone like Bruce Arians or Mike McCoy try to mold him. It doesn’t work well than he is not a NFL quarterback but if he is truly committed give him a shot and I wouldn’t be surprised if someone did.

  61. Michael Clayton mentoring him? didnt that dude wash out of the league too? Correct me if I am wrong on that.

    If hes still at 308 pounds after all this time then he still doesnt get it. He should have always been working to get back into shape. I dont get the impression he was smart enough to sock any of that big rookie contract money away in case of a rainy day

  62. I for one would really like to see this happen. It is a shame for any player to have that much talent and throw it away. Perhaps he has grown up. Or perhaps his has squandered away his wealth already. I am not saying I think he will be successful, but I really would like to see him do it. But, I wouldn’t bet on it.

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