Jim Schwartz: Young’s tweets weren’t a good idea


Lions wide receiver Titus Young popped back up on Tuesday with a series of tweets that featured a threat to quit playing football if he didn’t get the ball more often.

The Lions haven’t said whether there is still a place on the team for a player who was told to not bother coming into work anymore this season, but coach Jim Schwartz did address Young’s tweets on Wednesday. As you’d imagine, Schwartz wasn’t a big supporter of Young’s method of earning a bigger role in the offense.

“Every offensive player wants the football and there’s good ways to go about trying to get that done. This is a pretty good example of a not so good idea,” Schwartz said, via Dave Birkett of the Detroit Free Press. “Guys are responsible for what they post, what they say. You wear your uniform 24 hours a day now, everybody’s aware of that. We obviously still got some ground to cover there.”

The most surprising thing about the response is that Schwartz is still talking about Young as if there’s a future in Detroit lends credence to the idea that Young might actually have a future with the Lions. The former second-round pick has done just about everything possible to pave his way out of town, but, for now, the Lions still aren’t ready to say goodbye for good.

24 responses to “Jim Schwartz: Young’s tweets weren’t a good idea

  1. Isn’t this a little like Thurstons Howell’s III wife demanding more air time on Gilligans Island or she will walk ?

  2. I don’t think it’s surprising that he’s still on the roster. Cutting him right away when he was benched (or right now) doesn’t really accomplish anything. If he’s still on the roster after the draft, it will be surprising.

  3. Business as usual… Until someone has the brass in this organization to do anything, discipline will always remain an issue.

    The fact that he even remains on this team shows they aren’t serious about winning. What else does he have to do to get cut?

  4. bradford08 says:
    Jan 23, 2013 5:31 PM
    Ironically the Lions could have drafted Randall Cobb instead of Titus Young.

    As always, the Packers getting the better second round receiver


    And the Ravens got the best of the bunch in Torrey Smith.

  5. Titus Young is a tremendous talent and a monumental idiot. As much as I dislike Schwartz as a coach, it’s obvious he’s biting his tongue. It is not his job to fire players. If I was the GM, after making such a grievous pick, I would be hoping to find one sucker that thinks they can rehabilitate the guy—maybe they think he’s worthy of a 7th round pick.

    Let’s see how this plays out between now and July.

  6. Some teams will just never get better. Lions are so disorganized, they could use this guy and teach him instead they treat this othere guy named calvin to throw the ball to as an excuse, “we need to get megatron 190 catches a season cause he is the best WR ever, an all pro and MVP caliber”. If he so great, why dont he teach this young guy how to do a better job at being a team player.. thankfully i wont be subject to lions games every sunday, too many headscratchers on that team!!!

  7. If they had a Super Bowl trophy, Titus would have tied it to the back of his car and done donuts in the parking lot a la George Costanza in his latest attempt to get fired.

    I guess this was the next best thing…..

  8. The most surprising thing about the response is that Schwartz is still talking about Young as if there’s a future in Detroit lends credence to the idea that Young might actually have a future with the Lions.

    The kid has talent. I think it’s more like Schwartz is hoping they’ll be able to dump Young for a 7th rounder. The comments here show me there are those that would like to see their team pick up Young for nothing and rehabilitate him into a good receiver.

  9. Please remember that the Lions cannot cut Titus Young until the start of the next league year. So as long as you can’t cut him, you may as well pretend like he has some value with the hope you can get something in return. What a shame. You can blame the Lions for taking a risk on a guy with character issues, but I don’t think anyone could have foresaw this complete mental breakdown.

  10. Apparently, the lions follow what thier fans say cause thats just moronic to thumbs down the idea that your number one should help the team by helping his fellow recievers, why does “megatron” get the monacle of being the best in the league, if all he can do is catch a ball and run a route.
    Teach your fellow players to be men and respectfiul of their coaches! Thats being a valuable player, detroit haha what? What??

  11. Don’t come to minny! We don’t need another small complaining wide out that’s not as good as the one we got!

  12. To questforsixthdumbass2013
    If you were a detroiter you’d know megatron works with all his recievers! But unfortunately you can’t teach class! Maybe the lions hope he’ll turn into a decent player 3-4 yrs down the road like Crabtree in SF, although Crabtree will let the success go to his head and be ignorant as ever next season lol. In all likelyhood the lions will keep him through the preseason, throw alot of balls his way, hope he catches a bunch, and then trade him to a sucker for something of value, and be done with this headache! Afterall they have to make room for the wrs they’re gonna draft lol. God forbid the ever draft for need!

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