Kelly’s convinced he can convince players of his pace

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For new Eagles coach Chip Kelly, questions abound.

He’s still trying to fill a staff and figure out what to do about quarterback, but he also has to wonder about how fast he can go with his team this offseason.

One of the signatures of Kelly’s team at Oregon was pace, as they ran an average of 81 plays per game last year.

As Rich Hoffman of the Philadelphia Daily News pointed out, the NFL’s best were the Patriots at 74 plays per game, and the league average was 64 plays per game.

“This game, everybody’s always trying to get an advantage,” Kelly said. “It’s [about] the next great thing, so to speak. I’m not saying this is the next great thing, but if you can force the pace in the game, . . .

“But there’s so many different things that get involved in that. It’s not like buying something off the shelf, . . . It has to be a total implementation, from what you do in the offseason to how you practice during the week to what you do on game day.”

How he can create that pace will be determined by how well his new roster adapts to his practice schedule. It’s easier to run full-speed every day when you have a roster of 100 or so 19-year-olds. When you only get 53 players, and some of them are pushing 30, things change.

But Kelly thinks he can sell a new bunch of players on the reason he pushes it.

“I think,” he said, “if you have a bunch of guys that want to win, I don’t know if guys say, ‘Coach, we don’t want to score points.’ I haven’t encountered people like that. I don’t think there are people like that, . . . You hear that and, with a lot of things, there are a lot of generalizations that go on all the time. But the teams that are successful want to win.

“If you can give them an advantage in how to win, I think they’d be nuts if they didn’t buy into it.”

Which is fine, but if he runs a bunch of veterans harder than they’ve accustomed to, they might think he’s just nuts. Watching him adapt to the realities of the NFL calendar will be fascinating, but he’s shown in the past that adapting is something he’s good at.

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  1. Here’s the problem as I see it. To run this fast pace offense you need a pretty good defense. If offense happens to go 3 and out, your defense is going to get clobbered over and over again. N.E. can do this because they at least have an above average defense (and Tom Brady). The current Eagles defense are a bunch of dogs for the most part. Improve the defense first and then this could be a viable offensive approach.

  2. Ask Peyton Manning, Jim Kelly, Andre Reed, Thurman Thomas, etc. about a fast paced offense and its benefits…

  3. His offense starts with whoever is QB, and in Philly Foles doesn’t fit that Oregon Offense so we shall see.

  4. Kelly has a fast pace offense but you can’t just take the offensive play count in college and compare it to the NFL. College games are longer because the clock stops after every first down.

  5. An above average defense? Are you kidding me they might actually have a worse secondary then we do lol. They do well against the run but anyone and I mean anyone can throw on them. They don’t rush the passer well and they don’t cover well at all.

  6. Chip will need the right guys. His WRs love to run so that shouldn’t be a problem. LeSean will be ok. It’s the line you have to worry about.

  7. Let me get this straight. Belichick is a genius, and his team runs 74 plays per game. But Chip Kelly is going to have a hard time in the NFL because his college team ran 81 plays per game? It sounds like Kelly isn’t bringing anything so new into the NFL, but merely copying the Patriots style of play. Sounds like that style of play is already working, at least for one NFL team.

  8. I think he’s said about a million times already that he’s not bringing his Oregon offense/program and forcing into the NFL. He’ll adapt based on personnel. He’s also said that he won’t practice like Philly is a cross-country team (because of roster limits, collectively bargained practice rules, etc).

    Beyond that, Philly only has a couple of guys who are ‘uncuttable’ (McCoy, maybe Peters if he’s healthy). Everyone else is attractive via trade, has a contract that makes them easier to cut, etc. I think he’ll be able to turn the roster over quickly if need be and get players that buy in.

  9. @conormcleod – Belichick went to Kelly, so that makes it even funnier. The “genius” was the student Kelly. BB has the benefit of time in the league, a reputation – put simply, cred that Kelly doesn’t have. I wish him luck, but I’m not buying until he shows he has the people skills to get veteran players on board.

  10. It sounds nice, but not sure the locker room is going to go for it. Probably have to clean house and bring in new players who will listen. Maybe that’s what this team needs anyway.

  11. Shady McCoy, Jeremy Maclin, Riley Cooper, and yes, DeSean Jackson need to all be part of the offense. I think DeSean will play for Coach Kelly. I’m cautiously optimistic about the Kelly Era in Philly…

    and in response to the “above average Pats D” comment… I saw every game this year, Brady being on the field is their D…

  12. The problem with a fast paced offense is that it doesn’t give your defense the ability to rest. Time of possession is still a key stat in the game. Scoring quickly is good. Maintaining a long scoring drive while letting your defense rest up is sometimes much better.

  13. I think Kelly’s basic offensive strategy may not be realistic in the NFL right now, but its principals make sense — the more plays you run, the better chance you have to score, right? Additionally, the more plays you run the more you tire out an opposing defense.

    The problem, as I see it, is the read-option element. Right now nobody really defends it, but I would be dollars to donuts that defensive coordinators will figure out how to shut it down soon. This part of the Kelly philosophy might end up going the way of the Wildcat offense.

    Still, I think New England has proven over the past few seasons that there are definately elements of the Kelly philosophy that can be adapted to the NFL effectively.

  14. Kelly won’t be using the read option unless the eagles decide to draft a running qb. My guess for what happens is that kelly builds his offense around the strengths and weaknesses of nick foles, meaning no option plays.

  15. “reasonablemindsays says: Jan 23, 2013 3:08 PM
    Kelly won’t be using the read option unless the eagles decide to draft a running qb. ”

    Hmmm, if only the Eagles had a super fast QB on their roster…..

  16. OK. Get prepared for the NFLPA to issue complaints and threaten to sue if Kelly’s plan gets implemented. It would mean that older veterans would likely get cut because they can’t keep up. That means salaries would go down in this type of offense because younger players would be used and rookie salaries are much less than veterans.

    And if, and that’s a big if, it is a success then more teams will copy it and the NFLPA will have to act.

  17. Uh oh. Another Dallas fan trying to convince others, while still trying to convince himself that chip is going to crash and burn in the NFL. It’s fun to watch

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