League fines Tom Brady $10,000 for Ed Reed kick

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Well, all those folks who say the Patriots get special treatment from the league office are feeling a little vindicated right now.  Or maybe foolish.

According to Ian Rapoport of NFL Network, the league has fined quarterback Tom Brady for his Tin Man sans oil can slide, which ended with a Ty Cobb cleating of Ravens safety Ed Reed.

It’s the right call.  While the broadcast angle suggested mere awkwardness and lack of flexibility in an age of increasingly mobile quarterbacks, the reverse angle made it look a foot-first eff-you to Reed.

The league fined Lions defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh $30,000 for a Thanksgiving foot to the groin of Texans quarterback Matt Schaub.  And before those who say the Patriots get special treatment from the league office point to that disparity and exclaim, “A-ha!” it’s important to keep in mind that Suh’s history influenced his fine.

Brady has no such history.

Correction, had no such history.

88 responses to “League fines Tom Brady $10,000 for Ed Reed kick

  1. jhein23 says:
    Jan 23, 2013 8:33 PM
    About time can’t stand him.

    Translation- I’m jealous!

  2. I suppose the real justice in Brady being fined is….. in the event something like this were to happen again… He’ll be a repeat offender.

    If it never happens again… no big deal.

  3. They fined Gore 500 more for wearing socks too low. Bradys fine is a joke. If it was another player they would have been finef at least $20000. I like Brady but come on now.

  4. You would never see Peyton Manning do this, Yet another reason why he’s vastly superior.

  5. Attempted kick to the groin is equivalent to wearing the wrong socks. Good to know, I guess.

  6. Frank Gore got $10.5K for his socks. Lawyers definitely wrote the league’s rulebook but not their punishment policies it appears. We all saw what Brady did, how can a uniform violation be penalized more than a kick slide like that?

    Not crying about Brady or the Patriots here, I’m just complaining about what the league prioritizes. Safety, riiiiiight…

  7. As a pats fan I don’t see why people hate on Brady so much.class act never talk dirty about teams or players.he just play the game and wins and that’s it.i guess because he wins all the time and yeah we came up short in the Super Bowl twice.but he’s a good player and a good leader.but pats fans are use to the hate

  8. Just barely less than Frank Gore was fined for WEARING HIS SOCKS TOO LOW.

    Way to stand up for player safety, Goodell.

  9. Better than nothing but seriously, what’s the point of a fine when the amount in no way affects the player? That’s his lunch money if you compare it to the average person.

  10. Most fines are a joke. More often than not they have zero impact on the players. Suspend players for a quarter, a half, a game(s). Fines are meaning less for the most part.

  11. It’s not about hitting him in the wallet. It’s about him no longer being on a pedestal. Yes, even Tom Brady has to play within the rules. Just wish he had been treated like everyone else before passing is peak and starting his decline. Yeah I know Patriots fan don’t want to hear that Brady is old and the glory days are over.

  12. Not saying he gets special treatment but the league really had no choice but to fine him, after all his apology to Reed was kind of an omission to guilt.

  13. people don’t dislike Brady for his ability nearly as much as his crying after plays when defensive players blow on him too hard.

  14. Not particularly a Brady fan but this fine is crap. The only reason the NFL is fining him is because of all the bitching from Brady haters.

    What the hell is $10K to him? He probably spent that much on hair products and pretty scarfs this month alone.

  15. “Yeah I know Patriots fan don’t want to hear that Brady is old and the glory days are over.”

    The glory days have been over since 2007, that’s when the Patriots dynasty ended in my opinion. And Brady may be old but he still scored a 38 touchdowns (passing and rushing) against only eight interceptions. He’s still playing at an elite level.

    Brady knew he messed up that’s why he apologized to Reed. However we all know that won’t be enough to appease the jealous trolls that roam around every Patriots related story.

  16. So much for the league’s “concerns” about player safety. Try to spike someone? $10,o00. Wear your socks wrong? $10,500. Goodell is a joke. He makes Gary Bettman and Bud Selig look good.

    I hope New Orleans gives him the warm welcome he deserves.

  17. Honestly, if I made his money I’d kick people in the sack every Sunday. Come on… isn’t it obvious that the highest paid players don’t have to worry about these fines??? This isn’t how you prevent injuries. It’s just a way of shifting all injury creation onto higher paid players.

    Ten thousand dollars for a guy who’s worth over a hundred million??

    Then again, I am glad they fined him just to show that when he does it it’s wrong too…

  18. He made $10,000 in the time it took him to read the letter from the league explaining why he was being fined.

  19. Brady’s fine was going to be $50K, but it was reduced when he pointed out the replays clearly showed his proper sock usage.

  20. This is a token fine, really. Even so, the league is supposed to be “fair”. The only thing worse than the Patriots losing last Sunday would be if that murderer on the Ravens gets another ring.

  21. I’m definitely not a Brady fan but it looked to me like he was trying to protect himself from contact more than he was attempting to make contact.

    I just wonder if anyone has asked him… “You mad Bro?” for that $10k fine.

  22. Sure, hes passed his prime, over the hill, no longer clutch, glory days are over……until next year when he’s back in the playoffs and threatening to take his team to the Super Bowl….yet again.

  23. I’m sure he can scrounge that up in his couch cushions. Whatever, the kick was obviously more of a defensive reaction to the best free safety ever coming in on him. Brady and Belichick both have man crushes on Reed so he certainly wasn’t intentionally trying to hurt the guy.

  24. As one of the dirtiest (and most fined) players in the league, Reed derserved to be kicked…harder.

  25. Side thought- Anyone ever thought this about the Brady and Ray Lewis (NFLevolution) commercial.
    When Lewis’s mother asks “What is the NFL doing to make the game safer?” Brady at the desk says, “We are doing alot, Carl” Carl at the NFL offices and the spin that went thru my mind….
    ” Well Tom, we’re developing new rules to protect Tom Brady.”

  26. The NFL has pretty much made it clear to players that wearing your socks low is the exact same as a womanly attempt of a cheap shot…

  27. Another thing you would never see Peyton Manning do? Play consistently in the playoffs. Great regular season QB. Can’t lead a team through the playoffs like Brady, though.

    5 Super Bowls, 7 AFC Championship games, 2 MVPs, 2 Super Bowl MVPs and the all time leader for most touchdown passes in a season? This man is unreal. And, he still has a few years left. Give this man a deep threat and a shut down corner, and hello ring number four and possible five.

  28. Vindication? Seriously? The game announcers made it a point to sweep it under the rug, but the great fans of the NFL were not going to be taken for suckers.

  29. Heat of the battle.
    Like Ed Reed doesn’t have blood on his hands for helmet to helmet hits.
    Tom will vac out the cushions of his couch and send you the change.
    Heck, If I was him, I would send my wife down and let her hand commish the check in person just to enjoy the buzz.
    No kidding.
    Tom Brady is a baller.
    Just to see her drop off that check would be worth it.
    I hope he considers it.
    It’s better then pennies.

  30. Not sure why his slide is really that big of a deal…he did not aim for reeds knees. I think if anything he was worried about Ed jumping on his testicles…but I guess if a player can be fined for wearing socks too low, then this is valid as well.

  31. “Well, all those folks who say the Patriots get special treatment from the league office are feeling a little vindicated right now. Or maybe foolish.”

    Florio you really are as stupid as I thought you were. How is this not special treatment? $10,000 for a kick, but Gore gets $10,500 for his socks. This fine is a joke, just like your reporting. Yup go ahead and delete this post. Good to know freedom of speech only works if its something people want to hear. Good ole America going right down the shi**er

  32. And they charged Frank Gore $10,500 for wearing short socks….yeah makes a lot of sense Goodell….smh

  33. Well that’s the fine for the illegal kick. How much does he get for raising his leg and exposing his vag on national television?

  34. Pats fans are funny. They get deprived of their God-given right to win the SuperBowl every year and they can’t handle it. And then when a frustrated Tom Brady kicks at a blitzing Ed Reed, the Pats fans all start talking about the real root cause of all their problem … Ray Lewis.

    It really will be all right, guys. It’s just football. Life will get better.

  35. That’s fukkin high larry yus. Toilet paper for Brady. I for one wish he woulda connected with Reed’s nutz. I also wish TB would just laser a pass directly at B Pollards face and concuss him with an incomplete pass. On purpose

  36. Brady didn’t have a history of losing games after being ahead at half time either, so he’s charting all kinds of new ground.

    This is one of the odd times when the fine for a star seems to be too much though – isn’t a playoff game check $20k? So he’s been fined 50% of his wage for the week.

  37. Seriously. Frank Gore get 10500 for wearing socks to low and the NFL Golden Boy gets 10000 for going Jackie Chan on a slide. No wonder nobody believes in Roger’s authority

  38. He shouldn’t have been fined anyway. He WOULDN’T have been fined at all except or the fact that the league feels the need to cave in to all the jealous little girls out there who can’t stand a winner.

  39. Funny..It was manly when Ty Cobb did it in baseball, is wussy in football. No wonder I love the NFL. We can all be thankful to Tom Brady for giving us yet another reason to love the NFL.

  40. This fine is the best evidence yet that Tom Brady is washed up. 5 years ago, this fine would not have happened. This is the League telling Tom, its been nice knowing you – don’t let the door hit you in the arse on the way out.

  41. As expected, the whining Ravens fans and Brady haters will now switch to the “the fine is too low” approach.

  42. How small minded do you have to be to need to tear down hall of fame athletes to feel good about yourself?

  43. I do not agree with those that compare his fine to his worth. So are you saying if a cop stops you for speeding 10 MPH over the speed limit they adjust the fine according to how much money you have?? So one guy speeding in his 1998 beat up pick-up truck with a low paying job gets a $50 fine but the next guy driving a 2013 Jag and is the CEO of a corporation gets a $500 fine for the same speeding?? Thats dumb huh?

    Its NOT how much money they make, its the sense that he broke a rule. But I do agree on the amount of a fine should be in line with the infraction severity.

  44. To all you complaining about sock fines:
    TB got fined $2500 MORE than Suh did for the first tie Suh tried to twist a QB’s head off.

  45. Let me guess

    Let me guess Pollard doesn’t get fined…the team of destiny. By the way what does Ray Lewis have on Goodell…smh

    Why would Pollard be fined? He played fantastic all game and made no dirty hits at all, much less illegal hits.

  46. seabreezes51 says: Jan 24, 2013 9:33 AM

    Dear Tom, I’m not happy about this, but I gotta umm..fine ya…
    Sorry bud! I’ll find a way to make it up
    Love, Roger.


    Goodell is busy riding the Ray Lewis retirement train, hoping it leads to huge ratings

    That’s what matters to Goodell.

  47. “beauregard says: Jan 23, 2013 8:42 PM

    You would never see Peyton Manning do this, Yet another reason why he’s vastly superior.”
    True, but doesn’t Manning just fall down when he sees them coming?

  48. “beauregard says: Jan 23, 2013 8:42 PM

    You would never see Peyton Manning do this, Yet another reason why he’s vastly superior.”
    True, but doesn’t Manning just fall down when he sees them coming?

    Peyton Manning should have fallen against the Ravens and taken the sack but he has too much hubris (excessive pride).

  49. timsibiski | Jan 24, 2013, 12:55 PM EST

    Reality is much clearer without purple shades on …Pollards time is coming..hopefully it’s a fine/suspension and not his injury or another players …

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