Marcus Lattimore expects to be ready for start of season


South Carolina running back Marcus Lattimore is just three months removed from a devastating knee injury that ultimately ended his collegiate career.

The junior elected to declare himself eligible for the NFL Draft and said Tuesday he expects to be ready for the start of the 2013 season for whatever team decides to draft him in April.

“That’s my goal, and it is realistic,” Lattimore said, via Dan Wolken of the USA Today.

Lattimore dislocated his right knee and tore several ligaments in the second quarter of South Carolina’s game against Tennessee on Oct. 27. Lattimore, who was projected to be a first round draft pick before the injury, took a hand-off running to his left when a Tennessee defender hit his square on his planted right leg. As he tumbled to the ground, his leg was noticeably disjointed.

It was the second straight season Lattimore has suffered a knee injury as he tore the ACL in his left knee in 2011.

Per Wolken, Lattimore is expected to begin jogging on land in just two weeks.

“Dr. (James) Andrews came in to see me he said, ‘You’re doing remarkable, you’re doing everything you can.’ His words were, ‘You’re going to shock the world,'” Lattimore said.

After seeing what Adrian Peterson was able to do this season after Andrews operated on him, it might be wise to trust his opinion on Lattimore as well.

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  1. If he starts to slip, he is going to be a steal for a team that is willing to let him come along slowly.

  2. I sincerely hope he is right.

    That having been said (and no offense to a great athelete, as well as an admirably good and decent man)…

    It sounds like Jamarcus Russell must have slipped him some of Jamarcus’s kool aid.

  3. I hope he does it. I heard him interviewed on “Moving The Chains” and he seems like such a nice kid. Two blown out knees in such a short period of time; short shelf life in the NFL.

  4. Adrian Peterson is one of the most gifted freakish athletes in sports currently and for anyone to duplicate what he did last year after knee surgery would be near impossible.

    That being said Lattimore is a monster but he might benefit from listening to all the people that told AD to wait before he was healthy before rushing back to the NFL. When in doubt though, listen to Dr. Andrews.

  5. Frank Gore tore his knee up twice. He turned out pretty well. Gore Peterson and Lattimore are powerbacks who dont dance. I don’t think it affects them like other runningbacks that dance. Also surgery techniques and rehab have come a long ways.

  6. For all sad words of tongue and pen, The saddest are these, ‘It might have been’.”
    John Greenleaf Whittier

  7. He is great kid and a special talent. I hope that he does make it in the NFL. A word of caution, do not push the recovery to hard and end a return to football before it gets started.

  8. Would like to see the Raiders take a late flier on him. could back up DMC while he plays his contract out. We need a no 2 back and if he recovers again and cant resign DMC then we have a cheaper option and can let DMC go.

  9. Problem is this is Lattimore’s second devastating knee injury in the last two seasons. While I understand the life-span of a RB in the NFL, I still think Lattimore could have drastically improved his draft stock by returning for his senior season.

    NFL rookies are locked into their rookie contract for at least three years now. If Lattimore is a third round pick this year, does he really think he’s going to make more money than he would as a first round pick (assuming he can regain his form and stay healthy) in 2014?

    I wish him well, but with two severe knee injuries in the span of one year, I don’t see an NFL franchise willing to spend a first round pick on him without seeing him complete a full year injury-free.

  10. Good thing the Skins have Alfred Morris, or Shanny would draft him and trot this man out there in Week 1 of the pre-season.

    His injury intangibles make him a near lock to be a Green Bay Packer unless Ted Thompson can find a talented guy whose legs are about to completely fall off.

  11. Lattimore is a pretty impressive running back. That knee injury was ugly though. I dont know If he will ever be as good after that deal.

    Of course Andrews is going to keep him high emotionally. What do we expect? Amdrews wouldnt be much of a Dr. if he said “Hey, man, your knee is toast and you are probably looking at a future in fast food”?

  12. The AP comparisons were based on the injury and the surgeon. If you think this is about comparing Marcus Lattimore to Peterson, I am concerned that public schools may have failed you.

  13. Not really trying to rip on the kid but not returning for his senior season makes no sense. Who is this kids advisor? Like someone mentioned earlier come back and rebuild your stock to a first round grade and make more money in his first contract than where he will be drafted this year.

  14. I wouldn’t be at all disappointed if my Packers took him with their 1st round pick.. If their team doctors clear everything beforehand. Look at Willis Mcgahee’s injury in was way more gruesome than this and he worked out just fine. Marcus has proven he has the attitude and motivation to get all the way back and get it right.

  15. Marcus is a great kid and you can’t help but pull for him to recover and play in the NFL.

    His situation reminds me a little of Bruce Carter who the Cowboys drafted after a serious knee injury in college. He recovered after a year with Dallas and played well this season.

    If his knee can hold up in NFL play is the big question but he is worth taking a chance on around the middle of the draft in my view.

  16. The 49ers should draft him and put him on the PUP list for 2013, let Gore mentor him — he went through the same injuries (tears to both knees).

  17. There’s any number of good places for him:

    Rams (to replace Jackson)
    Steelers (to replace everybody)

    Packers, Cards, etc.

    I think he might actually go higher than people expect because this year’s RB class looks a little thin. I would be surprised if he lasted past the 3rd round and I could easily see a team taking him in the late 2nd.

  18. That dude was always a beast running against UGA and definitely has NFL calibre skills and power. Best wishes to him in his recovery.

  19. I love how you guys choose to hate on players. I wish nothing but the best for this guy, but all you people hate to say a good thing about RG3. Why is that? All it is, is hate and more hate when it comes to RG3. People should be happy there are so many talented young QBs in the league now. Especially when they are doing the right things. Good luck to KL and RG3 coming back from injuries. HTTR!!

  20. Future Bengal!! Would fit perfect.. They have the Law firm right now, so no need to hurry this guy back from his busted up knee. Have him re-hab the whole season and have him ready the season after. By that time the law firm will be another year older, and slower. Would be perfect timing!!

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