Meddling owner puts Jets in an awkward spot


The man who claims he had no role in the decision to trade for quarterback Tim Tebow is now reportedly pulling the strings on a trade for cornerback Darrelle Revis.

Jets owner Woody Johnson, who apparently doesn’t want to be perceived a meddler, definitely isn’t afraid to meddle.

Otherwise, Johnson wouldn’t want anything when it comes to Tebow, Revis, or any other player other than what the employees he has hired to handle football matters want.  If new G.M. John Idzik decides it makes sense to move Revis as he enters the final year of a contract that will void if Revis is on the roster the day after next year’s Super Bowl, then that’s what Woody should want.  If Idzik decides otherwise, that’s what Woody should want.

Are we still surprised they couldn’t give the job away?

A trade during the offseason won’t be easy.  Revis is recovering from a torn ACL.  There’s no way to know whether he’ll be the same guy that he was until he’s back on the field.  While Vikings running back Adrian Peterson was better than ever after an ACL tear, Ravens cornerback Domonique Foxworth never was the same again — and ultimately retired.

If the goal is maximizing the return, the Jets should keep working Revis back to 100 percent, hope he comes back as good (or better) than ever, then dangle him before the trade deadline during the 2013 season to a contending team.  Of course, that approach could create an unwanted in-season distraction, especially if the Jets end up being better than expected next year.

The problem is that, now that the cat is reportedly out of the bag, Revis and his agents will look for clarity from the Jets.  And anyone who trades for him won’t want to give what the Jets will want without protection against Revis walking away next February.

Then there’s the cap hit.  While the Jets would avoid $6 million that is owed to Revis in 2013 ($3 million base salary, $1 million reporting bonus, $1 million roster bonus, $1 million workout bonus), they’ll carry a $3 million charge for his 2011 option bonus and absorb a $6 million cap acceleration if he is traded before June 1.

In other words, for a pre-June 1 trade, he’ll cost $9 million against the cap whether he’s on the team or not.

After June 1, the cap hit would drop to $3 million in 2013, with another $6 million applying to the cap in 2014.

There’s no easy solution to this one, especially now that the plans are supposedly known.  At least it will add some spice to Idzik’s introductory press conference, which has been scheduled for Thursday morning.

Maybe he’ll make like Rex and hop a plane to the Bahamas instead.  With an owner who seems to want to be the G.M., it would be hard to blame Idzik.

43 responses to “Meddling owner puts Jets in an awkward spot

  1. The Jets can’t give their paying fans nothing for their investment, but realistically it is better to get something for Revis now instead of nothing in a year. The Jets should be aiming for relevance in 2014 at the earliest. Sure there is parity in the league, but for the long term they would be better off getting draft picks. They can be young in a couple of years while the Patriots will be old. Eventually the AFC East will be wide open. The Jets are better off starting to prepare for it now. Revis will just be a luxury on a bad team.

  2. How can you be a”meddler” with something you own ?? If i owned an NFL team i would do and say what i like with and about MY team !

  3. “drgreenstreak says:

    Jan 23, 2013 9:11 PM

    Meddling owner – oxymoron”


    I disagree. If anything, it’s redundant.

  4. Actually, the real impact of this story, if it has merit, is that, should fans truly believe that the ineptitude is firmly rooted in ownership then they might continue to lose PSLs and season ticket holders…

    Sure, Jerry Jones gets away with the same thing, but believe it or not the Dallas Cowboys are actually competitive compared to what’s left of the Jets.

  5. Welcome to the Philadelphia Eagles Revis…. Enjoy your stay in New York Asomugha. I see a straight up trade or Asomugha and a late round draft pick… bet on it

  6. People who say, “Trade him now for picks!” don’t get how the NFL works. When was the last time a star player was traded for significant picks? Herschel Walker? And, why would you trade a top flight CB, injury or not, when the best you could probably get for him right now is a second or third rounder? They’re better off letting him come back healthy and seeing what they have then instead of rolling the dice on a college kid who might not pan out.

  7. The impossibility of getting fair value for a player coming off ACL surgery is all the evidence I need to conclude that, like many Jets reports, this is another media invention.

  8. People who say trade so and so player for Revis are being unrealistic. The Jets are saying we are rebuilding so we are going to trade our best player and open up some cap space to speed up the process. So that means players like Asomugha would not interest the Jets. As a Dolphin fan I would love to see them make a move like that but I really don’t think the Jets are as dumb as they act…….or are they?

  9. Good get rid of him. As a Jets fan, I’m so sick of his greediness. He is not as good as everyone thinks he is, and the Jets have decent corners that played well without him. Let him go to another team and gobble up all their cap space. Now if only the Jets could find a sucker to take Sanchez this off season will be a success.

  10. With Mark Sanchez as the QB & Rex Ryan in charge of being impetuous, with a dysfunctional organization of troublemakers & D-bags like Cromartie…Good luck in a division that includes Tom Brady/Bill Belichick. We’ll see, I know what I think & the Bills & Dolphins are closer.

  11. Revis is overrated. Selfish, more interested in his corner back stats then taking chances or bating QB’s to make a mistake to make a game changing play.

    Never was a playmaker.

  12. Sherman and Browner are #1 and #2 best CB’s in NFL – Revis is a solid #3. I know some people dont like Seattle, but that fact is they really are the best CB’s in the game.

    Jets need to find some way to get Flynn before the Chiefs make their move. Maybe there is a 3-way trade to be had – as its obvious Seattle would’t be the place for Revis.

  13. There is an alternative explanation. One or two candidates for the Jets GM spot made this up and passed on to Jason La Canfora. Why? because they were in a position to screw another NFL team.

    Not saying that happened but it is possible.

  14. How about if they package Sanchez w/ Revis,
    with the details to be worked out around picks and how much cap relief the other side can give the Jets?

  15. First of all an elite CB is worth almost as much as a competent (not elite) QB especially with the league trying to legislate a lot of the hits out of the game and with the Polian 04 emphasis rules. ACLs, if they are a clean injury, are no longer any kind of deal breaker on a guy’s ability and Revis is still on the right side of 30 IIRC. Secondly, RR is a great defensive coach and had his defense, with not much talent on it, playing very competitively without Revis. Thirdly, Tanny royally screwed the cap with some of his dumb contracts, of which the Revis deal was one. The Jets are going to have a tough time being able to compete this year with the mess that’s left of the Tanny era. RR will make do with serviceable corners. Trade him if you can, get the contract (and a possible future headache) off the books and get that rebuild moving.

  16. Meddle your way right out of Rex & Mark and be on the way to Super Bowl XLVIII.
    Run Tea Bow 65 times a game and have Cromartie block for him. Yeah, baby! That’ll work.

  17. Keep him in NY but send him to the real team with a chance to win a SB. How about the #19 pick and Webster for Revis?

  18. Trades in the NFL are rare for a reason, its not only moving the player but also asboring the cap ramifications.

    Revis is going nowhere and to suggest a trade is pure fiction.

  19. How can you take anyone who inherited everything he has, supported Mitt Romney with millions and has a name like ‘Woody Johnson’ seriously?

  20. Corners better than revis (in no order:

    Charles Tillman
    Brandon Carr
    Vontae Davis
    Ladarius Webb
    Jonathan Joseph
    Aquib Talib
    Brandon Flower

  21. Woody thinks he can play Pontius Pilate without looking like Nero. He’s the owner; the buck stops with him either way. The way this team treated Tebow was awful. Now they march out Revis’ name at a time they should have kept their mouths shut. One of their problems is that they want to be front and center in the public eye when they have no legitimate positive reason to be there.

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