Payton says there’s “no way” he was leaving Saints


In November, the disclosure that the long-term contract negotiated by the Saints and coach Sean Payton had been rejected by the league office spawned breathless reporting that Payton could be a free agent.  (We reported at the time that the Saints were adamant that Payton will be back.)

It never happened, because the Saints and Payton secured permission to work out a new deal during his suspension.  And work out a new deal they did.

Now, in his first comments since being reinstated by Commissioner Roger Goodell, Payton said he never would have left.

There was no way I was going to another team,” Payton said, via Calvin Watkins of  “The issue was a minor technicality.  There was a minor clause, [the media] had it right, there was a minor clause in there that wasn’t approved.  What became more challenging really, was being out of the building and then trying to work through the specifics to get the contract done.”

The technicality arose from a provision that would have allowed Payton to leave if at any point Mickey Loomis no longer was the team’s General Manager.  It’s unclear how that technicality was resolved.

Regardless, the Saints said Payton wouldn’t leave and he didn’t leave and he now says that never would have happened.

13 responses to “Payton says there’s “no way” he was leaving Saints

  1. Be ready for a scorched earth season. Put your cash on the Saints people. It will get ridiculous. Mike Smith must be crying in his grits.

  2. Well, I’m a Saints fan and I’m glad to have him back. But, I’ll be even happier when people give the bounty issue a rest. I mean it doesn’t matter what side of the issue you were on. The truth is it’s over now. So, let it rest. If you personal want to put a * on our superbowl season then do it. I promise no one in the Whodat nation really gives a damn. For that one year we were the best in the league. And, no matter what anyone says or do you can’t change that.

  3. I hate to be the first team the Saints play against next season or actually ANY team that has to play them, Something tells me they will be a lot better than this past season across the board.

  4. And all you need to do is look to the man from Indiana to understand. The whole reason like his story of how he trademarked HarBowl, we lost a season because we stood up to the NFL. The NFL took that mans trademark. They didn’t take Who Dat. So what could they do? They took out coach. Took our season. And because a coach is not backed up by the same union as the players, made our coach admit to something that exist in every locker room. So yeah you have your laughs. But next year we will be pissing in Goodells leg as we raise the Lombardi up over the skyline of New Jersey.

  5. Tell me something I didnt know. Was he supposed to be enamored with Dallas? That team doesnt seem intriguing to me. With a team full of pre madonnas and an owner/GM that team wont ever be better than what they are. Jones wont ever let anyone have full control. He has to interfere so he can say he built that team to be a consistent .500 franchise. This is HIS team. Payton has built the Saints into a contender from the bottom up. Why leave your baby to have someones stepchild that constantly has behavior issues, always bailing them out of jail, and will never call you daddy.

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