Raiders willing to let Pryor compete for starting job

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With Carson Palmer injured, Raiders quarterback Terrelle Pryor got what appeared to be a throwaway start in the final game of the regular season.

But it might have been a preview of coming attractions.

Raiders general manager Reggie McKenzie told Alex Marvez and Jim Miller on Sirius XM NFL Radio that Pryor would be given a chance to compete for the starting job.

“He needs to see if he can take a game over in the preseason, make some plays and carry out a game plan,” McKenzie said. “Let him compete. That’s what it’s all about. If it looks like he can help us win, at the end of the day, that’s what it’s all about. That’s what we want.”

While Pryor looked raw in his short time on the field last year, there’s no denying he presents a more intriguing option than the rest of the Raiders depth chart.

Palmer is exactly what he is, a good-enough starter who has never won a playoff game. Backup Matt Leinart’s an unrestricted free agent, whom no one would miss.

Pryor at least has potential, as he demonstrated by throwing for two scores and running for another in his one start.

“It was good to see him go in and implement a game plan,” McKenzie said. “He carried it out, played the game through and showed us what he can do. He definitely flashed some things that we’re going to try and see what we can do with him in the offseason. . . .

“That’s fine to be a great athlete. We’ve got a lot of great athletes who can run. I want them to be great football players. I want them to take their game plan and execute it. Just make plays.”

For the franchise that gave us “Just Win, Baby,” Palmer didn’t do it enough, with three of his four victories over the 2-14 Chiefs and Jaguars last year. So even if Pryor doesn’t work out, the Raiders really don’t have much to lose in giving him a chance.

16 responses to “Raiders willing to let Pryor compete for starting job

  1. The lights are just coming on in Alameda, this is encouraging…

    Is Pryor really the QB of the future, that Im not sure. But the fact that the new regime is open to experimenting is a breath of fresh air!!

  2. He needs to play to gain confidence. Keep fine tuning his footwork and mechanics, but his biggest need now is experience. He made some bad throws because he looked unsure, and just lobbed the ball instead of firing a strike. In any capacity next season, he’ll definitely bring excitement with his big play ability. Starter or not he needs to be in the gameplan.

  3. well that’s what the masses want, the new era of qb’s, can’t throw, accuracy it’s questionable, but hey, they sure are fast. the only way that works is with a great defense and great players all around. I.e kaepernick, Wilson, Tebow. raiders do not have that. players like luck and rg3 take marginal talent around them and make them better.

  4. Looking forward to Pryor. I hope he becomes a franchise guy. We love beating storylines to death. what better one then Al’s last pick who everyone wrote off leading the team for years. Then I’ll give him some new tats for some Raiders memorabilia.

  5. Maybe,just maybe, Al’s last pick can become a winner for the Silver and Black.I think he’s got a decent shot based on his work ethic and obvious physical ability.

  6. Pryor could, with some support, a game dedicated to his strengths and a fit supporting cast be the Raiders Kaepernick.

  7. Great statement by McKenzie! Palmer gets restructured,put on notice and probably gets better with a real OC. Pryor will definitely improve and may the best QB win! Then the Raider nation will celebrate!

  8. it’s unfair to blame their problems squarely on palmer. that team has holes everywhere, especially the o line. how can he perform when he constantly has 300 lb giants in his face? peyton manning couldn’t win more than 9 games on that team.

  9. Lets hear from all the 12 year old GM’s that say he can’t play QB.

    That’s always a good read. SMH.

  10. I think he will become a great QB for years to come. So long as the alter the offense to take advantage of his skill set. He isn’t terribly inaccurate and he has the brains to play the position. Great size too .

  11. They need to cut loveheart and Palmer. Hire Chris Ault as OC instead who created both the pistol power run scheme and Kapernik while in Vegas. Ault left last year and could develop Pryor the same way. Go get Tebow for cheap and nobody’s wanting and bring him in to start with Pryor. Defenses cant stop the pistol, look at the RG3’s, Russell, Newton, Kapernik? The NFL is changing the way QB’S play and Tebow and Pryor fit the mold especially Pryor who i believe can be the Raiders franchisr QB. Just give him the chance. Sure he is a little rough around the edges but they can be smoothed out. Shake it up Reg and lets get back to winning again! Fan since 75′ Just Win Baby, this could be our finest hour…RIP Al!

  12. If you looked at the San Diego game, his biggest weaknesses (touch and pocket presence) are still correctable. Another year working under QB coach Flip and a year working with an OC that has groomed young QB’s before could be just what he needs to make the leap.

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