Reed says Brady’s kick slide made Ravens “want to play even harder”


Maybe the Ravens shouldn’t complain about the ungainly kick slide from Patriots quarterback Tom Brady.  Maybe, in reality, they should thank him.

Via, safety Ed Reed says the maneuver actually stirred up the road team in the AFC title game.

“Brady’s a great competitor, and I love going against him, and I know where his heart is at for this game,” Reed said.  “It was all good, man.  Kind of fired the fuel, though.  Put fuel on the fire . . . for us to want to play even harder though and hit even harder and just be successful.”

The facts support Reed’s contention.  On the next play after the slide, the Patriots kicked a field goal.  And they thereafter didn’t score another point for the rest of the game.

The Ravens, in contrast, scored 21.

18 responses to “Reed says Brady’s kick slide made Ravens “want to play even harder”

  1. That was a serious second half beat down. Couldn’t be more proud of this team. Poetic justice feels so good. Super Bowl! Go Ravens!

  2. Every NFL player should be playing at 100% in any and every regular or post-season game – whether or not there is a Tom Brady “kick slide.”

    The whole statement about how the Ravens played harder means they weren’t going full-tilt prior to that.

    Play full speed to the echo of the whistle on every snap. No one should need rah rah speeches, contractual bonuses, on-field developments or anything else to be constantly trying to do their best at all times.

  3. This is gonna be one of the friendly super bowls, these players are talking still about something that already feels like it happened a month ago, its done, they fined him, but not as much as they fined the niners for uniform discrepancy. Gee what do you think is feuling the niners? Could be the way the league is handling them, fining them for irrelevant crud!! Just sayin that its looking like its nfl vs 49ers. And thats motivation in itself!!

  4. banker… that’s all nice in theory, but you clearly know nothing about human psychology. It would be impossible to give 100% at all times; sometimes a little extra motivation is helpful

  5. Whatever. $10k? That’s less than his annual budget for hair gel, which he doesn’t even need. Laughable.

  6. So the Ravens are saying Tom Brady was smart enough in the instant he was sliding to think to kick Ed Reed but not smart enough to realize he should have thrown the ball away or call time out… Not buying it.

  7. Had the Pats won there wouldn’t have been a word about the Ravens once the post game pressers were done.

    The Ravens are days past the game and still thinking about the Pats instead of the 49ers. I sense a 49ers win with a blowout coming.

  8. They already won the harbowl, they dont think the niners got anybetter in the last 14 months, smile, heres your sign!!
    ala larry the cable guy and them funnier guys.
    niners are focused and ready cave in heads. I hope flacco runs right at ahmad brooks!!! Thats our sleeper! Four outstanding linebackers, the very finest in defensive lines and the smarts and toughness of the secondary, im thinking the Raven s will have alot of problems smiling at ray lewis retirement party!!!!!

  9. So thats what makes you play harder….not the fact that if you win you go to the Super Bowl? What a complete moron.

  10. Reed is right. They were already holding their own, but things that happen during a game do have an effect on the emotions/motivations of a team, both for the good and for the bad. Personally, I would have pointed more towards Pollard’s hit on Ridley as that kick into overdrive, but whatever.

  11. The ever-classy Tom Brady probably learned this technique from Bridget Moynahan who probably did it to him after leaving her with a child to move on to a super model.

  12. Is it me or are the Ravens acting like they won the Superbowl already after beating the Pats? All they seem to be concerned about is Brady’s goofy slide kick. 49ers win by 2 TDs.

  13. God forbid these cry machine Ravens win the Super Bowl. We’ll never hear the end of it. Please Niners, destroy them.

  14. Brady apologized to Reed on the field and after the game. This is a non story. NFL fines have become ludicrous and are administered more for public relations that for protecting the integrity of the game.

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