Report: Crabtree sexual assault allegation isn’t holding up


Over the weekend, there were reports that the 49ers doubted that wide receiver Michael Crabtree would be charged with a crime after it broke that police were investigating an accusation of sexual assault against him.

An update on the case from the San Francisco Chronicle does nothing to sow doubt about their doubts. A law enforcement source tells the newspaper that the woman making the allegation against Crabtree was one of three women in the hotel room on the night in question and that the other two women have told police that no assault took place. The source also added that there has been no physical evidence of a crime uncovered at this point.

According to the report, Crabtree has been cooperative with the police while denying any crime was committed after the 49ers beat the Packers earlier this month.

The police are declining the opportunity to comment on the case at the moment, saying only that they are still investigating and that they hope to wrap up the investigation in the next 10 days. That would be right before the Super Bowl, although all suggestions are that Crabtree won’t be charged unless something else comes to light.

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  1. Now that we’ve beat the Falcons, the Gold Diggers can back off! LOL, Niners in the Super Bowl. Fake allegations were not going to hurt us! If anything it fueled the FIRE!

  2. I hope he sues the woman for every penny she probably doesn’t have. Nothing worst than a woman lying about one of the most hideous crimes that exist. Especially in a society where the stigma from that allegation is guilty till proven innocent. On another note, Crabtree was definitely winning on that night, 3 woman, is definitely what a NFC Champ

  3. Kudos to the other 2 women for telling the truth. It would have been very easy to band together with this 3rd woman to extort money from Crabs.

    Either way though, I hope he learns a lesson about the types of people he surrounds himself with.

  4. tlmoon2112 says:
    Jan 23, 2013 9:37 AM

    Either way though, I hope he learns a lesson about the types of people he surrounds himself with.
    —————————————————-Let’s not get this confused. These were groupies. I’m sure he has never met them before this and never will see them again. It’s the risk you take when dealing with groupies, in a society full of social media and camera phones. Some “woman” look at it as a badge of honor just saying they slept with a athlete or celebrity. These woman are at every hotel professional athletes are staying and the seek out the athletes. It goes on in every sport

  5. Something here smells a little Michael Irvinish. It sounds like he is innocent of sexual assault but you have to wonder exactly what was going on in that room.

  6. Glad to hear it’s likely a false alarm, though him asking, “Want to see my crab tree?” might still be a bit inappropriat no matter how many babes are in the room.

  7. Women who lie about sexual assaults are pure evil and they also make it that much harder for real victims of assault to have their cases substantiated.

  8. … and cue the misogynists choir of all you studs who’ve had the EXACT same thing happen to you because, really, she wanted it just as bad as you did, because why wouldn’t she, because you’re such a manly man, despite your short-comings, and your overbite and well, that hygiene thing you got going on…yeah, it’s HER problem, not yours…bitch.

  9. I’m no Crabtree fan by any stretch of the imagination, but unless he is proven guilty beyond the shadow of a doubt I feel for the guy to some degree.

    Sexual harassment/assault charges are the easiest way in the world to ruin a guy. It’s just way too easy to throw something out there, true or untrue, and the court of public opinion is always more than happy to render its verdict on the spot.

  10. Reminds me of the Bengals scandal years ago when mom with teenage kids was discovered gang banging a bunch of Bengals – as was apparently a fairly common thing for her and professional jocks. But when it got around that she partied like a porn star the assault charges came out. I remember a Catherine somebody on 20/20 interviewing Icky Woods and being in absolute denial that a woman would subject herself to that and Icky was like, “Are you kidding?”

  11. I have to say I’m appalled at the accolades this character is getting for being with 3 women. It’s really disturbing how these guys are in a position to be role models. And no, I’m not a prude. I just have higher standards for me and my kids.

  12. Brilliant move by Crabtree having 2 other ladies there as witnesses. I applaud you sir. With that said, can you really trust any of these groupies? That’s not enough protection for me. If I was an NFL player, I’m keeping a stack of sex contracts in my bedside drawer like on the Chappelle show. Hell I even got a few of them in my luggage while on the road. Probably gonna keep a pdf copy on my smartphone in case of emergency.

  13. To everyone congratulating him for landing 3 women, just keep in mind that sleeping around with random groupies is what caused the trouble in the first place. Athletes need to be more aware of the fact that women who are sleeping with you for no other reason than your fame and money will be MUCH more likely to lie in order to get fame and money.

    Crabtree shouldn’t be condemned as it looks very clear that no sexual assault occurred, but this sort of risky behavior also shouldn’t be glorified just because we all have delusional fantasies of threesomes…or in this case, a foursome.

  14. Let this be a lesson to all men, and a good rule to live by:

    When engaging in casual sexual congress, there should always be at least 2-3 women involved.

    Safety in numbers.

  15. I said it the day the news broke and I’ll say it again:

    A dude with no history of off-field issues, at the peak of his powers, heading into the biggest game of his life, does not just suddenly rape someone.

    Having said that, he needs to use better judgement. Clearly he was hanging with the wrong women.

  16. The fact that no evidence was found and no charges filed/arrests made hasnt stopped roger from handing out suspensions before.

  17. The girl in question was one of the Falcon DB’s girlfriends, who was flown out to try and get him arrested to keep him off the field…! lol

  18. Never liked Crabtree after that long hold out, and the 49ers become relevant the last two years stung due to my fanhood. So I will admit I unfairly judged him declaring him guilty until proven innocent. Glad it came out it wasnt true, and the woman was a gold digger. Good luck in the SB 9ers fans.

  19. “Something here smells a little Michael Irvinish. It sounds like he is innocent of sexual assault but you have to wonder exactly what was going on in that room”

    Ummm, It was a menage a quad- duh!

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