Source scoffs at Woody’s claim Tebow was “forced” on him


While Jets owner Woody Johnson tried to dodge the Tim Tebow bullet with one job applicant, saying Tebow was “forced,” on him, there are now folks ready to call B-S. Actually, there are plenty, but one of them talked to a newspaper reporter.

According to Brian Costello of the New York Post, a source with direct knowledge of the trade scoffed at Johnson’s distancing himself from a move that didn’t work.

“He owns the team,” the source said. “All he had to do was say ‘no.’ Nothing is ever forced on Woody.”

The guy who will continue to get blamed for it is former general manager Mike Tannenbaum, for one of two equally plausible reasons.

One, it could have been because it was solely Tannenbaum’s idea and he ram-rodded through the entire organization. Or two, and just as likely, simply because he’s gone now and remains the easiest to blame.

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  1. Johnson’s statements on this are not credible. He owns the team, which means no one forces him to do anything he doesn’t want to do.

    My guess is Johnson had just as much (as anyone else), if not everything, to do with bringing Tebow in. Why? Well, I’d like to see how many Jets jerseys with the #15 were sold since the trade was made. My guess is that had everything to do with the decision.

  2. And to think that Jets fans thought Leon Hess was a terrible owner. Woody could be the worst owner in the NFL at the present time.

    Everyone knows he wanted Tebow for PSL’s and the back pages of the NY tabloids.

    January 12,1969 was a long time ago and based on current events,things are not changing anytime in the near future in Florham Park !

  3. Now I know why I will never buy another Johnson & Johnson product lol. Woody Johnson is a lying, cheating, worm. He is the worst owner in the NFL. As a marketing professor, I can say the Jets have the worst product and they are all about the promotional mix and nothing about quality or talent. As for Tim Tebow being forced upon Johnson, give me a break. The guy wanted Tebow so he can beef up his marketing campaign. What a slime ball.

  4. I dislike Tebow for bringing religion into what’s supposed to be a game for entertainment, but he wasn’t the main issue with the Jets this season. There’s plenty of blame to go around, why focus on this scapeboat? He was at worse a non-factor.

  5. Rich Cimini is not a good reporter.

    “Owners should “own” and keep their mouths shut”

    I see what you’re getting at, but you have to understand why I believe that that is the dumbest sentence I’ve read in quite a while.

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