Te’o camp produces spreadsheet of cell phone records

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Inexplicably, Notre Dame didn’t ask linebacker Manti Te’o to produce cell phone records corroborating the contention that he spent countless hours on the phone with his fake deal girlfriend.

There likewise had been no mention of objective proof of extensive and lengthy calls in any of the reporting from ESPN.

Now, ESPN reports that a “source close to Te’o” has produced the cell phone records.  Sort of.

While the online story isn’t clear, Mike Hill of SportsCenter has explained that the source didn’t produce the actual phone records but spreadsheets based on the raw data.  The spreadsheets show that, from May 11 through September 12, Te’o made more than 1,000 calls to a number in the 661 area code, where Lennay Kekua supposedly lived.  Of the calls, 110 lasted for more than 60 minutes.

That’s fine, but it’s meaningless without the actual records.  Te’o has claimed that he spent long stretches overnight on the phone with Kekua while she slept in a hospital bed.  It doesn’t matter if there are 110 calls of more than an hour in length if there isn’t a single one that lasted, say, six hours.  The report from ESPN doesn’t say whether the spreadsheet sheds light on that point.

Put simply, producing anything other than the actual records serves only to raise more suspicions in a case that already has plenty of them.

The only way out of this latest maze created by Te’o’s camp is to produce the records.

33 responses to “Te’o camp produces spreadsheet of cell phone records

  1. I’ve got spreadsheets proving I had 1000+ phone calls with Kate Upton in the last year, in case anyone doesn’t believe me.

  2. His lying, no matter at what level, has made irreparable damage to his reputation. Combine that with how poorly he played in the national championship and he’s lost A LOT of money. He’s gullible, dumb, a liar or a combination of all.

  3. What about the line in the ESPN article that reads:

    “Of these calls, 110 were more than 60 minutes in length, including several that were several hundred minutes long. ”

    It doesn’t give an exact number. But, it signifies that there were some pretty long phone conversations.

  4. Te’o would be a perfect raider. I see him as their starting Middle Linebacker replacing yet another one of their busts, the great ‘You Know Who I Am’. Yes, we do know who you are, but only because of your extra circular activities.

    I could only imagine what will be coming out of Oakland, ok not wins – we know that, with Te’o teaming up with Tim Brown. Their prolific minds combined will fuel the rumor mill for years to come!

  5. It really doesn’t matter what he does at this point. He’s guilty. Everything he says could be the verifiable truth…..what difference will it make?
    The disgraceful media has determined he’s guilty. As always, any corrections or retractions can be found on page 22.

    Duke lacrosse, my friends.
    If that didn’t teach you all you need to understand about today’s media, nothing will.

  6. Oh, who cares. The kids got tricked and looked like a jerk for it. He found out that he got tricked and tried to hide it, and now he looks like a bigger jerk for it.

    It isn’t like he sold nuclear secrets to China.

  7. What crime was committed here? All he has done is make an ass out of himself. Why does anyone, including Notre Dame, think they are entitled to anything from him?

    Let it go for God’s sake. This is worse than a movie on Lifetime (queue the question: “How would you know what movies are like on Lifetime!).

  8. The only question anyone that matters will be asking is ‘Can he help us win on Sunday”

    I’ll take an embarrassed lying kid over a Felon or PED taker any day.

  9. The thing that bothers me the most? When did he find time to STUDY. Study football, study academics, I dont care, just get off the phone!!!

  10. Can someone give me the cliffs notes version of why this is even a story?

    I am really baffled how this is a big deal. Who cares? Unless someone was defrauded of money, it’s not a story. And even if they were, it’s nowhere near THIS level of a story.

    Just tell me WHY this matters. Anyone. Please.

  11. Te’o – please accept this friendly advice : Let. It. Go.

    The more you talk and try to defend this bizarre story, the worse you look and the more people become unsure about you. Just stop talking and people will get bored with it and move on to the next strange sports story. This story is hurting your wallet so stop keeping it alive.

  12. Lol.

    This is almost as good as the Roger Clemens taped conversation with his former trainer that was supposed to demonstrate his innocence but only made him look worse. Spreadsheets, are you kidding me?

    Does the spreadsheet explain why he missed the funeral or could afford massive long distance calls but no webcam?

  13. Why not produce the actual phone records? One may assume there are some calls on there that could be damning to both T’eo AND Notre Dame. They could black out some lines, sure, but that would only raise more suspicion.

  14. @rc33:

    Duke Lacrosse is a bad example for your arguement (which is wrong, IMO). That was not the media, that was a DA with an agenda.

  15. “The only way out of this latest maze created by Te’o’s camp is to produce the records.”

    Naw, The only way out of this latest maze created by Te’o’s camp is NOTHING! There is no way out for them. There is nothing they can say that will change anybody’s mind at this point.

    Just leave it alone, deal with the consequences and let it die as a story.

  16. This is America at it’s worst – always interested in watching someone fail. Yes he lied and you may feel betrayed and dislike him as a person and that is your right as an American. But he didn’t do anything illegal. He didn’t shoot up a school full of kids. I’m just saddened by how society is trying to bring this guy down. I guess gossip is news.

  17. steelerben says: Jan 23, 2013 3:14 PM

    It isn’t like he sold nuclear secrets to China.

    Now I really hope his phone records show many many phone calls to China.

  18. He isn’t a defendant. He isn’t a witness. This is not a court of law. So he needs to produce nothing. In fact, unless the authorities were asking, he shouldn’t feed this story.

  19. Clearly he doesn’t think it is ESPN’s business who else he was calling or texting. And he’s right.

    He should have released his statement saying he was duped. Then said, “Believe what you want to believe. I have 32 NFL teams to convince that this isn’t a problem. As to the rest of you, who cares what you think?”

  20. mancave001 says:
    Jan 23, 2013 4:33 PM
    He isn’t a defendant. He isn’t a witness. This is not a court of law. So he needs to produce nothing. In fact, unless the authorities were asking, he shouldn’t feed this story.


    You are 100% right but he will be asked questions from teams before the draft and this is something that could very well drop his value in the draft. A player drafted in the top ten get paid a lot more money than a player drafted in the bottom 10 of the 1st rd.

    The other thing is that this guy has a huge following which plays a big part in marketing and that makes public perception important.

  21. One thing I wish Shaap or Couric would ask Teo is if he intends to file charges against Tuisuopo. I know some states have cyberbullying laws, which also includes phone calls. If he could, why wouldnt he, I mean this scandal potentially cost him millions. I think he should consider that route to save face. If he doesnt, I can only assume he was complicit.

  22. andymannfl says:
    Jan 23, 2013 3:49 PM

    Does the spreadsheet explain why he missed the funeral or could afford massive long distance calls but no webcam?


    Really? Hey…ummmm…Andy? Maybe you missed it but its 2012-13 not 1983. What ppl still charge long distance? Better yet, what ppl still pay long distance? I don’t even want to know anybody who still does.

  23. I’m on the side of Manti Te’o. and I’m pretty shocked at all the amount of haters out there. People act like he was a part of this manipulation or something, when we already know who was in charge, and the fact this kind of thing does happen in the world (even tv shows about it). I think the only thing he did incorrectly, was not come out on December 6th, when he found out about this. Obviously the Ronaiah guy is a loser, that wanted to be a part of something and anything. I can’t wait to see Te’o still be the first round draft pick that his talent warrants, and play his tail off in the NFL for many years to follow!

  24. I’ve kind of felt for Te’o this whole time. All the sudden, I’m wondering if Mike Ornstein’s cell phone number is on those records…

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