Browns add another veteran assistant in Brian Baker


One of the biggest challenges for a rookie head coach is building a solid coaching staff, but Browns coach Rob Chudzinski continues to acccumulate good help.

According to Clarence Hill of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, the Browns have hired former Cowboys defensive line coach Brian Baker to coach outside linebackers.

Baker played linebacker and began his coaching career for Bobby Ross at Maryland, but has spent much of his coaching career as a line coach. He has 17 years of NFL experience, with the Panthers, Vikings, Lions, Rams and Chargers.

By getting Norv Turner and Ray Horton as coordinators, and filling in with a number of veteran assistants, the Browns are laying a stable foundation for Chudzinski to build upon.

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  1. The Browns are locked into a stadium deal, and have the most loyal fans in the world, so they aren’t going anywhere. Sorry to burst your bubble, slugger.

  2. Chud may be the cream of this year’s HC crop. He already has some of the best coordinators and position coaches available. Good for him. Smart guy, experienced, innovative, and very aggressive. Look out, AFC North. Your former dormat is about to start whuppin’ up on ya.

  3. I wasn’t impressed with Chudzinski, but there’s a definite method to the madness forming here: hire a young, innovative, rookie head coach and then surround him with the best veteran football minds that money can buy. Not a bad plan, really.

  4. Experience does matter! Look at Andy Reids record and playoff record when he had, Jim Johnson along with John Haubaugh, Leslie Frasier, Ron Rivera, Brad Childress ect, then look at the later years when he replaced them with inexperience guys (last playoff win was 08)people better not sleep on the Browns, they got good young talent and good coaches to teach them, their gonna make some noise in the next couple years.

  5. To all the people who said, why hired Chud now, wait till after the Super Bowl to interview assistants from those teams — this is why the Browns didn’t wait to hire him. Meanwhile, any team that has waited has lost out on the excellent assistants Chud and the Browns have brought in. The Browns had and still have a lot of ground to cover, and no time to lose to do it.

    Keep up the good work. Go Browns!

  6. Bill Belicheck had some of the best coaches and staff in Cleveland too and a good team but that didn’t stop them from packing up and moving.

  7. The fact that guys WANT to come to Cleveland makes me think that the front office and Chud are doing something right….. I’m sure these guys could find other jobs with “better” teams in warmer climates if they really wanted to do so.

  8. As a Brown’s fan, I’m still afraid of what Lombardi has planned from a personnel perspective. The article on PFT the other day of Jamarcus Russel trying to make a comeback scares the bejeezus out of me. The Browns have finally said they need to look to FA to help build the roster but we don’t need to bring a circus to town.

  9. The key to having a great team is not the players as much as it is the coaching. The problems the Browns have had stemmed from the coaches not being as effective in getting their message hrough. Now, I do have a problem with Norv’s son being hired to coach the WR’s and not having an experienced WR coach and Norv’s son hired on to assist, but yes, surrounding a young coach with good football minds should lead to success. As a Browns fan I cannot wait.

  10. These guys aren’t done. Be prepared for a colt mccoy/3rd rounder trade for alex smith and a veteran wr addition to help them sustain drives. Someone kinda like who the Patriots wont be extending long term this year…

  11. @ umainebearman says:

    Bill Belicheck had some of the best coaches and staff in Cleveland too and a good team but that didn’t stop them from packing up and moving.


    They were 4-5 at the time of the announcement, and 1-6 afterwards. It could be said that the announcement of the move killed that team more than who was coaching.

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