Cedric Benson facing minor charges in Wisconsin

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Green Bay Packers running back Cedric Benson is facing a series of unrelated minor charges in the state of Wisconsin.

According to the Green Bay Press-Gazette, Benson has been charged with violating an ordinance in Manitowoc County, Wisconsin for allowing animals to run free as his pair of Rottweilers has been accused of attacking calves owned by his neighbors. He has also been charged with traffic offenses for driving 76 mph in a 35 mph zone and driving without a license.

Per the report, Benson’s two Rottweilers bit 17 calves on Dec. 20. The injuries incurred by some of the animals is serious enough that a veterinarian believes some may not survive. Benson was then charged with a second violation after the dogs were running loose in the neighborhood on Jan. 13.

Benson has court dates scheduled for Feb. 13 in relation to the traffic violations and another on Feb. 20 for the animal citations.

Manitowoc County is an adjacent country to Brown County where Green Bay is located. The city on Manitowoc is approximately 40 miles from Green Bay.

24 responses to “Cedric Benson facing minor charges in Wisconsin

  1. Being from Wisconsin damaging a farmers stock can be a bit more than a “minor” charge. Those animals aren’t cheap. I am sure he can shell out the money too keep them from pursuing things in courts and is probably why he is only facing charges for letting them lose.

  2. Tim Brown…Titus Young…Jay Ratliff…Cedric Benson…An upcoming SB most of us outside of SF or Baltimore have no emotional stake in…And free agency doesn’t start until March.


  3. Oh, those charges don’t even matter in Wisconsin. They let things slide until your issues get to Ed Gein or Jeffrey Dahmer levels. Then the law will reluctantly get involved.

  4. Thank you Curtis. Anyone else who writes for this site would have linked Cincinnati to this article in the latest stories.

    As for Cedric, I’m glad I no longer have to defend this guy. He’s is in some kind of trouble every year, without fail.

  5. What was he thinking ? Who lets dogs run loose around a cheer-leading facility ? Good thing the pack lost it sounds like all 17 cheerleaders where injured and would not be available for the super bowl.

  6. Hope he pays his neighbors for the damage.

    It’d be a shame for him to only pay government fines and have only small portions make it to those that were damaged. Sucks losing dimes and getting repaid pennies.

    A real man settles this out of court. Man up & pay your debts!

  7. This guy has been a loser since the day he was drafted. Bad teammate, no heart, unappreciative of fans, and pretty much a jag.

  8. I’m surprised his dogs haven’t been shot yet. Farm animals are serious business, and farmers/ranchers don’t take kindly to dogs injuring their livestock.

  9. What a jerk off. He obviously knows the tendencies of his dogs, control them. He obviously doesn’t care about other people’s property or source of living. I have also defended this guy, thinking that the Austin PD was after him, but I guess I was wrong. He needs an attitude adjustment and some responsibility before he retires, he will only have more time on his hands.

  10. This guy has a history of irresponsibility going back to college. I’d be very surprised if TT and MM kept the guy around.

  11. Maybe he’ll get off if he burns the clothes he was wearing and doesn’t talk to the cops. His rots will get off by claiming it was “self defense” and 13 years from now Benson will be a celebrated “Christian”.

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