Colin Kaepernick wants to trademark “Kaepernicking”

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When 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick scores a touchdown or does something else worthy of celebration on the football field, he often turns to a move that’s become known as “Kaepernicking” as he enjoys the moment.

He did a lot of “Kaepernicking” — flexing and kissing his right bicep — in the team’s playoff victory over the Packers, creating a larger audience for Kaepernick and causing someone around him to realize the potential to cash in on his sudden popularity. Eric Branch of the San Francisco Chronicle reports that Kaepernick filed an application to trademark “Kaepernicking” with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office two days after his huge game against Green Bay.

Kaepernick’s application said that he plans to use the term on clothing and ESPN reports that he has designs on other trademarks as well. Kaepernick’s camp has already authorized a few small t-shirt companies to use his name and image on shirts with a portion of any proceeds ticketed for camps attended by children with heart problems.

It wasn’t too long ago that “Tebowing” was all the rage, so we can’t blame Kaepernick from striking while the iron is hot although we feel pretty confident that he’ll be able to retain the heat longer than Tim Tebow.

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  1. Anyone else tire of all the self promotion by players?
    What happened to scoring and acting like youve done it before.
    Used to be fun. Now they try to make money off it too.

  2. He should. He needs to get as much money as he can as fast as he can, because he’ll be a backup or worse in 3 years.

  3. The same people who grilled Tebow for trademarking “Tebowing” will give Kaepernick a pass because he is good and Tebow is not.

  4. As dumb as this idea sounds it makes sense for him to go ahead and protect himself. If he wins the Super Bowl (please please please!), then there will be lots of people trying to make buck off him or his move.

  5. Love the charity angle on this. Can’t be mad at that.

    That said, this whole adding “ing” to the end of a players name and associating it with an action is getting really corny.

  6. First off, he’s not the only player that kisses his bicep. Second, he is quickly becoming full of himself. Third, what a great way to get people to really hate you.

  7. Yeah, he invented this move – that has been done on bodybuilding stages since Reg Park’s day.

    So by all means, let him trademark it – and RG3 can trademark putting his hands in the air because that was never done by any QB before. Ever!


  8. I’m a huge Kaep fan and all that but didn’t Hulk Hogan and Ravishing Rick Rude start all that back in the day? It reminds me when Sean Astin says “yeah can you handle this big guy?” then kisses his arm because he’s been juicing in the movie 50 First Dates. Anyways, Go Niners!

  9. What an arsehole. I’m a lifelong 9ers fan and like the kid, but he’s not the first to kiss his bicep after a TD. These jergoffs are getting out of hand with the self-promotion.

  10. This is what we have to look forward to, the look at me generation.

    They’re all the best, there are no losers and they live in a virtual world, with no social skills whatsoever.

  11. To be specific, I think he is kissing his tattoos in response to that article written about them.

    I’m a big 49ers fan, and this is kind of lame, but just keep winning games dude and its all good.

  12. If he’s doing it to help raise money for kids with heart problems then really, how full of himself is he. People are people so let’s always stop assuming the worst about them.

  13. Does anyone think it’s a little hypocritical that this is okay? Tebow didn’t make up Tebowing, but he got bashed for it. Tebow also did say God’s the only one who can decide his retirement. I get that Kap and Ray are both way better at football than Tebow, but there’s a tremendous bias against him. These guys are shoving it down our throats. ESPN shoved Tebow down ours.

  14. Just ridiculous. The self-love, preening athlete is getting uglier and more disgusting all the time! Man, whatever happened to the “act like you’ve been there before” attitude that some of the more humble and mature athletes used to display?

  15. I think this is stupid but why are you idiots acting like he thinks he invented kissing his bicep?…. its about protecting from people using his name and likeness to make a profit. Not simply kissing a bicep. Since someone wants to use wrestling as an example… how many “wrestlers” have used the same maneuvers that have been trademarked under several different names?

  16. the whole “scoring and act like you’ve been there” is the most played out cliche in all of sports!! at the end of the day IT’S A GAME!!! Mr. Daniel Tosh said it best “I don’t care if you have a tea party in the endzone but don’t be mad when a free safety takes your head off when your coming across the middle and celebrates”

  17. Backup or worse. You may want to do some research. Every qb Harbaugh has touched has only gotten better

  18. Good. While he is worried about his trademark Ray Lewis will be figuring out this offense. Ravens are going to win the Superbowl

  19. This just go’s to show the mentality of todays young players. All about themselves and not about the game. The NFL is catching up to the NBA in being just being plane dull.

  20. This is why I love and respect guys like Barry Sanders and Walter Payton. They were the best, and they acted like the best. You never saw either of those guys ever celebrate a touchdown.

  21. Maybe it’s just me, but it’s kind of hard to look like a boss when you’re the starting qb and you’re rocking an armband with all your offensive plays on it.

  22. People who are you to judge . Let him do what ever he feels f##k am proud he is our starting qb for the niners . So you all got nothing to say good about him shut that ffff up.

  23. I like Kaepernick, but if this is what he’s turning into , the “like” won’t last too long before it turns into dislike. This is typical of the “me” generation, look at most, not all, but most kids today, and it’s all about them, sad but true.

  24. Ok guys…this crap is getting old quick. You strike a pose and celebrate for doing exactly what you are paid to do, then you want to trademark it so you get more money for doing what you are originally paid to do? Absurd! Grow up!

  25. You idiots who are bashing him have no clue! His adoptive parents lost 2 children to heart complications. He’s been donating to Camp Taylor for almost a year now.

  26. This smells like a move by his agent, not Kaepernick. Just by watching the Falcons Niners game and all the times Kaep handed the ball off instead of keeping it shines a pretty big light on the fact that he is team first and not “Kaepernicking” first.

  27. Wow! All you whiners would probably do the same thing if you were in his position.
    Right…trademarking “kaepernicking” is such a huge crime. Maybe quit being offended by this harmless move and get on with your miserable, miserable lives.

  28. @989lions

    Acting like you’ve been there before is a worn out cliche? You must be kidding! Class never wears out!

    What wears out is showboating and preening before the cameras. Kissing your biceps! Shoving popcorn in your face! mooning the crowd, those are worn out cliches.

    Tell Walter Payton, Emmitt Smith, Barry Sanders, or Jim Brown, or Jerome Bettis, or Jerry Rice, or any of the true superstars of this game that their class is worn out.

  29. Smart business move, but I really can’t wait for this kid to take a legit pop from the defense that makes him suck some of that wind bag he has going. Hoping the Ravens are that team. Anyone else agree?

  30. Gentlemen, please – for some of you, a little comprehension is in order.

    He is NOT trying to trademark the move – that indeed would be silly.

    He is applying for a trademark for the TERM “Kaepernicking.” He intends to use it commercially, and in some cases for charity – trademarking it is a good idea.

  31. It’s not about greed or showboating, it’s about retaining control over something that is “yours”, so that other companies can’t start making money off it without your approval or using it in a manner you may disagree with. In fact he applied that control by allowing a company to print shirts but only by having money donated to charity he supports.

  32. To the idiot that said the kid is dumb as rocks….. i suggest you edit your stupid comment

    “He had a 4.0 GPA at the University of Nevada, Reno.and he scored a 37 on the Wonderlic test at the NFL combine. The average at quarterback is a 24. Recent studies indicate that the mean score for all players, excluding offensive linemen, is 21.04 with a standard deviation of 7.15. That puts Kaepernick more than two standard deviations above the mean. In other words, he is a very smart football player.”

  33. My argument is that the term “Kaepernicking” is weak and lacks marketability. The man is kissing his biceps, hence the “Kaepernickiss.” Colin, anybody…use it. It’s gold!

  34. PFT, yet again you are sensationalizing a story with a negative spin without giving the full story or picture.

    To the idiots railing on Colin, assuming this is all about him… Get the facts.

    I challenge learn about kidsheartcamp and learn exactly what #kaepernicking is all about. You will feel foolish.

    It is not about “look at me”. Do you know Colin? Clearly not. Stop judging. It is about helping the under-served population of pediatric cardiology, and each time he “kaepernicks” a child’s life is helped. I hope there is plenty going on during the bowl. What are doing to help a life leading up to and during superbowl? You know Colin sure is…

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