Dennis Dixon could be laying foundation for next phase of his career

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Quarterback Dennis Dixon once showed plenty of promise while in college at Oregon.  A torn ACL during what could have been a Heisman Trophy and possibly a national championship season derailed his career, knocking him down to round five of the 2008 draft.

He finished his three-year rookie contract in Pittsburgh, found no takers in restricted free agency, and then reluctantly signed a one-year tender with the Steelers.  Dixon, who made only four regular-season appearances in this first three seasons, played in no games in 2011.  He hit the open market in March and drew scant interest.

At one point, he was exploring the possibility of playing in the defunct (for now, possibly forever) UFL.

Then, in September, Dixon emerged as a member of the Ravens’ practice squad.  And his work in practice could get him a more meaningful opportunity elsewhere in 2013.

Dixon lobbied in December for the ability to run the scout team when Baltimore was preparing to play the Redskins and quarterback Robert Griffin III.  Dixon is doing it again, as the Ravens get ready for Colin Kaepernick.

So at what point does someone decide to give Dixon a chance to do in a game what he’s doing in practice?  Perhaps soon, given that his former offensive coordinator at Oregon, Chip Kelly, is now the head coach of the Eagles.

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  1. He has good speed…but he CANT THROW THE BALL!!!

    I thought we got a steal in the 5th round when the steelers drafted him, but watch the games he played for the steelers…absolutely no touch, bad accuracy. Charlie freakin batch looked better when he came in once dixon was injured.

    I have nothing against the guy, but i dont see him actually doing anything substantial beyond being a #2 somewhere

  2. Indeed…Dixon’s “career” path will take off like the last flight of the Hindenberg …

  3. I would love to see Chip Kelly give him at least a chance -backup, starter, doesn’t matter……..DD my man!

  4. This makes me think of the recent story that Pat White wants to make a comeback… maybe he won’t find work as a starter, but he could be the backup that plays the role of RGIII, Kaeperneck, whoever Chip Kelly gets to run his offense, etc….

  5. I wouldn’t mind if they brought him in to run Trent Edwards out of town, but I can’t see him as a starter. Running scout team at ‘thud’ tempo is a lot different than being the guy. I kind of expected this article to be about him moving into coaching from the title.

  6. definitely not, the eagles already have vick. if they were to try the pistol, why choose dixon over vick

  7. Kelly would be smart to bring him into camp for a look. At the worst case he will give a bit of training camp competition, and at the best case he could be at least a part-time contributor.

  8. I wish Pittsburgh would have kept Dixon (and Batch) and cut the ever-fragile Leftwich. He seemed to show some promise – and youth.

  9. Dixon was awesome to watch at Oregon and it seemed like he was good, but raw, when he filled in for Ben years ago. I hope he catches on somewhere…I remember watching the game where he tore his acl and felt horrible for him…

  10. Bruce Arians offense hurt him IMO. Ben only appears mobile because of repeated bad offensive lines an his own natural escapability. But Arians didn’t have good enough tackles in Pittsburgh to do a bunch of roll out plays that you see Rogers, Griffin, and now Kap do almost routinely.. Those are the plays that I think Dixon could show his skill set best. But he’s going to have to just go
    Somewhere with an open competition and see what happens.. I’ll be rooting for Dixon.. I miss him in he burgh. You can’t tell me that Leftwich is better.

  11. I’m a Ducks and Steelers fan, so I hope DD does well wherever, and Philly could be the place.

    He’s got to put on some weight, though, the NFL is a rough place my man!

  12. I would really like to see Dennis Dixon compete with Terrelle Pryor for the QB job in Oakland. Its an obvious competition where both players can learn from each other. Also this would relieve some of the multiple issues that the Raiders face with the cap issue.

    It’s a win win situation for both players, the team, and the organization.

    However I also wanted Dennis Dixon to be pursued when Jason Campbell was injured.

  13. Wouldn’t mind getting him here in Seattle if we trade Matt Flynn as everyone figures is gonna happen. Danny O’Neil in Seattle Times today wrote in his Seahawks blog about what teams would potentially be interested. Dixon may be good backup for Russell Wilson if Flynn leaves.

    Local tv news just said Hawks may trade for Dwayne Bowe. Wonder if Flynn would be involved in that?

  14. I always thought if he couldnt be a starter for the Steelers they should have used him in some special packages to showcase and take advantage of his speed and skills . But that never materized . If Ron Earhart was the OC the kid would have made a probowl .

  15. this guy gets hurt getting out of his car…..he’s just too fragile to be an NFL quarterback….

  16. dennis dixon, michael vick, tim tebow, nick foles… flyers, sixers, phillies, eagles. philly sports are not looking good. as much splashes philly sports teams make, its not panning out. i hate to say it, but theres a long, long road ahead

  17. Okay, here comes the “tout every single fast guy” era.
    Child please.

    Dixon is very inaccurate, does not throw a nice ball. Good guy, but touch is pretty lame.

    You will have plenty of fast guys come and go. Defenses will adjust and we will back to “Yea, but he needs to learn to stay in the pocket and read his progressions” or, “those running qb’s never make it in the NFL long term due to the hits. See Michael Vick”. or……………..

  18. What the hell bring him in to Philly, it’s not like the Eagles have all-pro’s at the QB spot.

  19. This is Dennis Disco Ducks 3rd super bowl appearence. going for his 2nd ring. might have been able to garner a profile if he was giving more of a chance behind Big Bum

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