Ed Reed says he’s playing next year

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The Ravens have been using linebacker Ray Lewis’ pending retirement as motivation during their run to the Super Bowl, but they won’t be getting another jolt of inspiration from one of the team’s other defensive leaders.

Safety Ed Reed has flirted with retirement over the last couple of offseasons before returning to Baltimore. He was asked about his plans for the future on Thursday and sticking to his answer will mean that there won’t be any flirtation this time around. Reed said he’d “just bought a bike” when asked if this is his last ride and then made things even more explicit.

“I’ll be playing next year. Next question,” Reed said, via Jeff Zrebiec of the Baltimore Sun.

The question now becomes where Reed will be playing. His contract with the Ravens is up, which means that he could entertain offers from any team in the league unless Baltimore gives him the franchise tag. That seems like an unlikely turn of events and it will be an impossible one if the Ravens can’t reach a quick long-term agreement with quarterback Joe Flacco.

Even at 35, Reed would likely draw a fair amount of interest around the league which could mean a very different look for the Baltimore defense next season.

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  1. I wouldn’t be surprised if Ed Reed departs through Free Agency. He’s been threatening retirement for quite a few years now in hopes of getting a new contract. Id hate to see him go. I see the Colts, Jets, and definitely the Pats as possible destinations. Dark horse could be his home team New Orleans.

  2. Boy, if he was that committed to playing beyond 2012 in the off-season, they might have given him a new contract.

  3. I just can’t see Ed Reed wearing anything other than a Ravens uniform. It just wouldn’t look right!

  4. No ed reed? No ray lewis?. Seems like pieces r begging to fall in Baltimore. Pressure is going to mount on flacco to succeed if the defense cannot.

  5. HUGE Ravens fan, but I cannot see Reed coming back next year unless it’s a similar situation to the one Ray went through a few years ago. 52 drew some interest, but ultimately decided to stay put in Baltimore, without the team having to sacrifice their entire bankroll for him. If Reed is willing to take slightly less in terms of years and $, he will be back. If not? I see some interest from the Pats, Fins, Jets, amongst others. Jets cant afford him. Billy B LOVES him some Ed Reed (and before Pats fans disagree, look at every gushing comment he’s made over the years about Reed) but if it comes down to the dollar, Miami can land him quickly, and it would take him back to his roots at The U. Only time will tell…

  6. Also if Reed goes, I have Jimmy Smith pegged as starting FS next year. It’s been a water cooler topic around Baltimore for a while now, and a hole to fill would nearly solidify it.

  7. There’s no doubt in my mind that the Patriots and Colts will go after Reed hard in free agency if Reed and the Ravens part ways. I’d hate to see him play in any uniform other than the Ravens, but I don’t know that Ozzie and Co. would be able to afford him.

  8. I just can’t see Ed Reed wearing anything other than a Ravens uniform. It just wouldn’t look right!

    Pajamas, bed slippers, and a T-Shirt? I don’t think his decision to not return to the Ravens next year involved him playing for another team. He’s talking about retirement buddy.

  9. I can see one uniform that would fit him very well. A white one with blue stripes on the shoulder pads. I know Reggie Wayne will be pulling for his former teammate at the U.

  10. Poor planning for the Ravens. Of course the problem is that when these future Hall of Famers start getting close to retirement age they often want extended contracts with lots of guaranteed money.

    The fact that the Ravens waited so long to re-sign Flacco means playing eeny-meeny-miny-mo with the franchise tag. I’m betting they reserve it for Flacco. If they want to use it on Reed then Flacco will have them over a barrel in negotiations.

    Of course the last time they won a Super Bowl they waived their quarterback immediately, so who knows…

  11. If the Ravens pass, I can almost guarantee that Bill Belichick jumps all over him and brings him to New Englad…he loves Ed Reed, praises him every opportunity he gets, and I think he would be a big help to teaching our young secondary and the defense as a whole…I have a hard time believing the Ravens let him walk though

  12. elliottcovert says:
    Jan 24, 2013 1:05 PM
    I just can’t see Ed Reed wearing anything other than a Ravens uniform. It just wouldn’t look right!
    Except for his hometown SAINTS. I think Ed would love his new look in Black & Gold..

  13. kelvinmchale says: Jan 24, 2013 1:04 PM

    He’ll win his second Super Bowl with New England next year.

    I’m fine with this, since it implies that the Ravens are going to win the Super Bowl this year.

    But as much as Ed will miss Ray… I think the Ravens have once again built up a lockerroom chemistry that Reed just won’t want to leave. My guess is he’ll play for the Ravens or he’ll retire. Before this season, I could have easily seen him going to another team. But the way this team has come together, even before the offense showed up the last three weeks… I just can’t see him honestly enjoying football more than he would with the Ravens.

    With or without him, the Patriots are still going to be a top contender next year. Unless they do something silly like get rid of Brady’s safety blanket they call Welker.

  14. As rocketred1286 pointed out, everyone knows when it comes to Belichick and Reed, just get them a room.

    Many thumbs down above when the Pats are brought up as a destination but like it or not there is a very strong mutual admiration between BB & ER and I can only see $$$ preventing this marriage.

  15. I think that Reed landing in NE could be a realistic option, seeing as the Pats’ D could always use improvement. If Talib goes in Free Agency then they might need to move McCourty back to corner if they can’t find a reasonable replacement, and then they could sign Ed Reed to fill the void at safety. Belichick and Brady love Ed Reed and they have always had the utmost respect for him in all of their NFL Films behind the scenes wired up segments. That could be a realistic signing this off season.

  16. How does anybody badmouth Ed Reed? He’s a player’s player and one of most enjoyable guys in the entire NFL to watch play.

  17. calibear831 says:
    Jan 24, 2013 1:09 PM
    No ed reed? No ray lewis?. Seems like pieces r begging to fall in Baltimore. Pressure is going to mount on flacco to succeed if the defense cannot.
    Ozzie has been setting up for this for the last few years. Neither Reed nor Lewis are in the top three defenders on their team right now. Although I will say this about Reed. He does scare QBs into throwing away from him, based on reputation alone. That is a big factor in why he has been silent so far in the playoffs.

  18. There are a few teams that could use a safety, even if he is a two year rental.

    Jacksonville, Miami, Oakland, Cleveland, Philadelphia, San Diego, New England, New York Jets… I can’t see it turning into a bidding war, but if he doesn’t play in Baltimore because they don’t sign him, he is going to have choices.

  19. Stay in the AFC North and come help Cincy win a SB…55 Million available, 3 picks in the top 55 and many young up and comers…that are getting into the prime of their careers… Having you back there with Nelson would make it VERY interesting… I know Im dreaming but can I for a little bit?? 🙂

  20. It’s always seemed like Ray Lewis and Ed Reed have been inextricably linked in Baltimore. So I can see a scenario whereby both of them play their last games as Ravens during the upcoming Super Bowl.

    If he’s not franchised, Jairus Byrd might help the team make a smooth transition at FS. ILB? Well, that’s gonna be a lot harder.

  21. best safety ever!, love watching him play, i own the ed reed jersey in black, only other jersey i have besides giants jersey, rooting hard for baltimore next weekend

  22. Talib, McCourty, Reed, and Dennard. Finally the secondary the Patriots need to get over the hump since losing Ty Law and Rodney Harrison.

    I’m sure the thumbs down will be coming, but for Ravens fans, know that all of us Pats fans respect the heck out of Eddy Reed. Guy just balls out and doesn’t yap his gums like Suggs.

  23. Reed > Troy

    and it’s not even close now.

    Much rather have Ed on my team than Troy worrying about what his next shampoo commercial will pay

  24. I think he should go somewhere in the AFC East.
    That gives everyone the chance to witness him face off with Brady’s foot twice a year!

    But for real, I would like to see Pagano lure him into a Colts uniform

  25. No surprise there!

    When you have 6+ kids with 5 different mothers, the $6MM/yr paycheck comes in pretty handy!

  26. I’m not buying the Reed to the Patriots rumors, considering New England has Wes Welker, Aqib Talib, Julian Edelman, Danny Woodhead, and Sebastian Vollmer (as well as several other role players) becoming free agents.

  27. If he goes to NE he will be that much closer for those late-night booty calls with Gisele. Ed says she kicks harder than Tom.

  28. Ed Reed will finish his career where his college career ended…. Miami!!!!!! Him and Reshad Jones in the secondary is dangerous! Welcome back to South Beach kid!!!!!!

  29. Reed has been hit-or-miss this season, though lately he’s played well. I’m not sure he’s got another great season in him, but he’ll be missed when he’s gone. As far as coverage goes, I think Lardarius Webb is talented enough to step up when he’s gone. Ravens don’t have much to worry about.

  30. Word on the street is he would only leave the Ravens if Ray Lewis retired and he’d want to come home if the Saints could afford him. This is from a friend close to his family. If Harpers suppose to get 7 mill this year I’d much rather spend that on Pumpkin than Stone Hands.

  31. ravenmuscle says:
    Jan 24, 2013 6:51 PM
    Sign with the stinkin’ Patriots…they always lose.

    1 0 like the ravens the last four years you mean…oh I mean the stinking Rat turds…LMFAO

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