Garrett says lack of turnovers led to defensive coordinator turnover

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So why did the Cowboys dump the 3-4 defense coordinated by Rob Ryan and adopt in its place a 4-3 scheme featuring multiple former Jon Gruden assistants?

Garrett says the turnover comes from a lack of turnovers.

The Bears had 44 takeaways,” Garrett said this week at the Senior Bowl, via Carlos Mendez of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.  “We had 16. That’s 28 more opportunities with the ball.  Give me some of those 28 opportunities.  That’s something that we really sat back and thought a lot about, had a lot of discussions about — what’s the best way to try to achieve that, and then, ‘OK, you want to do that, now who are the guys who can help implement that?'”

So with Monte Kiffin running the defense and Rod Marinelli coaching the defensive line, the goal will be to force more fumbles and interceptions.

And if they don’t, maybe the various members of Jon Gruden’s former staffs will once again be answering to Gruden himself.

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  1. So they’re aspiring to be like a team that didn’t make the playoffs? I’m pretty sure they have that pretty well covered already

  2. Not sure I would have even commented on the release of Ryan, if I was Garrett, given his seeming precarious position (seeing as he’s not calling plays anymore). And just the same, you could argue that Romo’s failure is on Garrett the way they are suggesting about Ryan.

    I’m no fan of Rob Ryan, mind you, and actually think the Cowboys should release Garrett and get an experienced HC (and an experienced OC)…

  3. By the way my favorite part was ‘Ok, you want to do that’. The way it sounds makes it look like getting the ball away from the other team was not part of their game plans last year but now it should. Tell you what Jason, I’ll spend an afternoon with you and fill you in on a few more things. Make sure you bring a pen, notepad and some ibuprofen because you’re going to get a migraine when I try to cover the tricky subject of how you want to score more points than the other team at the end of the game

  4. As opposed to the offense TURNING the ball over…?

    Garrett will be turned over by this time next year…..

  5. Yeah…it was the Defensive Coordinator, the guy who is making the calls on the sideline, who kept them from creating turnovers……lol…..because players off course don’t go for an interception, or try to strip the ball unless the DC tells them too within that call…….

  6. @bcdc26

    While the Bears had twenty-eight more turnovers recovered than the Cowboys, the Cowboys offense was ranked twenty-two places higher. Garrett might be thinking if the Cowboys defense could not only stop opponents from potentially scoring, they could give the offense more potential opportunities to score. Given the disparity in the two offense rankings he may be right.

  7. Given the Cowboys had alot of injuries on their defense, some of the takeaway issues were do to the lack of talent left on the defensive side of the football.
    Injuries are never an excuse but I am surprised that more head coaches have not asked the owners to expand the team rosters to 63 players and get rid of the 46 man gameday roster.
    I think by now we know the 46 man gameday roster does not work for a 16 game regular season, especially when 3 of the roster spots are occupied by the kicker, punter and long snapper.

  8. Chucky to Big D would at the very least be entertaining. The Cowboys owner/GM/President of player personnel/chief scout/team spokesman doesn’t usually play nice with strong willed coaches (JJ & Tuna).

    Jerry can get any coach he want because its the Cowboys and he is willing to pay, but I think he prefers guys who are just happy they have a job like Wade Phillips and Dave Campo, that way if they win he gets all the credit.

  9. @maurysline

    There are defensive schemes that rely more on stopping opponents and others that rely on taking the ball away from them. While fumbles are more a thing of hard, sure-hitting and proper technique, interceptions are not always product just of bad QB play. Some teams design plays with pressure and coverage disguises that attempt to make the QB throw the ball to a zone where the defense will be waiting for the INT.

    For example, the awful 2011 Patriots’ defense couldn’t stop anyone, so they created schemes and plays to confuse opposing QB’s and take the ball away. It’s not that they had great players or a great secondary. It’s that they designed plays to get the ball.

    So yeah, sometimes turnovers are a DC’s responsibility. It’s not just a defender getting lucky.

  10. The Cowboys, had a positive TO differential last year. But by and large have not been good at creating TOs in a longggg time. If the switch to the Tampa 2 brings with it a focus on technique, it’s already a positive. Now if that new found focus on technique creates more TOs, the switch was worth it.

  11. Please, stop the Gruden rumors. The guy is WAY over-rated. He never built a winner. He oversaw the disintegration of a SB winner. He couldn’t pick a QB to save his job. And he was fired after 3 mediocre years.

    Why in the world do people think he’s an upgrade over Garrett.

  12. Anybody look at where Gruden’s OFFENSES ranked at Tampa Bay. EVEN THE SUPER BOWL YEAR???

    Anyway, I pretty much knew we had the wrong DC when he stated that he believed in “coverage sacks”.

    Coverage sacks? Really? That’s how you rely on pressuring the QB? Not a great pass rush. Not blitz schemes. But hoping your CBs and Ss can cover for more than 3 or 4 seconds?

  13. It’s a valid point made by Garrett. Under Ryan the Cowboys were near the bottom of the NFL in takeaway/giveaway ratio.

    At USC Kiffin’s defense was one of the top teams in the NCAA in interceptions. The Tampa 2 allows yards but is designed to take the ball away. We will see how it goes.

    I do believe that creating turnovers is a mindset and Ryan’s defense did not have it.

  14. As romoscollarbone notes, the Cowboys defense has been poor at causing turnovers for a long time. But, a D-Coordinator does have to coach up turnovers as well. Not saying that Rob Ryan was totally to blame, but, for whatever reason, the Cowboys D just didn’t get the job done in that department. They even tried to change the terminology this season to calling them “takeovers”, but it didn’t do much to change the situation.
    Perhaps, a new coordinator might make some difference.

  15. If what Jason says is true, and I think he’s a flat out lyin’ hypocrite, then he should just go ahead and quit for lack of scoring and winning since he did all the offensive play calling

  16. “Give me some of those 28 opportunities.”

    Why? Tony Romo, Celebrity Quarterback (TM) will just give them back.

    For a supposedly smart guy who went to a supposedly tough academic school, Jason Garrett very often comes across as pretty damned stupid.

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