Jake Locker feels good, should be ready for offseason work


Titans quarterback Jake Locker is having trouble sleeping two weeks after shoulder surgery because he still needs to remain upright, but he said he’s feeling well otherwise.

Locker told Jim Wyatt of the Tennessean that he’s been watching a lot of film and working with physical therapists to increase the range of motion in the left shoulder he dislocated twice last season. Locker also said that the shoulder would go in and out on its own in the final weeks of the season, something he believes has been corrected by the surgery.

“Everything went like they hoped it would,” Locker said. “I feel great, I’m feeling awesome, really. … I’m supposed to make a full recovery and have a strong shoulder. If all goes well, I shouldn’t have to miss anything with the team.”

Locker’s scheduled to remain in a sling for another month and said he’ll return to Nashville to work at the team’s facility as soon as doctors clear him to do more activity. Locker avoided using the injury as an excuse for any poor performances last season, although he did seem to be affected by it after returning from five games on the sideline. Whether it did hinder him or not, Locker will need to do better than he did in 2012 or owner Bud Adams could run out of patience with coach Mike Munchak after passing on making a change this offseason.

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  1. Everybody thinks the Eagles will trade Nick Foles to KC, but I think the shocker of the offseason will be Locker to Philly for Foles & a pick or player like Cole or Nnamdi. Foles was better in his 1st 7 games than Locker has been in 2 years w/ the Titans. Locker ran a 4.5 & can run Chip Kelly’s offense where Foles is a 6’6 240 pocket passer. Foles completed over 60% if his passes behind an awful line and had more TD than INT. People will dismiss it b/c of where Locker was drafted, but it’s more of a fit than people realize. Foles may have been a 3rd rounder & Locker 8th overall, but Nick looks like the better player at this point – unfortunately he doesn’t fit Kelly’s offense.

  2. Locker has all of the tools to be successful. The one knock on him is his accuracy. Though the media would never point it out, he had a higher comp % this year than Andrew Luck. Nobody is complaining about Luck’s accuracy.

    Give Jake an o-line that’s not held together with duct tape, a running game that doesn’t start slow, and a healthy Kenny Britt I think you’ll see the Titans take a major step forward this year.

  3. Hasselbeck has great accuracy, with weakness in other things, but look how his starts have turned out… The problem with Tenn. is they have probably the worst offensive line in the NFL – no surprise there.

    Chris Johnson is a great back who also can’t do much with that line. Tenn needs to fix this in a hurry and then see what they have in Locker. Anything else would be unwise.

  4. People are quick to hate on Locker, but he’s had everything working against him. Team injuries, his own injuries, and our interior o-line has sucked from the beginning. Guys like Velasco and such shouldn’t be starting. Give him time with a better o-line. Let’s make use of our offensive weapons. Let CJ do more than just run it up the middle. And though it doesn’t even need to be said, draft Warmack.

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