Katie Couric asks Manti Te’o if he’s gay, his answer speaks volumes

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The long-awaited Katie Couric-Manti Te’o interview aired this afternoon, and for people who have followed the story of the bizarre hoax that led to Te’o claiming to have a girlfriend who didn’t exist, not a lot of new ground was broken: Te’o is sticking to his story that he was a victim, not a perpetrator, of the hoax, while acknowledging that he did lie to his family about having met his nonexistent girlfriend in person, and that he lied to the media even after learning that she didn’t exist.

But one brief exchange within the interview has people talking: Couric asked Te’o, “Are you gay?”

Te’o, who up to that point had calmly answered questions suggesting that he’s naive, stupid and a liar, grew emphatic as he insisted that he is heterosexual.

“No, far from it. Far from it,” Te’o said.

The emphasis Te’o placed on being “far from” gay was striking. At other times in the interview, Couric grilled Te’o about being “the most naive person on the planet” involved in a “web of lies,” and Te’o didn’t flinch. But when Couric asked Te’o if he’s gay, Te’o took umbrage. Te’o seemed to be saying, “Katie, you can call me naive, call me stupid, call me a liar. But don’t dare call me gay.”

And that may say a lot about how a gay player would be treated in the National Football League. Although there have been encouraging stories recently about more accepting attitudes in NFL locker rooms, we may still be a long way off from a day when a football player could answer the question, “Are you gay?” with a simple, “Yes” and not fear being shunned by teammates, downgraded by coaches and heckled by fans.

The bad news is that Te’o seems to think that if you’re an aspiring professional football player, you’re better off being labeled naive and stupid than gay. The awful news is that he might be right.

157 responses to “Katie Couric asks Manti Te’o if he’s gay, his answer speaks volumes

  1. Or he is a womanizer who gets with a ton of women but still claims to have a girlfriend that died for the sake of stirring up publicity for the heisman race.

  2. Teo was well prepped by his handlers and the Notre Dame PR team. Just deny everything, spin the story and enough people will believe it so his public image isn’t as damaged. That’s what a good defense lawyer does even though he knows his client is guilty as sin.

  3. It could be that he really isn’t and a vehement denial just means he doesn’t want rumors to damage his dating life any more than it already has been.

    His sexuality should be(and honestly probably is to most fans) a non-issue to us, but it would be a pretty big one to a woman.

  4. I look forward to his appearance on Oprah after the completion of his NFL career where he finally comes out of the closet. It’s a shame he has to hide who he is for fear of it hurting his draft stock and ability to earn respect in the locker room.

  5. But what if you ARE naive and a liar and someone calls you that, can’t argue much (especially if everyone knows you are) but if you aren’t gay one may take exception to being called something they are not. Just like if he hadn’t lied he may get upset at being called a liar.

  6. The kid is 22 years old and he’s been a jock his whole life. His answer might not have been so bold if he were a little more mature and a little less naive, but you can’t get upset about a 22 year old jock taking some slight offense at being called gay if he’s not gay. So many people are conditioned to say “there’s nothing wrong with it, but I’m so far from it”, no surprise a 22 year old would have the same stance.

    Interesting to hear that it sounds like Couric was pretty rough on him. She seems like she’d give nice cake interviews, good to hear she made him uneasy.

  7. Wait, you mean the lying naive idiot didn’t have an intelligent and emotionally well-adjusted answer to a simple question?

  8. A better question would have been: Are you bi? And can you produce the phone records showing the all night hospital conversations you claimed took place? And why did your dad state that he met ‘her’ in person?

  9. Why would they appause when he says he’s NOT gay? That’s discrimanating to gays, isn’t it?

  10. I’d like to know what he meant by “Far from it”. I’ve heard stories that he had women at ND with whom he was very cozy. Maybe the story isn’t that he’s gay, but rather that he wasn’t THAT deeply in love with this “girl” on the phone. Perhaps “she” was something to keep his parents happy.

    There’s a lot of things that could be at play here. One thing for sure is that he was a serial liar until he was cornered and has since just admitted to what’s been proven.

    I expect to see a lot more back pedaling in the coming days. The idea he really believes that his voice brought her out of a coma just really strains credulity no matter how naive you are.

    This story worked for him. He tells multiple lies. He only produces “evidence” that can’t be verified. There’s just too much smoke here for me to continue to believe he was purely duped.

  11. this kid should just have released another statement,,he doesn’t owe me or anybody anything more than that. he is a kid who got duped and made a mistake, be done with it.

  12. Take it easy with the conclusions. Maybe he vehemently denies he is gay because he thinks even the insuation on national TV could wipe out his chances of ever having a relationship with a woman. Maybe it has nothing at all to do with being an aspiring athlete and has everything to do with his aspirations of being in a future relationship. He is going to have some serious issues in that department and I can’t imagine being thought of as gay would help his cause. Not that being naive and stupid helps, but that cat is sooooo far out of the bag.

  13. Ordinarily it wouldn’t see an appropriate question, but it addresses one of the most plausible explanations. If he is a closeted gay athlete, worried about the reaction from fans, teammates and coaches, he might invent a girlfriend to deflect attention away from himself. And after that, it grew way out of hand. Maybe he reached the point where he couldn’t explain away why no one met her, so he decided to “kill her off”. And because young people don’t die often, he needed a dramatic story. Like a car crash revealing cancer.

    If he’s not a gay man hiding behind an imaginary girlfriend, then he’s incredibly naive (as he claims) or really dumb, or just loves attention.

  14. I think asking whether he’s gay was in bounds because people are wondering what underpins this whole story. I don’t think it would be an appropriate question for just any player. People want to know why this happened and we feel like some part of the story is missing.

    A lot of people on social media are suspecting that he’s gay because they can’t fit it into any other mold. I think that’s taking a leap, but Couric was within her rights to ask since it’s already become a big part of the conversation.

  15. The reason she asked if he is gay is because there have been some theories floated that say that he used his far-off girlfriend to avoid dating girls at Notre Dame. “I’m sorry, I can’t date you, I have a girlfriend in California.”

  16. He’s so heterosexual that he’s willing to invent women that he’s in love with. Now that’s commitment.

  17. All you have to go is go pick up one of the many beautiful women at the University of Notre Dame and you are free of the accusations. What the hell are you doing, Te’o? There are plenty of women that would line up to date you even still. Go the Jeff Garcia route dude.

  18. so what if he was…maybe he just doesnt like the christian girls at notre dame and went online, dont know why, cause ND has some hot looking chicks!! maybe thats why katie asked that question?

  19. I have nothing against gay people, but from what I heard the surveys to NFL players were last time this came up ( asking last years first round picks if they would have a problem if a teammate was gay) these NFL player polls are completely bogus. What rookie entering the draft in their right mind would admit to having a problem with a gay teammate, and risk the eventual media coverage of it leading up to draft day? There must be another way to get an answer where you don’t put someone in a position where they would have to say no.

  20. For the literacy challenged…

    1- The article isn’t suggesting that his answer means he is gay… it’s “speaking volumes” to how bad of an image it is (unfortunately) to be gay in professional sports.

    2- How could you think it’s not relevant/tied into the hoax?? Let’s say he was gay… isn’t it logical to see how he might go to ridiculous lengths to hide that fact–like sayyyy, making up a fake gf?

  21. lol at people not realizing why she asked of hes gay , maybe cuz he hes a star linebacker at ND and can have any girl he wants but yet chose to “date” an online girl and never met her, everyone knows being openly gay isnt going to transition easy into the nfl especially when you are a soon to be rookie

  22. It was clearly within the line of questioning. As odd as it may seem i have been wondering the same thing since this all has come to light. It entire thing just seems so strange and almost feels like something is missing that makes it all make sense.
    I could totally see him willing to be taken as a dupe and slow-witted, than to be willing to say that he had a relationship with another man out of fear of what his life would be like as being openly gay in the ultra macho NFL

  23. What the Hell, where does she get off even asking that question! How and why would that even be relevant? Possible explanation to a possible motive for possibly making up a situation! Katie, have a seat next to Maury and lets find out who the baby’s real daddy is. Even asking that very personal question could have a huge effect on the young man’ s future in his chosen profession. Shame on you Katie

  24. “Thou protest too much…”

    Good for Katie asking the question. The underlying story in the barbershops, bars, etc. is how could a guy be fooled for so long, unless, there is sub-story here to be explored.

    So, now that he has stated otherwise, I’m ready to move on.

  25. Fair question. There has been plenty of speculation about his sexual orientation regardless. Couric might actually be doing him a favor by letting him get his voice out there in this regard.

  26. I’ve commented that I thought he shouldn’t talk through the media anymore and just talk to coaches and scouts for the upcoming draft.

    But. maybe the strategy is to get as much of this over with in hopes that he won’t be probed as much from the football side and to get it into the past as fast as possible.

  27. Sorry, im done with this story, its not even important, couldnt get a real hot story, just gotta mess with this one? He is a kid, who cares what his sex life is like, im sure its hella better than mine. Why did he release a statement anyway? For publicity?

  28. I agree that no one needs to be involved in Teo’s personal and sexual lifestyle.

    However, this boy/man/player brought it upon himself with the lies he perputrated through the media about his “girlfriend”.

    My initial reaction to his answer about his sexuality: That’s how someone covering up their sexuality would answer.

    Again, in principle, I don’t believe we should be prying into this young man’s life. But also again, he brought it upon himself.

    I think this whole thing is ridiculous, but he isn’t doing anything to help himself. And this whole interview did more to hurt than help in my opinion.

  29. He’s also Mormon, and it’s a sin to be gay. He probably would’ve said the same thing if she’d asked if he had slept around or was a drinker or persecuted others with different beliefs.

  30. “theinfamousrinny says:
    Jan 24, 2013 5:03 PM

    For the literacy challenged…”

    I think you mean “literarily,” even if Google Chrome will try to tell you it’s not a word. Ironic, though.

  31. I go along with this guys ideas. A poster from deadspin.com:


    My working theory:
    There has never been an active player in major college sports (All-American level football,
    basketball) or professional athlete (NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL) who has been openly gay. As a
    gay man myself, I have long hoped that an All-Star caliber player with a big fan base will be
    the first to come out during his playing career. If I were Te’o I would not want to be that
    trailblazer for several reasons and don’t want him to be forced to come out; the first athlete should come out on his own terms. I tend to think Lennay’s “death” was Te’o breaking up with Ronaiah. I think that Ronaiah
    was devastated by the breakup and threatened to blackmail Te’o if he didn’t do certain
    things such as publicly acknowledge his “girlfriends” death at the Michigan game and likely
    a number of other things we haven’t yet heard about. When Deadspin published their factual, non-speculative article ND public relations and
    Te’o’s agent went into crisis mode. In the coming days Matthew Hiltzik would be hired as
    he is the best crisis communications/positive spin guy in the country. Te’o’s team and
    Ronaiah likely negotiated a deal where Ronaiah would confess to everything and Te’o
    would not lash out against Ronaiah in the media. Ronaiah likely signed a very solid
    confidentiality agreement in exchange for compensation. Te’o appears on Katie Couric’s show (Why Katie? Hiltzik also represents her) and Te’o’s
    story of being the victim is showcased to the American public. The story fades into the
    background. Why am I so confident that this scenario is true? Simple: Te’o’s answer to the question of
    why he didn’t ever visit Lennay in the hospital; “it never occurred to me.” That answer is
    the most revealing thing Te’o has said and in my opinion is very telling.

  32. I think the guy is gay and speaking only for myself I could care less. he probably wants to keep his private life private and I cant blame him, but the fact is he is a highly touted soon to be highly drafted NFL player so say goodby to the privacy. the league I dont think is ready for an openly gay player especially if he were a QB or a center. as for Couric all this b.i.t.c.h. is really interested in is being the first to break the story. If I was an NFL gm I wouldnt touch this guy regardless of his talent level too much of a distraction.

  33. People question why she asked that yet so many questioned if he was in these comment section after the story broke.

    People had their minds made up on Manti and whether he could be believed after the Deadspin article broke.

    People still have their minds made up as to whether he was involved or not before the ESPN story ran with Manti’s comments and the same before they have seen this Couric interview.

    Glad so many decided not to hear all sides to this story before passing judgement and taking sides.

    I for one would love to hear Roniah’s side now before I can better place criticisms or pass judgement.

  34. Who cares if he is gay. We live in a new generation now, things are changing. This non-story about a fake girlfriend is a pathetic stain on what news is. There’s not one lick of coverage on the reported rape and intimidation of some young women at ND by football players that was going on at the same time as this “scandal”! The AD cries about Te’o but dodges every question about these rape allegations and protection of their athletes because the school stands to lose so much.

  35. now i really wish he would have WON the heisman or had another year………would have been a very tricky position on the religious side of the university……wonder if they would have treated him like a 16th century scientist

  36. Besides playing football, he’s also a Mormon from a macho island culture who attends a Catholic university. I’m guessing he’d lose a lot of friends if he admitted to being gay, regardless of the football implications.

    I can’t imagine how brave someone would need to be to come out as a member of any of those communities, and it’s really the only scenario where Te’o comes off as a sympathetic figure in this mess. I wouldn’t even blame him for making up a girlfriend, I’d blame these backwards, intolerant institutions for making Te’o or anyone else feel the need to hide who they really are.

    The worst part is the audience applauded his denial. We really are a pretty pathetic country when it comes to some things.

  37. I may not be a Manti fan, but this article is ridiculous. A stretch and ignorant interpretation. Ya he was still pod and lied out of embarrassment but he’s not DUI crashing, killin people or selling drugs. Get over it.

  38. Hmmm.
    This article seems much ado about nothing.
    Some people actually DO take umbrage at being called gay, and there is nothing wrong with that. They are heterosexual, and proud of it.

    If anything, the intonation and point of this article makes me wonder if MDS is gay…

  39. I hope after all this publicity he is at least a solid NFL player. Hate to see a college player this much publicity for his play off the field and then turn out to be a total bust. Remember Brian Bosworth ?

  40. I dont know if Manti is gay, but Ronaiah Tuiasosopo picked a hell of a way to come out of the closet.

  41. Leave this kid alone. He’s young. Young kids do and say stupid things. The fact that he got defensive when asked if he was gay….have you ever been around young men in a locker room? THAT’S HOW THEY REACT!!!!

  42. I think you are reading too much into the answer. Anyone so far into the closet that he would invent an imaginary girlfriend would say the same thing regardless of his profession.

    Good on Katie for asking.

  43. now their all feelin some sort of way about his reaction to saying hes not gay. and then PFT brings up well thats how a gay person would be treated in the NFL.

    nothing is worse then being called gay, when you are not gay. and just by PFTs reaction it makes it clear why. cause they will some how spin it into him being gay when he isnt just because they feel of well he took offense to it, maybe he is hiding it blah blah blah.

  44. “The bad news is that Te’o seems to think that if you’re an aspiring professional football player, you’re better off being labeled naive and stupid than gay. The awful news is that he might be right.”

    So now MDS is taking this as what Teo said, verbatim? Quite a leap, and really, may not be his true feeling on the matter. You’re inferring it is MDS, as a true media person does which is how things get blown up out of proportion. Don’t make more out of it than is there already but that’s what PFT is all about.

  45. Why on Earth did she ask that question? I mean I have not read anything to suggest that he might be gay. She plucked that one out of thin air. Maybe THAT is why he acted offended. Perhaps it was shock and not offense that registered. The question had nothing to do with anything. Odd move by Couric and dumb move by this blog to make a mountain out of an ant hill.

  46. Wow, just wow! I don’t blame Katie for asking the question but I am dumbfounded by the interpretation that his answer could mean he is gay.

    If he were smart, that would be the end of this media circus. Tell everyone, no more interviews, I will see everybody at the draft combine. If he keeps talking, the only team that will draft him are the Jets.

  47. I love the naivety in these comments.

    Does him being gay mean anything in the real world? No, but we’re not talking about the real world, we’re talking about the hyper-masculine NFL world. If you think him being gay won’t have an effect on his teammates, you’re fooling yourself.

    It’s sad but it’s true.

  48. I knew it! I knew it! She asked because who else in their right mind would make up a girlfriend who he’s only spoken to on the phone? He’s trying to convince everyone around him that he isn’t gay!

    I wouldn’t blame him either, it isn’t that socially acceptable in the locker room yet. This sounds like an immature way of convincing the frat boys and ballers that he’s not gay.

  49. I’d be offended if accused of perverse sexual affinity also. Have you people moved so far from the natural normal that its a surprise?

  50. Please don’t delete my post like you usually do when it’s critical of your writing…

    With that said, I’d like to point out that when you are trying to tea somebody’s mind and interpret what they are sayin you shouldn’t put quotes around it as you did in this article… It can be very misleading

    For example, don’t say “te’o seemed to say ‘Katie, you can call me naive, call me stupid, call me a liar. But don’t you dare call me gay'”

    As a writer/editor you should be able to convey your opinion of what you think Manti’s mindstate was without putting quotes around words that never actually came out I his mouth

    And again, please don’t delete my post if it hurts your feelings

  51. Teo’s story is not about being gay – it’s about his obsessive craving for attention and sympathy. He is complicit in this farce because of it.

  52. This doesnt “speak volumes.”
    Appearently you have never met people from conservative Mormon families.
    This is exactly the type of answer I would expect from a 22 year old like him.

    Once again Michael Smith out of touch but doesnt know it.

  53. This situation is going to make April’s NFL draft even a bigger circus than it is now — for not only WHEN Te’o will get picked, but buy WHOM. What team is willing to go through the scrutiny of drafting him and then managing his presence on the team with minimal distractions? I suggest the team that drafts him also takes Jamarcus Russell — in order to defer media scrutiny away from Manti.

  54. PFT’s reporting on this story has left sports journalism for TMZ bush-league antics.

    I find it ironic that the only initial reason this story was made a national issue at all was a question that he may have potentially used a lie to promote himself. Now PFT is promoting itself by purposely perpetuating ideas without facts (aka lies).

    He doesn’t immediately hold a press conference the day this came out– he must be plotting with his PR team to come up with a Lance Armstrong tight story. He, a Mormon kid that plays Division I-A football who is having his name dragged through the mud strongly reacts to being asked if he’s gay– he must be gay.

    Couric should have asked “aren’t tribal tattoos and spiky hair kind of gay”? Might have gotten angry and said volumes about that too.

    Hmm… maybe she didn’t ask him that question because SHE is gay? Wait, using that logic does writing this post make me gay? Uh oh, look for your next PFT headline:

    “COURIC OMITS TATTOO QUESTIONS, POSSIBLE HOMERSEXUAL …ingloriousbastardos also homersexual”

  55. I don’t know a single guy that would not be completely insulted by being asked if he was gay, the media and it’s obnoxious agenda will knows no end.

  56. You’re reading way too much into this, MDS. He’s a football player who already has questions about his mental state after this non-story about this stupid hoax, and now Katie Couric throws this stupid question out there. He’s gotta come off as tough, since he’ll anchor some team’s defense in the NFL, so he’s more emphatic than he needs to be. It’s a bit over the top that you’re questioning his answer, settle the F down.

  57. The tone in this article is absolutely out of bounds. To speculate on a person’s sexual orientation is cruel and extremely unprofessional. There’s no excuse for this article, period.

  58. If Katie Couric asked him if he is gay, imagine what Jeff Ireland’s going to ask him.

  59. So he’s either straight, and has been accused of being gay on the past, which is why he’s defensive, or he is gay and feels he needs to hide it. Either way its sad, but still doesn’t prove he intentionally lied.

  60. The first openly gay player will be celebrated to a level that would make all the attention foisted on Tebow look the attention placed on Kellen Moore in comparison.

  61. Overcompensating, obviously.

    Once again, he’s playing the rube for whatever reason, or perhaps he’s a Linebacker version of Tim Tebow.

    If he’s “FAR” from gay, then there should be girlfriends/flings at ND that can say they dated the man, or he should admit to being a virgin.
    Not that its anybody’s business, but at this point to stem the PR disaster he’s created for himself.

    Either way, everytime Te’o opens his mouth, trying to clear the air, it just leads to more questions. Why? cause he ain’t telling the truth.

  62. Great article, MDS. One thing that’s puzzled me about the whole fake girlfriend story is how quickly some commenters seemed to conclude it was all about Manti trying to hide his sexuality. Nothing in the details of this weird tale suggests that. But just because some people still make a Big Deal out of sexuality doesn’t necessarily mean it will be a Big Deal in an NFL locker room. Some people made a Big Deal about repealing “don’t ask/don’t tell” in the military, too. But polls showed the majority of soldiers supported the repeal.

  63. For those asking about his orientation, isn’t it clear having an imaginery girlfriend is a cover story for someone that is gay. I thought this was really the motive several weeks ago so to me its not a dumb question to ask.

  64. While I do find the way he answered the question to be a bit funny, and I don’t think it’s how someone who is secure in their sexuality would answer it, it kind of troubles me why that question would be asked in the first place. I don’t care if Manti is gay or not, and I understand it was asked in reference to the rumors that have been appeared about whether the whole hoax was a cover-up, but I just don’t see why a person’s sexual preference is anyone else’s business, or a matter of public record, even in this instance. I think the only proper way to have answered the question is to have reminded Katie of that fact. But of course, we’re all wont to speculate at an answer like that, which is probably why Te’o answered the way he did. Of course, ironically, his answer seems to have had even more of that effect.

  65. Why would Te’o take umbrage with being called gay but not with being called naive and a liar? Because calling him naive is true and calling him gay is false. That’s why.

  66. I can certainly see why he would take offense. Just asking the question starts articles and comments like this. Stupid.

  67. freshnesssss says: Jan 24, 2013 4:41 PM

    not sure why she’d ask that question, as it has nothing to do with the hoax.

    You’re more naive than he is if you don’t realize that a) he is and b) it is central to the whole cover-up to begin with.

  68. What a joke. Might as well as asked him if he stopped beating his or was he still in denial. If he denies it he’s lying and if he admits it he’s telling the truth.

    Didn’t they use to dunk witches under the assumption that if they DIDN’T drown they were innocent?

  69. Some of you guys on here are comical at best.

    Go ahead, let someone interview you who is a highly touted media member and ask if you are gay.

    Guaranteed more than half of you would answer the way Manti did. Oh yeah, you would all answer all calm cool and collected and say “No.” Sorry but I call BS.

    Dude got played by a gay guy pretending to be a chick so he could get off with another guy.

    This isn’t the first time someone got played for a hoax…. Just because Manti can scoop up tons of babearaham lincolns doesn’t mean he can’t indulge in other things.

    Regardless, can’t wait till this pointless sports media story goes away. This has to be an all-time worse sports subject.

  70. I work in a factory in Wisconsin. No one there would treat a gay male coworker any differently. I can’t imagine that the NFL would be any different. People are people. Yeah, there will be a few like Matt Birk with something negative to say. But for every Birk, there’s a Chris Kluwe. The first gay man to proclaim his sexual orientation in the NFL will find out that it was much ado about nothing, and that guys just don’t care anymore. There will be media coverage, gay rights parties praising it, then the cloud will settle and it’ll be back to football.

  71. Another idiot member of the media trying to advance this ridiculous story.

    Come on – millions of people get catfish’d each week – why can’t we just take it at face value instead of trying to destroy this guy to get more readers or viewers

  72. Those saying it’s natural that he took offense, have you seen the actual footage of his answer? Didn’t look like he was offended at all.

  73. So why is it that it’s “encouraging” that there are more stories about ” a more accepting attitude” ?

    Michael, are you gay? Or are you just shoving your agenda ….out there?

  74. His extreme defensive response to being asked about his sexuality clearly implies that he is in fact gay. This is obviously my personal take on it. It is ridiculous that being gay is such a problem in professional sports. It just shows how ignorant and close minded people really are.

  75. So this means he either is gay and the emphatic denial was a cover up, suggesting his answers about being duped was genuine…OR…his emphatic answer was a genuine reaction to a false allegation, suggesting his answer about being duped was the lie.

    Thanks for clearing this up. Nice work.

  76. I can’t believe people on this board that are freaking out that Couric asked this question. Two of the biggest “theories” going around about this case are that he is gay and covering it up with an online relationship with a woman or that he and Tuiassasopo are involved with each other and “killed” off the girlfriend together.

  77. Why does this writer assume and interpret one possible angle while ignoring the million others? Leave the kid alone, people. Damn bunch of buzzards.

  78. You know how he answered it? He answered it like a guy who’s sick of everyone calling him gay.

    Also I’m stunned at the conspiracy theories being spouted here, which makes those who believe them as gullible as Te’o.

    So the theory is T’eo is gay, but to avoid being seen as gay he concocted a scam lasting several years, knowing that he would be in midst of an unlikely Heisman race and relevant ND team when he could spring this death story to gain sympathy, and then have the whole world know that he spent 500 hours on the phone falling in love with a guy he thought was a girl? It’s hard to imagine being humiliated more than he is here, which is a pretty clear sign he was conned. That and the fact Tuiososoppo confessed to scamming him. But T’eo’s the one whose gullible?

  79. It just shows how ignorant and close minded people really are

    Nonetheless still entitled to their opinion, whether the PC police approve or not.

  80. “The emphasis Te’o placed on being “far from” gay was striking.”

    “Te’o took umbrage. Te’o seemed to be saying…”

    Well trying to create drama from something simple is typical of NBC and affiliates. Did you find out Te’o was a Republican and still had an itch for a smear campaign?

    The kid is relationship immature and got wrapped up into something that was comforting and non-threatening. When he found out what a fool he had been, he tried to make it go away and did a poor job of it.

  81. Stupid question to begin with. This isn’t even journalism, media always attempting to create stories. He has a right to get insulted over the random questioning of his sexuality.

  82. Perfectly acceptable question to ask. Exactly my question upon hearing about a football player with a pretend girlfriend.

    The lies upon lies upon lies certainly smacks of being in the closet to me…

  83. I don’t believe he’s totally innocent in this, and that he worked, in some way, with the other kids.

    As far as him possibly being gay, who cares?

    It’s not as though there aren’t gay players playing now.

  84. and since he is making all this public and having a public interview with Katie, all “leave this guy alone” are off the table.

    He is promoting himself. He promoted himself with the fake girlfriend and now with his interview with Katie.

    If he did want to be left alone, why would he agree to an interview?

  85. I think there is a misconception that just bc a guy is gay, that he would be hard to share a locker room with.

  86. Terrible interview by Katie. She’s so clueless she didn’t even acknowledge during the show that there is literally a million people at this very moment in the midst of online relationships with people they have met and the actual person isn’t who they think it is.

    It’s the world we live in…he was duped then humiliated….for her to say “why didn’t you go to your coach or parents” shows her ignorance. Uh…because I’m 21 and I don’t need old people involved in my business….

    If he can play football – he’ll do great – this story is just another example of our idiot press running with stories just to create news

  87. Well, if Manti Te’o isn’t gay, Ronnie Tuiasosopo is definitely gay. He “wanted a relationship” with te’o??? Most guys just want an autograph or some tickets.

  88. Bad question by Couric. Certainly that is none of our business. He should have responded with “I’ll tell you if you answer my question about whether or not you’re on Botox.”

  89. I don’t see why it would be so hard to be gay in the NFL. If our men and women in uniform can do it, I think some football players could too.

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