Luck says it’s part of players’ “obligation” to play hard at Pro Bowl

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The guy who used to be the quarterback of the Colts has implored Pro Bowl players to play hard this year.  The guy who currently is the quarterback of the Colts agrees.

“I guess some folks weren’t happy with the play last year, but I think guys will take it upon themselves to keep this game going for many years to come and play hard,” Luck told reporters on a Thursday conference call.  “I think it is part of our obligation to make sure we play hard and this game continues.”

We admire his attitude.  But here’s the thing.  The game will continue, even if the players don’t play hard.  The game will continue because we watch the game.  Why do we watch the game?  Because it’s football, and it’s on TV.

We’ll watch more than usual this year, curious to see whether the game is any better than it has been in the past.

And thus, even if the game isn’t very good, the ratings will keep the game going.

Since the players apparently plan to play hard, the game will be better.  We just hope no otherwise healthy player ends up with an injury that he’ll spend the bulk of his offseason rehabilitating.  Or, even worse, tan injury hat will impact his contractual status, especially if he’s due to become a free agent.

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32 responses to “Luck says it’s part of players’ “obligation” to play hard at Pro Bowl

  1. It’s easier and less risky for a QB to play hard. I doubt anyone else wants to give it their all when they’re constantly hitting or getting hit.

  2. They are under obligation to play only as hard as to fool people into thinking the game is competitive while not getting hurt.

  3. I would rather see a skills competition than the actual pro bowl game. Give the winners prize money to their favorite charity to get them to actually compete or something like that. I think they used to have something like this the day before the pro bowl. I found it more entertaining than the actual game.

  4. The Under/Over is 84.5 – that tells you all you need to know about people “playing hard”

    The game will go well over 84.5 anyway

  5. Sorry Mike, I don’t watch it. It may be on TV, but every time I’ve looked over the past 10 years it wasn’t football.

    Thankfully I still have about 25 games that really are football still on my DVR that I haven’t watched yet from this past regular season. I’ll watch one of those instead.

  6. You wanna see them play hard? pay the winners $200,000 each. After a while this game would be so competitive that they could sell commercial time to pay the winners.

  7. Nearly every change between real games and Pro Bowl is for the protection of quarterbacks. What does playing hard for a QB mean in that context? You think he’d be audibling to QB sneak in a pro bowl? The Colts would murder him.

  8. Where as the game may get better, the players in the game are merely winners of a popularity contest.
    The Pro Bowl lost what little bit of purpose it had when fan voting started. Now it’s just a bunch of rich guys that get a free trip to paradise with a chance to win my yearly salary in a pointless game. Then we get to hear all the vets complain about how much of an inconvienence it is. Yayy

  9. The Pro Bowl had ratings close to the World Series. That’s not something from which the NFL is going to walk away.

    I wish they would move back to after the Super Bowl though. Right now it’s just the Loser’s Bowl.

  10. Yeah, I’m sure in a couple years he’ll have a mystery injury that keeps him out of the game. NFL still makes money on this thing so I assure you it will not be pulled from the TV.

  11. But its still played on an island i will never pay to go to, until that is, I can afford to. Which its not looking too good! Hope they move it to the continental U.S. and a diffrent date, cause really dont care to watch the players that were second choice!

  12. Also, just saw someone posted there should be instead a skills competition, like the scouting combine did you mean? Its interesting, because then youngster could see for themselves how the pro’s train. It could only help the game right?

  13. Like an above poster mentioned, I would much rather watch a skills competition. Or maybe spice up the game somehow…it is very hard to watch.

  14. The game is terrible. Has been for a long time. The only ones watching are the guys reporting on it. Fans don’t watch.

  15. Exactly Who Cares about the Pro Bowl?? They should just have the players go out in Jersey’s,Shorts & a helmet with flags on them. Pro Bowl worst all star game ever. End it Goodell

  16. Watch the Pro Bowl? Are you kidding? What a pathetic excuse for a pro football game where no one bothers to play. Besides how stupid is it to have a Pro Bowl when the best players from the two best teams don’t participate?

    Only the King of the Kingdom of Idiots would have scheduled the Pro Bowl before the Super Bowl instead of after it like it was always done. Oh yeah, that’s Roger Goodell alright. The women of the Lingerie League would play with more effort and toughness.

    I used to watch Pro Bowls a long, long time ago when they used to be the final game and all All Stars played. Today’s pros are such sissies they don’t want to get injured and don’t play worth a squat so why bother watching?

    Terminate the Pro Bowl!!! Go 49’ers!!!

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