Ozzie Newsome isn’t retiring either

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Ravens safety Ed Reed plans to keep playing after this season and General Manager Ozzie Newsome plans to continue being the guy who ultimately decides how hard the Ravens will push to keep him on their side.

Assistant General Manager Eric DeCosta passed on chances to interview with several teams a year after getting a raise to stay in Baltimore. Adam Schefter of ESPN reported that DeCosta has a deal in place to succeed Newsome in the top job whenever Newsome moves on, but Newsome says that he isn’t planning on giving it up in the immediate future.

“That’s not even close,” Newsome said, via the Baltimore Sun. “Really, I enjoy the guys I work with and I think we have a great staff. I really, really enjoy the players and my relationships with them and that helps me in coming to work every day. Of course, winning helps, too.”

There should be no hurry to make a change to the way things are working in Baltimore right now. Newsome, DeCosta and the rest of the front office group have done their jobs very well so it should be taken as good news in Baltimore that the status quo will remain in place.

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  1. In my view, Ozzie is one of the best GMs in the league. He’s great in all aspects of the GM position — drafting, free agency, knowing what players to keep and which players to let go. He’s built a consistently fine team in Baltimore.

  2. I’m surprised the stupid Patriot fans don’t have Ozzie going to New England…but why would he…its a losing organization with a loser quarterback and knucklehead coach.

  3. Ozzie’s track record for drafting quality players, especially in the 1st round is unbelievable. Outside of QB Kyle Boller and that Florida receiver Travis Taylor (seriously, has ANY UF receiver in recent years been good/great?) his first round drafts have been stellar. As a Browns fan I am happy for all of his success because I remember watching the Wizard of Oz as a player, and how he worked his way up to be not only the first Black GM in the NFL, but one of the best. keep it up, Ozzie…except when you play my Browns.

  4. As a football fan, I have such tremendous respect for what Ozzie has accomplished as a player, and more important, as the first African American to become general manager of an NFL franchise. I’m a Steelers fan, so it’s difficult for me to choose between Colbert and Ozzie. Let’s just say, Ozzie has been proving himself for much longer 🙂

    I respect Ozzie’s accomplishments as an NFL player and GM because he’s earned it. But I love him because of his history with Alabama. He’s only 56 but Tide Athletic Director Mal Moore is 73. Like many Bama fans, I’m hoping that when Ozzie does leave the Ravens, it will be to take over for a retiring Moore. Like no one else, Ozzie understands what it means when Bama fans say “Mama called.”

  5. csilojohnson says:
    Jan 24, 2013 5:22 PM
    Kyle Boller, enough said. Sorry ravenator. Acceptance is the key to not being an idiot.


    Boller was one bad pick. Even the Wizard can miss on a first round pick.

    However wasn’t Colbert responsible for busts like Limas Swede, Rashard Mendenhall (both picked before Ray Rice BTW), DeCastro, Mike Adams, Cameron Heyward and Ziggy hood to name a few?

  6. @randallflagg52 …

    DeCastro? Adams? Let’s get them healthy and see them play at least a season before pronouncing them busts. Rice is great, but so was Mendenhall during the 2010 season and his sure-handed performance during the regular season played a large role in helping us make the Super Bowl that year. His fumble in the game was forced … but between that fumble, his foolish off-field comments, and his injuries, he’s lost his luster. Those are the kinds of things fans don’t easily forgive.

    Sweed’s is a sad story. Brilliant route-runner, incredible talent–but got it into his head he couldn’t catch. He should have been an NFL star, but no personnel guy can predict whether a player will have emotional issues.

  7. Boller actually was a player Billick petitioned for. Ozzie didn’t go after him, but Billick convinced him that he was THE QB to get. Obvious mistake. But Billick paid for it.

  8. @Deb

    As a Steeler fan you are fair with smart football comments and arguments with facts. You contribute. You make up for that “other guy” NoFool who is the complete opposite. Keep it up.

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