Pat White has offer to play minor-league baseball, again

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Former Miami Dolphins quarterback Pat White wants to play football again.  The Miami Marlins want White to play baseball.  Again.

Via the South Florida Sun-Sentinel, White told 640 Sports on Thursday that he has an offer from the Marlins to report to minor-league spring training.  White, once a fourth-round pick in the baseball draft, joined the Royals’ organization after leaving the NFL in 2010.

Given the trend toward mobile quarterbacks, White surely sees an opportunity to finish what he started in Miami.  Even though the second-round pick in the 2009 draft really wasn’t there long enough to start anything.

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  1. tyler4richardson says: Jan 24, 2013 11:16 PM

    Pat who?
    Pat White. Why people bother writing a comment when they can’t take the time to read the title is beyond me.

  2. Pat White ruined Bill Parcell’s image as a football guru. What a waste of a 2nd round pick.

    Plus, that sideline hit White took is probably still lingering in his head. Along with fear of another sideline hit.

  3. I think everyone is jumping on the “pistol” offense a bit too soon. It has way more to do with R. Wilson, RG3, and Kaepernick than the “type” of offense.

    I think a lot of NFL teams are going to sorely shocked when they get players they “think” can run such an offense – and then can’t. Sure, they can RUN, but it takes a good passer too – each one of the QB’s listed above could at least run a more PRO style offense if they needed to, and make great passes. That cannot be said of so many other players like White.

  4. He’s better off doing Arena Football.

    He’ll earn $10,800 in 18 games, earn better or similar money to minor league baseball, he’ll be on NFL Network, and will be better cities.

    Minor League baseball takes place in towns that are uglier than the ones in “Bull Durham”. No woman like Susan Sarandon in her prime exists in minor league baseball towns.

    Plus, why go along buses where the only thing you eat is PB&J sandwiches???

    Did anyone listen to Brandon Weeden in “Gruden’s QB Camp” show??? He went through that.

  5. Nothing against the Dolphins, but they are responsible for some of the worst draft picks in recent history. Say what you would about picks like Jamarcus Russell, but a lot of people though of him as a legit first round talent. Nobody thought of Ginn and White as first and second round talents.

  6. Pat may have a chance on some teams that wanna have a practice guy for the read option. Maybe the Jets should take a look at ghis one. Lol
    But seriously makes sense for the Cards/ Jags to give him a look and for the Cowboys/ Giants if they wanna have a scout team guy to practice as RG3

  7. Dude can ball no question and is a winner, I think the only peon to win 4 bowl games, 2 of which were BCS games which WVU blew out UGA and OU, with 2 #1 overall pick qb’s. Though he likely won’t be a qb in the pros he would be a good wr, Julian Edelman was a college qb who converted and he is doing pretty well when healthy.

  8. I was gonna write a smart remark but I just don’t have it in me. Being a dolphins fan we took two of the smallest guys I’ve ever seen play football in the first and second round, Ginn and White. I thought we were trying to get bigger stronger faster and not just faster, ugh.

  9. If I were G.M. I’d give White a shot in my training camp. Especially if my team was the Carolina Panthers. Newton needs to have a QB to back him up that is similar to his playing style. Someone who can just walk on the field and keep the same offense going. I think White could be that guy.

  10. White’s biggest problem? When he throws, you never know where the ball will end up. I do get some laughs over this “New NFL” talk. Watched this game too long and seen everything under the sun tried. The thing that works is the pro-style offense with a good passing QB. That is it.

    So, if you like the option system, you better record a bunch of games on your DVR if you want to keep seeing it past a couple years. It’ll be gone for awhile again by then.

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