ProFootballTalk: If Reed plays, will it be in Baltimore?

Ed Reed has made his intentions known that he will play another year in the NFL, but will he suit up in a Ravens uniform?

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3 responses to “ProFootballTalk: If Reed plays, will it be in Baltimore?

  1. Agree 100% with Florio (and that is rare). But the Ravens need to do exactly the same thing they did with Lewis when he became a FA and E-Reed should be back with Baltimore in 2013. And with pending free agents Kruger, Williams, Ellerbee, it actually puts the pressure on Reed to make a quick decision because if he waits too long, the money that would go to him will go to one of these guys.
    They could always franchise Flacco, then sign Reed or vice versa, but franchising Reed could create a lot of friction between him and the team. I think Kruger is the guy you have to sign as you drafted him early in 09, coached him to be exactly the beast he is now, and he is a great DE opposite Suggs for the next few years. As great as Ellerbee and Williams have been, they are two undrafted free agents who have flourished in Ravens’ system but can be replaced through draft or free agency. In Williams case, the corners are deep with Smith, Graham, Brown, and Webb returning. They will probably draft best ILB available in April.

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