Report: Jets only “exploring options” with Revis


In December, the New York Daily News reported that the Jets will try to trade quarterback Mark Sanchez.  The Jets responded by putting out the word that the Jets will simply explore their options with Sanchez.

Now, multiple reports have emerged that the Jets will try to trade cornerback Darrelle Revis.  And, to complete the circle, the Jets apparently have responded by putting out the word to the New York Daily News that the Jets will simply explore their options with Revis.

It’s likely not a coincidence.  Leaking an intention to trade the player helps get the attention of potential suitors.  Subsequently leaking an intention to explore options provides the Jets with some leverage in trade talks — and also with a plausible path to avoid having a problem with the player, if he’s not traded.

With Revis, there’s another angle.  His contract will evaporate after the 2013 season, which means that the Jets quickly need to decide what to do with Revis.  His agents drove a hard bargain in 2010 with an extended holdout, and there were fears Revis was planning another holdout in 2012.  Trading Revis becomes the nuclear option for the Jets, if they decide they just can’t work out a new deal with Revis.

Still, trading him won’t be easy, especially before anyone knows how Revis will perform with a new ACL in his knee.  Conditional picks for the Jets and conditional payments for Revis would be critical aspects of a trade, if a trade can be pulled off.

In the end, Revis holds the cards.  He’s one season away from free agency, via a contract that prohibits the application of the franchise tag or the transition tender next year.  The Jets won’t get full value for Revis if his next team has no rights to the player beyond 2013.

And so if Revis simply refuses to negotiate a new contract with the Jets or anyone else, opting instead to prove that he’s still the best defensive back in the game before hitting the open market, the Jets can try to trade him — but they won’t get much.

29 responses to “Report: Jets only “exploring options” with Revis

  1. Ah yes…Buy high, sell low. A great strategy. You can really tell Woody was born into money when you see stories like this.

  2. When was the last time an elite player didn’t come back from an injury like this?
    I think Revis has a ton of value for a real contender

  3. How does one organization manage this level of incompetence? Most franchise couldn’t be this inept if they tried.

  4. The Jets are a slightly more successful Browns. Seriously, the chaos in that organization will not be corrected until the owner is gone. Maybe my Browns, now that they have an owner that actually WANTS the team, can be at the upswing. I hope. But the Jets are just…lost.

  5. It must be close to offseason because all we get are Jets stories. Who cares what the Jets to with Revis?

  6. After the performance that champ bailey put on the last game, I wouldn’t b surprised if the broncos showed interest in this trade

  7. Bucs need to trade Freeman and a pick for Revis and Sanchez. Revis is so much better than either of the two QBs, its worth taking the godawful Sanchez for the insanely good Revis.

  8. Nothing says “rebuilding years” like trying to trade injured players. I’ll give you Sanchez, Tebow and Revis in return I’ll take a QB that can throw the ball.

  9. What’s the difference between having decided to trade him and “exploring your options”? First you make the decision to offload the player then weigh the options. If they find they can’t get anything for him and can’t get anyone to pick up most of his salary they’ll keep him.

    It’s like deciding to sell your car. If the best offer you get is $20 you probably hold on to the car, but it doesn’t mean you didn’t decide you wanted to offload it….

  10. Sorry to sound like a homer here, but I have a feeling that this man will be suiting up opposite side of Lardarius Webb in the Ravens Secondary. Ray Lewis is retiring, Ed Reed is most likely gone with an expired contract/retired, and Cary Williams thinks he can get more money than what he is actually worth. Bring Revis Island to The Charm City!

  11. I don’t feel bad for the Jets at all. They catered to and babied and gave whatever this selfish narcissist wanted and big surprise, he has no respect them. Losers.

  12. Tough situation. Revis, of course, is a tremendously talented player who has a lot of assets going for him — he’s one of the top players in the NFL when healthy, a true shut-down corner in a passing league.

    But there are also some factors driving his value down. He’s spent a significant amount of time injured over the past few seasons, and is coming off an ACL tear (it’s unlikley that he’s a freak of nature like AP). There are still some teams that don’t run schemes that require shut down corners, so that will lower demand and therefore lower his trade price. Also, whichever team trades for him will want to sign him to a new contract, likley a very big contract, so that will lower his trade value as well.

  13. This just in: The high profile head coach of an NFL team speeding, running a red light and plowing into two other cars and getting off with a warning despite not feeling able to drive away from the scene of an accident that occurred less than a mile away from a casino is not news on this site.

  14. As a Patriots fan, I sure hope the Jets resign him. They already have huge salary cap problems, and signing the greedy Revis will just add to them.

  15. Revis at 80% still shuts down half the secondary. I’ll take him any day of the week. Just concerned that I’d be fleeced by that dynamic brain trust of Rex “the toe-licker” Ryan and Woody “I was born on 3rd base but think I hit a triple” Johnson.

  16. Problem is he will want to make more than Cro (deserves – he is better) but the Jets will NOT pay 2 CB’s over 10M/Yr. The new GM is smart (Mike T. was not) and he knows what it will take.

  17. Realistically speaking if you are trying to rebuild your team and an eighth of your cap space is tied up in a QB that you are thinking about cutting and a CB that is coming off of an ACL and onto the last year of his contract, a trade is the smart move. Even if you don’t get everything you want for a player of his caliber, you are grabbing at the very least extra draft picks. You are also avoiding a holdout and contract dispute that will be an additional ring to this circus.

    You need to figure out how to pay an entire team and have something competitive on the field. With the complete lack of talent on the Jets roster you need to be concerned about getting in as many players that can contribute as possible even if it means missing out on having one that is truly elite.

  18. Might as well trade homles, mangold and make me finally give up on this team so we can be on the same path as the jags
    how about woody you stop being jerry jones and hire the right people so they can do there job not have you be a money hungry owner and be a winning team again.
    god really wanna get rid of my favorite player since martin what the hell man its really hard to be loyal to this team i wanna tear out every last hairs i have.

  19. I don’t think the Jets expect to get a lot of draft picks for these players in a trade because the salaries are so high.

    Revis is easily the best player they have, but he’s coming off an ACL, only has a year left on his contract, has a history of holding out and is due a bundle of money for next season. If I were a GM on another team that would be plenty without considering giving away a decent draft pick.

    The same holds true for Sanchez but worse. He’s due more than even most Jets fans think he’s worth next year. Someone who actually wants him (and someone probably does) would probably only deal if he takes a pay cut which he probably won’t. They certainly won’t want to take that contract and pile draft picks on top of it.

    I think the Jets are just looking for a salary dump to clear cap space. They can achieve that with Revis, but they’ll be paying at least PART of Sanchez’s salary next year either way.

  20. What’s with all the backlash about trading Revis? He spends almost the entire season on IR, and what happens to the Jets passing defense? They finish 2nd in the league.

    Now, you’ve got a cornerback who’s under contract for one more year (that you can’t franchise), and he’s going to want to be far and away the highest paid corner in the NFL.

    This is on a team that’s already over the salary cap, and who already has the 2nd ranked pass defense. Leaving option 1: pay him an exorbitant contract, limiting your ability to fill out an already talent starved roster. 2: let him play for one more year, after which you can either take option 1, or let him leave and get nothing. 3: trade him now, and get what you can in an attempt to improve your team in areas that actually, you know, need improvement.

    So what’s the problem?

  21. bucrightoff says:Jan 24, 2013 9:03 AM

    Bucs need to trade Freeman and a pick for Revis and Sanchez. Revis is so much better than either of the two QBs, its worth taking the godawful Sanchez for the insanely good Revis.

    As a Jets fan I say done deal. Can’t stand Revis or Sanchez, and I wanted them to draft Freeman when he came out of college.

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