Report: Rams will hire Rob Ryan


Yes, there may be an echo in here.  And it extends a lot longer than five minutes.

It’s a 13-day delay, because Ian Rapoport of NFL Network reports tonight what Brian Costello of the New York Post reported on January 11:  The Rams will hire Rob Ryan to be their next defensive coordinator.

Per Rapoport, a deal has been struck but nothing has been signed.

Ryan notoriously boasted that he’ll be out of work “for like five minutes” after the Cowboys fired him.

The development takes one more experienced 3-4 coordinator out of play for the Saints, who plan to switch from the 4-3 to the 3-4.

63 responses to “Report: Rams will hire Rob Ryan

  1. The Saints don’t need a loudmouthed Ryan brother. He, his brother and his daddy, “all hat and no cattle”.
    Just being a big loud dummy doesn’t win games.

  2. gator2006 says:Jan 24, 2013 7:33 PM

    Ian is a good rapaporter
    —————————————————– i saw what you did there

  3. It’s funny how people hate the Ryan’s so much to actually make fun of the guy for not getting hired literally 5 minutes after being fired. Despite your dislike of the man, he was probably fielding interested parties at about the time. These guys are legitimate coaches in this league and if you don’t think Rex will be very sought after when he gets fired, I’m not sure what to tell you.

  4. Have might not have gotten a job in 5 minutes, but I’m sure he had at least 5 calls within 5 minutes from 5 different sorry NFL defensive teams.

  5. Stevemo, I think what we are making fun of is the fact this loudmouth tub o’goo had the balls to actually say he’d only be out of work for five minutes. He needs to get over himself and I suspect you may as well.

  6. under two weeks to find a job…………..1/32 possible jobs in existence…actually 1/31 possible jobs as he left one……1/X if you consider defensive minded head coaches non starters…..

    so…um…..yeah that is pretty much like 5 minutes.

  7. Sweeeet!! The niners own the west for another year, they wont be relevant anyway, so focus on the seahawks now cause i know pete carrol will do something in response and wipe their chances out too!!
    gonna be a repeat for the niners, you heard it here first!!

  8. GREAT hire for a team that is on the up swing. I am a Skins fan and would kill to replace Haslett with Rob Ryan. Or Rex for that matter. Both of those guys run a hard hitting smash mouth 3-4 defense. Again, great hire

  9. questforthesixthnotthelast2013 says:
    Jan 24, 2013 8:00 PM
    Sweeeet!! The niners own the west for another year, they wont be relevant anyway, so focus on the seahawks now cause i know pete carrol will do something in response and wipe their chances out too!!
    gonna be a repeat for the niners, you heard it here first!!
    Because you guys rolled over the Rams this year.

  10. As a Cowboys fan, I remember coming to PFT two years ago and reading all the comments from the fans in Oakland and Cleveland saying “don’t get excited” and “get used to being average.” They were right. 9 years as a DC and he’s never been with a team that finished better than 8-8. He promised to bring pressure, sacks, blitzes, turnovers, and confusion. The sacks came from Ware. The turnovers and constant pressure never happened. And the only ones confused were his own players. So, good luck, Rams fans. Unless Chris Long is equal to JJ Watt as a 3-4 DE, your top sack producer just became a run stopper.

  11. rg3sus, you’re a skins fan, right? Did you watch week 17? Alfred Morris had 200 rushing yards. Did you happen to catch Thanksgiving? ‘Skins dropped 28 on DAL in the first half. What part of that leaves you begging for him to be the next DC in Washington?

  12. @ stevemo

    Yes, I do think the Ryan’s are better coaches than what people give them credit for. It’s the talking that they do that makes everyone hope they fail. Now yes, I can see how they would rub some people the wrong way. But personally, I actually like the Ryan’s. I don’t there’s anything wrong with having confidence. Even if they’re not the league’s best coaches, no one can doubt their confidence.

  13. phelbin says:
    Jan 24, 2013 8:02 PM
    My 49ers had a tough time with the Rams this season. Next year looks to be a lot easier.

    The 49ers did have a tough time, next year they will have someone besides a kid (Blake Williams) calling Fishers defense.

  14. I dont see what all the fuss is about. If u know football u know Jeff Fisher runs that defense over there in St. Louis. Yeah Rob Ryan will come in and implement his syestem, but i can garuntee u Jeff Fisher will tweak it to his liking and also be a huge part of the week to week defensive gameplaning. S bwhen i look at the situation as a whole i can see this dedense being successful. So if u ask me, this is not a bad hire. If anything i think this is the perfect place for Rob Ryan.

  15. He’s going to a very young D that has the potential to be the best in the game, a stud MLB and two shut down corners. This is a D that was 14th and we had Blake f’n Williams as a DC.

    It’ll be more a 46 D then a 4-3/3-4.

    We’ve now got 5 ex DC on our staff.

    As for the cards fans boasting about Arians. I mean really? What was he, your 5th choice? Whiz takes you to your only SB in history and he’s canned after one bad season? Worst organisation in the world, with a scumbag owner.

    Whiner fans are just that. If they’re not busy killing fans or stabbing them, they’re busy being the biggest fare weather fans in the league. Well them and the aints fans.

    Welcome to the Lou Rob. Listen to Coach Fisher and you’ll do just fine.

  16. I admit they had the niners number, butt hahahaha they got this guy now, not the guy that beat and tied us! Please tell me how they did this season with the schedule they had, and now they will have a harder schedule because they won more. The saying who has it better than us, is now meaning who has it harder than us! Niners take the show, they get the hardest schedule!

  17. Jeff Fischer worked for Buddy, so the 3 Rob Ryan fans out there shouldn’t get too carried away.

    If it weren’t for his last name, the guy would be coaching my son’s Junior High School team.

  18. I don’t understand this hire. Fisher and Ryan run different defensive schemes. The Rams defense actually wasn’t that bad this season. To me, this hire doesn’t make much sense unless Ryan plans to adjust to the scheme/personnel already in place in St. Louis.

  19. Vmannj: of course I watched those games. I watch every Skins game and a few others per week. That was Ryan’s first year with Dallas. True they struggled this year. I am basing my opinion of Ryan more on his overall body of work. Plus when it comes to the Cowboys they suffer from Jerry and his poor GM skill that left the Cowboys with zero quality depth. I was nervous when Ryan was hired by them and am glad we don’t have to face him in what I assume would have been a much improved second year

  20. Jeff Fisher, did you not learn that nepotism is bad for your team from the Blake Williams-Gregg Williams debacle?

    Rob Ryan will have another two seasons of a playoff drought.

  21. NFL coaches are a tightly knit fraternity that is impossible to get booted out of, no matter how badly one sucks.

  22. Im sorry say what you will about Rob but Rex and Buddy are one of the best defensive minded coaches to ever coach, buddy with his 46 and Rex with his great way of using the 3-4. Rob has shown signs of being good but no great and i think that has more to do with the talent he was surrounded with. Last year was a transition year for Dallas and this year they lost half their starters and bench to injury and still were ok as a unit didnt produce as many T.O. Due to lack of players not coaching.
    Plus Buddy was a funny man that was good with media his kids are just tryna copy that but they just cant do it as well.

  23. I thought the rams problem last year was the offense not the defense. But I only watched them when they played the niners so I could be wrong.

  24. questforthesixthnotthelast2013, if you want to talk about football get a clue. That “the best teams get the toughest schedule” stuff has been gone for years. Each team in the division play a balanced schedule, they play the same teams. The only “advantage” one may get is that they host a certain while one of their division rivals visits the same team.

  25. Rob Ryan took was handed a good defense built by Wade Phillips and did absolutely NOTHING to improve it. He’s overrated and a loud mouth to boot. Good luck with that St. Louis.

  26. Rob Ryan was not the problem in Dallas. trust me there are no cowgirl fans sleeping any better because he’s gone. Rob is not a bad D-coordinator, nor is he half the idiot his brother is. everyone wants to believe Romo’s the reason Dallas was an ok comeback team late in games but that defense had alot to do with that. Make no mistake Buddy Ryan was a defensive guru and his sons learned alot from him. alas just like dad they are not head coach material, but St. Louis will be a better team with him

  27. I was hoping for the Ryan brothers in NYC. Oh man that would be something, I hope someday that happens!

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