Report: Tuiasosopo pretended to be Lennay Kekua

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Yes, it keeps getting weirder.

According to the New York Daily News, the lawyer for Ronaiah Tuiasosopo admits that Tuiasosopo pretended to be Lennay Kekua, the fake dead girlfriend of linebacker Manti Te’o, during hundreds of phone calls with Te’o.

Te’o “thought it was a female he was talking with,” lawyer Milton Grimes said.  “It was Ronaiah as Lennay.”

Tuiasosopo reportedly has received vocal and dramatic training, which apparently helped him pretend to be a woman.

“Come on, Hollywood does it all the time,” Grimes said.

Hollywood does it rarely, in films like Tootsie and Mrs. Doubtfire.  And if Tuiasosopo is as good as Dustin Hoffman or Robin Williams, the failed contestant on The Voice should be using his voice to make a living.

Regardless, the revelation is only going to make it harder for Te’o to get beyond the embarrassment associated with this entire ordeal.  Not only did he not realize that his fake dead girlfriend was both fake and not dead, Te’o also failed to notice that she was, you know, a dude.

44 responses to “Report: Tuiasosopo pretended to be Lennay Kekua

  1. It’s indeed embarrassing for Te’o, but something is seriously wrong with this Tuiasosopo guy. Who does things like this?

  2. This just backs up my theory that “Lennay” is Te’O’s front to cover up that he most likely is gay. If the NFL and religious organizations were more progressive and allowed for people to be themselves, this would never have happened. Tuiasosopo and Te’O were friends on Twitter as well. It’s likely now that he and Tuiasosopo had something going on with each other. The Deadspin article is what made me suspect the two were secret lovers conspiring to cover up their sexuality, because they each come from a devout religious background and would not be accepted in those circles… Tuiasosopo sang in a religious choir and Te’O is Mormon. But we will get more media spin to bury the truth that Te’O just likes guys.

  3. This revelation only creates more questions. Why did Tuiasosopo target Te’o in the first place? Did they have any kind of connection and/or dislike for one another? Did Tuiasosopo get any money from Te’o during the course of their communication? What did he hope to gain from duping Te’o in the first place?

  4. So let me get this …straight. The lawyer for..Tuiasosopo has admitted that his client is guilty. One less person involved is convenient in such a contrived story. NCAA needs to investigate Notre Dame and the is another red flag.Te’o has already said he didn’t want to press any charges and just wanted the fake girl friend people to learn from their mistake ????

  5. Given how humiliating all this is, are fans and NFL GMs really surprised that Te’o chose not to completely and fully divulge his in media interviews immediately after he learned of the hoax?

    Seriously – what’s he supposed to do? When the reporter asked him about his dead girlfriend he’s just supposed to say “Oh yeah, about that – I was duped in a hoax – and she’s a man”

    Everyone’s coming down on him for “lying” after he knew – but you don’t just casually drop that bomb in an already scheduled interview.

    You investigate, get the facts, and announce it on your own terms. That’s the smart thing to do and I think GMs will realize this

  6. Ok, enough. Now there is no way I believe his story now. No man talks on the phone every night to a woman and doesn’t know it’s a guy faking it. Unless he knew it was Tuiasosopo and he’s really gay but doesn’t want that aspect to come out. Either way I just can’t believe him anymore. The whole thing is just too ridiculous.

  7. Even without this “scandal” it’s hard to have any respect for this kid. It is very safe to say that there are TONS of guys playing college ball who come from far more horrific backgrounds that have had to deal with far more tragedy in their lives than a kid who lost a grandmother (who doesn’t lose their grandmother at a young age?) and a girlfriend. I don’t see them using it on camera to pump up their image and gain national sympathy like Te’o did.

    Te’o has lived a life of candy canes and rainbows compared to alot of his peers in college ball. he should be embarrassed regardless of this whole thing.

  8. At this point I hope he was part of this because with each new story, he is starting to sound like a bigger dumbass…this is getting worse and worse for his credibility . Face it, he may be the worlds biggest retard..

  9. Actually in cinematography of old, like Shakespeare times and on the entertainment industry has employed males to play females although since women have earned the right to vote and work the practice has vanished plus with all testosterone in our water supply we now have women who could play men.

  10. Oh c’mon people! Who hasn’t been duped into having a 2 year relationship with an internet lady-man? Who hasn’t had had a relationship with a person they have never met? Who hasn’t been convinced that their internet girlfriend was in a car accident and nearly killed? Who hasn’t been duped into believing that the internet girlfriend that they’ve never met had cancer? Who hasn’t lied to their parents and said that they met their internet girlfriend in Hawaii? Who hasn’t been duped into believing that his internet girlfriend was dead? Who hasn’t had their internet girlfriend die and not think to look where funeral arrangements were? Who hasn’t gone on national television and told an inspirational story about his dead internet girlfriend who he’s never met and then go out and have a 12-tackle game against Michigan State and upset a then-nationally ranked team? Who hasn’t then found out that his dead internet girlfriend was neither dead nor a real person, and then go on national television again and tell the same inspirational story? Doesn’t this happen to everyone, or is it just me and Manti?

  11. Why does everyone ignore that Reagan Mauia said right from day one that he met a woman claiming to be this girl? And he says he met her through Ronaiah Tuiasosopo.

    Plus, everyone who has come forward to say Tuiasosopo confessed to them has said that he mentioned two others being involved, including a female cousin.

    If Tuiasosopo had a relative or relatives helping him out, he could be easily saying “No, it all was me” to avoid humilating family that he pulled into his screwed up little world.

  12. OMG…WTF? Manti is probably barfing all over the place. I don’t get it, of all things this stupid lawyer shares…it is this…to make things worse…what the f….seriously…this announcement seems very calculated on their part…what is the intention…what are they waiting for…to ruin Manti even more…no integrity…

  13. So was Ronaiah pleasuring himself while talking to Manti? I think I’ve heard it all now. The guy took voice lessons to sound like a hot Hawaiian chick, and then tried to pawn himself off as such through hundreds of calls to Te’o. All the while, Te’o didn’t suspect a thing? Riiight. Me thinks there is more to Ronaiah and Manti then we know. I think these two give new meaning to “Maui Wowi.”

  14. So he wasted hours and hours of his life sitting on the phone to prank Te’o? That makes no sense. Either he needs a new hobby or there something else to this.

  15. So tuiasisopo is probably being promised cash to take the heat for this situation contrived by manti….

  16. If he likes chicks who look and sound like dudes there’s a roster full of them on campus with the “womens” basketball team.

  17. When Te’o found out it was a hoax, why didn’t he just “break up” with “her”? Creating the car accident and cancer dramatized it so that it guaranteed attention.

  18. Sounds like the media saw an easy too good to be try story, ran with it, were too lazy to actually do some legwork to see if it was true, blew it up into a huge story all season, were made to look like fools by the upstart Deadspin and are now pushing all the blame on to this kid. Where are all the stories about the media’s failures?

    It’s weirder and weirder because the media can’t just admit they screwed up. C’mon guys admit you look like idiots and actually report some real news (once you finish a refresher course on basic principles on journalism)

  19. I would not be the least bit surprised if Manti comes out at this point. Obviously he could not do that at ND and remain on the team. This all may be more complex than we realize… bungled and complex.

  20. So this confirms that a. Tuiasosopo is gay and b. Te’o has much less intelligence than anyone gave him credit for. This whole time I’ve thought he was telling the truth and felt sorry for him, but it just keeps getting worse… how can you not know something is up with this?! If he’s not clever enough to tell the girl he’s talking to is a dude over 2 years, how can he be intelligent enough to run and LEAD an NFL defense?

    2nd round here you come Manti…

  21. For example, Bart Simpson is voiced by Nancy Cartwright.

    Now that I’ve blown all of your minds, you can pick your brains up off the floor.

  22. this proves he is dumb and and implicates he is probably gay…no way a normal person can’t pick up on a guy impersonating a chick for that long. He probably knew it was a guy and liked it.

    he has fallen to the 3rd round…..go irish….(lol)

  23. Fall guy. Te’o is most likely paying this guy off to take the fall. This was just an attempt to garner sympathy and bolster his (albeit weak) heisman candidacy. Conspiracies run rampant in the billion dollar football entertainment industry.

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