Revis rendered “speechless” by trade rumors


The Jets reportedly will consider trading cornerback Darrelle Revis.  Darrelle Revis considers that a surprise.

I’m speechless,” Revis said on Twitter, “but more importantly I feel more upset for the Jet nation for having to go through this!!!”

Don’t feel sorry for Jet nation, Darrelle.  They’ve become battle hardened over the last year.

As we’ve explained, Revis holds all the cards.  If the Jets want to trade him and if they in turn hope to get full value, the new team would want to have a long-term deal in place.  If Darrelle chooses not to do that, it will be hard for the Jets to get what they want in trade.

Instead, Revis can focus on getting his knee healthy, becoming a free agent after the season, and agreeing to terms with the highest bidder next year.

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89 responses to “Revis rendered “speechless” by trade rumors

  1. As I recall after Revis signed his extension, after holding out, he said that he might hold out again. The Jet’s would be smart to get rid of him as soon as possible. He is a one man team: “TEAM REVIS”

  2. I assume there is less than a 0% chance he goes to the Dolphins, but I would really like to see it happen.

  3. The Jets were probably speechless when you asked for a new extension less than two years after signing another new deal.

  4. Hey Darrelle,
    The last two years you ask for more money. You are the only trade chip that we have. So if you are speechless about the rumors then so be it. As a lifelong Jets fan I am speechless that they haven’t won a Super Bowl in 44 years!

  5. When you hold out for months, refuse to honor your contract, sign a huge new contract, then make passive-aggressive comments suggesting that you may hold out again in the future, you shouldn’t be too surprised or “speechless” when the team explores its options in trading you.

  6. It is a good idea to try to trade him, while still get value for him. Besides you now he is going to hold out either this year or next asking for more money.

  7. This is the down side of Revis’s holdout. It’s still unwise for the Jets to put their business in the streets, but they’re obviously addicted to that.

  8. Revis is only considered good because of the market he plays in. If he gets traded to another team, he becomes a marginal player at best.

    Best cornerback in the league is still Charles Tillman.

  9. wonder if they were rendered speechless by your annual holdouts or threats to hold out…kinda sucks when basically your own tactics on used on yourself

  10. Or he could risk blowing out his other knee and ending up with nothing. After the injury he experience this year, I would be speechless if he doesn’t sign a long term contract this year to protect himself financially.

    Jets should explore all options, including trading Revis. Finally Jets are thinking like a professional team.

    Both sides should not get greedy and get a contract done to help one another.

  11. Don’t hold out every offseason and maybe your franchise will value you more as a long term asset rather than a year-to-year headache.

  12. Revis for Suh and Young Sr.

    Leadership for Detroit and a few more circus acts under the big top for NYJ.

    Suh can do cannonballs at halftime.

  13. It must be devastating for Revis to even think about life outside of a dysfunctional, struggling organization. My deepest sympathy goes out to him.

    My guess is he’s probably throwing a huge party tonight to celebrate the news.

  14. “When you hold out for months, refuse to honor your contract, sign a huge new contract, then make passive-aggressive comments suggesting that you may hold out again in the future, you shouldn’t be too surprised or “speechless” when the team explores its options in trading you.”

    I wish I could give this 1000 likes. You took the words right out of my mouth.

  15. Is this site owned by ESPN now? Seems everything’s about the Jests. Who cares if Revis is speechless? A lot more players should be speechless too.

  16. To anyone who thinks New England will bid on Revis–forget it. The Patriots will not overpay a cornerback. Ask Asante Samuel.

  17. mattspitzmueller says: Jan 24, 2013 2:35 PM

    Harvin for Revis? Jets take on psychological risk. We take on physical risk. Talent’s about equal. Both of us address positions of need.

    Talent’s about equal? Really? The best cornerback in football by a mile for . . . a wide receiver who’s NEVER had a 1,000-yard season in a passing league?

  18. damnsureis says:
    Jan 24, 2013 2:31 PM
    He will be on the Patriots when his contract is up

    No he wil not. NE doesn’t overspend. They have let Ty Law, Randle Gay, and Samuel go rather than over-pay them.

  19. Funny how they have every WASHED UP and INJURED has been going to the Patriots…no wonder New England keeps losing and stinks.

  20. In what world are Revis and Harvin on the same level as far as talent. Revise has his own island. Harvin hasn’t even broken sea level

  21. This guy is a selfish, me first diva. This is the first time I’ve heard of the Jets considering something smart.

  22. It’s been pretty rough lately as an Eagles fan, but I can’t help but find solace in the fact that as bad as we are…we still don’t even remotely compare to the 3-ring circus they’re running in NY. The guys making the decisions for that franchise are straight up LOST. Maybe Sanchez will do it this year….well maybe Sanchez will get it together next year…and let’s bring in Tebow to be the NY media’s next wet dream after Linsanity. Tebow reels off almost 10 straight victories for the Broncs and rallies every member of that organization to exceed their potential, and the Jets bringing him in has had such an adverse effect on his perceived value in this league.

  23. I think it started with Raider Nation (because they had fans throughout the country) and then expanded to Red Sox Nation , ok, they have a nationwide following.
    The whole “Nation” thing has gotten out of control. Is there a Jaguar Nation, a Blue Jacket Nation?

  24. Harvin for Revis? Someone has to be smoking the same thing Percy has been known to smoke.

    A more fair trade would be Peterson for Revis. Both about the same age. Both have that whole acl replacement thing (though Peterson is thru the clear on his rehab) both the best at their position in the entire league and both would be paid about the same long term.

    Peterson is a no doubt about it stud RB, but I’d argue Revis has more long term value since players at his position don’t have the drastic drop off in their early 30’s like running backs. I know peterson is no regular running back, but who would you place the bet on being still a valuable player to his team on the field 5 years down the road. Many corners have continued to excel in their late 30’s – how many running backs can you name the same for?

  25. The Jets need to understand that if you are a bad team, you have little to no bargaining power or leverage even when it comes down to your best player (who is a question mark due to injury). It is best to gut the roster as much as you can, draft well, sign character worthy free agents at the right price and coach those dudes up. Anything can happen on Sundays; talent matters a lot, but what matters more are the guys pushing the buttons at the top and on the coaching staff.

  26. Lol at my fellow Pats fans saying he should come to New England. As long as Belichick is here they would never commit the kind of money that Revis wants to a corner.

    Way to high a percentage of the overall salary cap and the Pats just don’t overpay players like Revis gets and will likely continue to get or he’ll just go home in a snit and hold out.

  27. im a giants fan BUT for u morons calling revis overrated and a product of the ny media are just plain STUPID. u should never be allowed to participate in anything having todo with football. this guy is the best def player in football forget about the best at his position. i hate the jets more than anyhting but revis is a superstar

  28. Trade Brady to the Jets for Revis.
    Add some more depth on defense.
    Sign Flacco.
    Sign Bowe.
    Go 10-6 while the Jets go 12-4 with Brady but beat them in the playoffs when Revis picks Brady off 3 times.

  29. “jet Nation”? Steeler Nation? you’ve GOT to be kidding me…stop it already…
    Signed, Raider Nation

  30. Trade rumors?? Don’t trades require a trade partner? Who would be stupid enough to trade for a 27 yo corner who demanded two pay raises in the last two years and then missed 14 games last year becaue of a knee injury AND the likelihood that his best years are behind him? Seriously, what team would be that stupid?
    Coach Ryan…Raiders on line one…Coach Ryan…Raiders line one.

  31. trade him to his hometown team shhh we will welcome him HOME open arms damn I will pick him up @ pgh. international tonight. we can call it even for the holmes trade

  32. Revis best d player in football…are u mike greenburg, who basically got on his hands and knees this morning to Revis..
    give me Ike Taylor any day, IKE HITS, Revis is a safe egg..Put an egg in his pads, will still be there in 1 piece at games end… same nonsense was talked about that certain amazing corner who left Oakland for the dream team and has been a major bust…

  33. Indy almost $50 million under cap. Needs help in secondary. Tempting

    yeah maybe for his last year of his contract at 6mill, but resign him next year, nawww he might want a 100million dollar deal and we gotta pay vontae davis soon too

  34. dont bring him to Indy, hes overated and isnt worth that type of money, and coming off a ACL too, nawwwwwwwwww

  35. He’s speechless? He sure as hell had a lot to say when he was holding out. Now that the shoe’s on the other foot, he’s speechless?

    I’m not really a fan of Darrelle Revis anymore. Ever since his holdout, he just seems to have this superior, “I am untouchable” attitude. Even when he’s hurt.

  36. Translation: My massively inflated ego means I simply can’t fathom that the team could possibly do without me and my massively inflated ego keeps me from understanding why the owner and fans are not groveling on their knees before me.

  37. Great, another great player who will get traded, all in the name of draft picks, that will turn into nothing. Draft picks are a crapshoot, when are people gonna realize that

  38. bobonmycob says:
    Jan 24, 2013 3:50 PM
    Revis to Eagles for Asomugha + mid round draft pick. The most probable situation.

    revis for mccoy + a pick would be more realistic. asomugha wouldn’t even start for the jets.

  39. Expensive cap killer corner with a questionable knee after major surgery is no way to rebuild. Granted he’s a great player when healthy and not holding out, but the risk is great. If Jets can get anywhere near “top corner in game” value for him, they should pull the trigger on a deal. They don’t have a franchise QB!!

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