Ryan: Sanchez needs to “erase his hard drive”

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While the reasonable answer for the Jets quarterback situation might be more like select all-delete, coach Rex Ryan said Thursday all Mark Sanchez needs is a reboot.

Ryan said the additions of new offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg and quarterbacks coach David Lee give the guy he’s realistically tied to for contractual reasons a fresh start, and Sanchez seeking out Jeff Garcia proves he’s taking it seriously.

“I believe Mark needs to erase his hard drive,” Ryan said, via Conor Orr of the Newark Star-Ledger. “I think it’s new, he’s gotta be excited about it and the fact that he’s reaching out to Jeff Garcia to get an idea about it tells you how much he wants to [succeed].

“Will there be competition? John [Izdik, the new general manager] mentioned, there will be competition at every spot and he’s trying to get a head start.”

As poorly as Sanchez played last year, there aren’t an avalanche of better options in free agency that would fit under the salary cap, and the draft doesn’t offer the chance at a franchise passer.

So they might be better off trying to polish Sanchez up with some coaching, at least until a time when it won’t cost as much to buy a new model.

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  1. “While the reasonable answer for the Jets quarterback situation might be more like select all-delete”

    Not given their cap situation, but thanks again for your nuanced analysis.

  2. The problems on that offense run much, much deeper than Sanchez.

    I don’t see him ever being an “elite” guy, but if you can get him a running game (fat chance with Morningweg) and receivers that he doesn’t have to try and throw open but can actually get a little separation themselves then he can get hold the spot until someone worth it hits the market.

    Trading Revis and grabbing a couple extra picks, retreading Sanchez and asking him to do much less, increasing the level of competition for jobs and clearing room under the cap will go a long way towards making this team competitive. Not next season, but maybe 2014.

  3. no chance at a reboot, but more crashes with David Lee as his QB coach, look at his NFL resume, Last he worked with Fitzpatrick and he got worse, before him was Chad Henne, Pat White, they got worse, so is it possible for Sanchize to get even worse, with Lee we will find out.

  4. This is exactly what you want to be doing with a qb going into his 5th year as a starter…reboot him.

    If he hasn’t got it by now, odds are he isn’t going to wake up tomorrow and be Joe Namath

  5. Didn’t Sanchez do the same last year with Chad Pennington. Sanchez needs to go to Leadership and Man-up school.

    “There aren’t better options”. I rather take the hit and save the roster spot for a kid that has potential, then having to go through another season of Sanchez.

    Good news is, no one is giving Sanchez the job or a roster spot. He has to earn it, in which case he will not make the team anyway.

  6. Good advice from a guy who’s hard drive is likely filled with videos he’s not yet had a chance to upload to YouTube

    (don’t worry Rex – if it’s on YouTube it’s completely private)

  7. arzcardinals says:Jan 24, 2013 5:57 PM

    ‘there isn’t a better option out there’


    now that’s funny…almost as funny as when Sanchez ran into his own lineman and fumbled the ball.

    Ah…Arizona….the team of the Quarterback.
    Check your scores this season.

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