Sanchez seeks out Garcia to get ready for Mornhinweg offense


The West Coast offense is coming to the Jets, and a guy who played college football on the West Coast has reached out to a guy who played pro football on the West Coast (at least for a while) in order to prepare for it.

Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News reports that Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez called retired quarterback Jeff Garcia in an effort to begin learning the offense Marty Mornhinweg will be bringing to the Jets.

Both players confirmed to Mehta that they hope to get together soon for classroom and on-field work.

“It’s great,” Sanchez told Mehta.  “Jeff sounds like one of those guys that keeps his old playbook and is still really into it.  He really speaks the language of that West Coast offense.  It’s nice to hear the schematic side, but also to hear what people think about [Mornhinweg].”

Informal efforts like this become an important aspect of learning a new offense, given restrictions on both offseason workouts organized by the team and limitations on communication between players and coaches during the offseason.  And while that’s one of the benefits negotiated by the players in the current labor deal, players like Sanchez, who want and need the ability to get ready for a new offense, may not feel that it’s much of a benefit.

“Mark has just come off of a tough year, a tough experience,” Garcia told Mehta.  “He’s had some great things that have happened early in his career and now he’s at that point where things really didn’t go all that well.  He needs to resuscitate himself.  He needs to resurrect himself not just for the fans of the New York Jets, but for his own teammates.  He needs to prove that he is the guy that can lead them.”

Sanchez’s willingness to put in the time on his own should be regarded by Jets fans as encouraging, given that Sanchez gets $8.25 million in 2013 whether he’s the starter or the backup or ultimately cut.

41 responses to “Sanchez seeks out Garcia to get ready for Mornhinweg offense

  1. I can just see the announcement now… Jeff Garcia comes out of retirement to compete for the Jets QB job…

  2. Must be nice to be Mark Sanchez. He can fail time after time after time, and he still makes millions of dollars and has the coach supporting him. Wish I was that lucky!

  3. Wow. The egos of some players are truly out of control. Are they teaching “look at me” classes in college now?

  4. They’dd be better off starting Jeff Garcia. His last season in the league was awesome. He shoulda been playing in the league for the last 3 yrs.

  5. Has anyone ever actually seen a Browns fan? Could their existence be the biggest sports hoax ever?

  6. He tried this with Pennington last year too. Look how well that worked out. He just can’t cut it in the NFL.

  7. Like it or not Garcia was one of the most underrated QBs of his era. Just when everyone counted him out, he came back and competed. I could see him as a coach one day.

  8. So on top of trying to get back into the NFL himself, Garcia is trying to fix Sanchez and Jawalrus too? This can’t be easy times for Garcia.

  9. The only person who had a great year with the Jets is Manish Mehta! But he really needs to thank his supporting cast! lol

  10. So last year he went to Pennington for advice and this year he goes to Garcia. When is everyone going to realize he’s not a starter in the NFL?

  11. He’d do better seeking out his agent to negotiate a trade to some unsuspecting team. At least TeeBlows can run and play on special teams. Markey can do much other than throw interceptions and create butt fumbles. Not saying Timmy is an NFL caliber QB by any measure. Personally, I’d put him on defense as a weak-side backer.

  12. I don’t know. The West Coast Offense could be an improvement for Sanchez if he can learn to get the ball out faster. He certainly can’t buy much time by relying on that offensive line. I don’t think any quarterback will succeed with the Jets unless they fix that.

  13. I’m happy that he’s trying but he tried getting help last yr from Pennington for sporanos system. It doesn’t matter who he asks, he can’t throw a football accurate and deep.

  14. What a dumb move by head coach who’s job is in clear and present danger to hire a West Coast Offense OC, a system that takes 2-3 years to master.

    Should have hired Hue Jackson and his O Line coach Bob Wylie. They would have had that offense going instantly,

  15. I wish Sanchez was better. As a jets fan, it’s a tough situation because you can see the guy cares and tries. He just can’t seem to get it together. I would love to see something actually come of this, but it’s doubtful based on his past two seasons. Maybe not having to look over his shoulder at tebow will be helpful for him but I doubt it. Oh well, jets probably won’t be good for at least a couple of years, if ever. I just hope I get to see them win, or at least make the Super Bowl once in my lifetime.

  16. Sanchez is assuming he’s the starting QB, I only hope he’s in for a rude awakening, if not, and they do start him, the Jet fans will be in for another horrible season. This guy is NOT an NFL QB, never had it, never will.

  17. This reminds me of when Troy Williamson went to the “Nike Eye Center” because he couldn’t catch a football.

  18. The style of offense of Reid and Morninwheg is very QB friendly. As long as you know the playbook, go through your progressions properly, and get rid of the ball if the play breaks down then you’ll be successful. Not every QB is capable of that, coughvickcough….
    That’s why you see guys like Feeley and Garcia, and Kolb, etc have success even without elite tools.
    Execute the play and you’ll be fine….That being said, yeah I have no idea if Sanchez can do that.

    I won’t be surprised at all to see one of the current KC Qb’s to have an “unexpected” resurgence….right up until Reid gets to pick another mobile QB who he dreams up amazing plays for but the QB can’t execute them….

  19. What is it about Sanchez’s season that has the Jets believing he needs to be throwing the ball more?!?!?

  20. I could easily see Sanchez going into a truck stop and using a pay phone to call every “J. Garcia” in the phone book until he got one who sounded like he knew something about football.

  21. Not sure why Sanchez will need any coaching of the Mornhinweg offense. Here’s how it goes:

    1. get rid of all your large RB’s and replace them with tiny scat-backs who cannot block
    2. stock up on past-their-prime WR’s who are no longer interested in running precise routes or going across the middle.
    3. line up with 3 receivers, then send the back in motion in case there is anyone left on the planet that doesn’t realize it’s a pass play
    4. Make a fancy chart of all the plays. When it is too big, throw away all the running plays
    5. send everyone deep on 3rd and 1
    6. waste at least 1 time-out per half deciding what play to send in, instead of taking the 5-yard penalty
    7. let the head coach take the blame

    Typical Jets hire – get an OC whose system is a total mismatch with the players on the roster. Gound-n-Pound becomes Chuck-n-Duck.

    Look for Sanchez to get mugged on every play.

  22. “He really speaks the language of that West Coast offense.”

    It’s YOUR offense, now, Mark. If I’m you, I’ve gotten portions of Marty’s playbook along with cut-ups and I’m writing Jeff a check to work with me on my footwork.

    I don’t like to see people fail, but it’s hard to imagine a change in offensive scheme suddenly fixing Sanchez. He has the ability to make any throw on the field and he’s athletic enough to evade the rush. What he seems to lack is discipline in several areas, beginning with Marty. Maybe someone hasn’t taught him how to prepare and Marty can help him out with that, but I really think Sanchez could benefit from sitting behind a veteran for a year or two.

  23. He took the eagles offense and and drive it into the ground. Wonder what he is gonna do to an offense that is already 6 ft under.

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