Sean Payton joins PFT Live on Thursday


He was reinstated Tuesday.  He met with the media on Wednesdsay.  And he’ll be dialing the PFT Live hotline on Thursday.

Saints coach Sean Payton is scheduled join the show today.

There’s plenty of things to discuss, and not nearly enough time.  I’ve got a long list of questions ready to go, but I’ll be happy to steal any suggestions that any of you put in the comments.

UPDATE 2:02 p.m. ET:  Payton had something come up at the last minute on Thursday.  He’ll be joining the show on Friday.

14 responses to “Sean Payton joins PFT Live on Thursday

  1. I doubt he would answer any bounty questions, but I would love someone to ask him exactly what did the league warn the Saints about in 2010 and why did P4P continue.

    But a question he might answer is: What is needed for our defense to get their ducks in a row?

  2. I think you should ask Mr. Payton how much “coaching” he was still doing as he watched the games from home. Would he take notes and re watch games for analysis? Did his time off allow him to scout the rest of the NFL better than he has been able to before?

  3. Has he considered moving to a 3-4 defense?

    Will spags be given another year.

    How would his presence have effected Drew Brees gunslinger mentality.

    As poor as the dline has played for the last few years and the inability fo field competent LBs is it time for position coach changes.

    Does he feel like him being there would have made a difference in the defensive performance.

    How does he feel about mark ingram going into his 3rd year…is it time for him to show he can b the lead dog?

  4. Why don’t you ask him to read a few lines from his evaluation sheet of the 2012 sports media coverage on the Saints? It can’t be all that favorable…although I must say, Mr. Florio, you’ve come a long way, baby!

  5. 1.will he be more hands on with all of his Coaches? ALSO,did he tell Gregg Williams to stop the P4P? ..I have a feeling he did an GW said screw you,an kept on doing it

  6. Ask him if he will commit to a running game. He has a great arsenal of running backs who are not utilized enough.
    Ingram 156 att, 602 yds, 3.9 av
    Thomas 105 att, 473 yds, 4.5 av
    Sproles 48 att, 244 yds, 5.1 av
    Ivory 40 att, 217 yds, 5.4 av

    Are you going to trade away the farm for a better defense? if not then why not?

    I am more interested in the future of the team rather than questioning on the suspensions. I want to know what we should look for next year?

  7. Will the NFL, in particular Goodell, still have something very personal against you and the Saints going forward?

  8. Impressed by the questions posed in comments so far.

    How about this: With Mark Ingram’s emergence as a reliable back, and our backfield as crowded as it is, could we be looking to trade Ivory or Thomas for picks or players that will improve our pass rush?

    I feel our greatest area of need is the pass rush. That said, I’d love to hear what he thinks it is.

  9. Coach,

    Last year the New Orleans saints had 5 RB on staff. I’m sure you noticed this as well. What is your plan moving Forward?

    From a fans perspective, Chris Ivory is your best pure runner; statistics-wise, and just fun to watch. Of course he isn’t always healthy. Do you plan on going into the 2013 season with 5 RB’s? Has is crossed your mine to go fishing for maybe a draft pick?

  10. You speak as if you know all the fans thoughts. Ivory is too fragile to see much of the load. Look how much he has been hurt. He runs too upright and he is injury prone. Ingram will be who they drafted him to be.

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