Source: Rex Ryan doesn’t want to trade Revis

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So Jets owner Woody Johnson wants to entertain the possibility of trading cornerback Darrelle Revis.  Or maybe the team just wants to keep its option open.

If the latter is the truth, coach Rex Ryan’s vote would be clear:  Keep Revis.

Per a league source, Ryan doesn’t want to trade Revis.  And that’s hardly a surprise.  Ryan has raved about Revis for years, and Ryan played a key role in breaking the impasse that led to the four-year contract that suddenly has Johnson reportedly “pessimistic” about keeping Revis in 2014 and beyond.

Without Revis, Ryan will make a lame duck look like Sthuper Duck.  Without Revis, Ryan will be far less likely to put together the kind of season that allows him to keep his job.  Without Revis, Woody Johnson might as well just fire Ryan now.

Still, the talk has been lingering for a while of a possible trade.  A couple of teams, we’re told, were considering a possible trade for Revis before he tore his ACL.  The torn ACL, however, changes everything.

What hasn’t changed is the pessimism within the building that Revis will drive such a hard bargain that a new deal won’t be possible, given the hard bargain he drove in 2010.  But there has been no effort, we’re told, to even try to work out a new contract with Revis by their new G.M., John Idzik, who was hired less than a week ago.

Idzik could get a baptism by F-bomb as he meets the New York media for the first time at 11:00 a.m. ET Thursday, and as Jets fans begin to digest the possibility of their best player — and arguably their best player at any position since Curtis Martin — being shipped to a new team.

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  1. And the train wreck pics up some more cars. Say what you want but I find this organization laughable. Already in 4th place in the AFC east in management and coaching. Woody is taking cues from Jerry Jones.

  2. It makes perfect sense that he wouldn’t want to trade him. His whole defensive scheme is built around Revis — that’s part of why they don’t have a pass rushing specialist OLB like most 3-4 teams.

  3. You mean Rex and the ownership aren’t necessarily on the same page regarding a player?!

    I’m shocked.

  4. Woody Johnson, there’s a John Idzik on the phone for you…. says he’s changed his mind.

  5. They should trade him. The Jets are a salary cap mess. Their QB position is a disaster. They have no skill players. The defense can only do so much, and even that side of the ball is on the decline. It is safe to say they won’t be a serious contender for at least another 2-3 years or as soon as they can get at least a servicable QB.

    So I say, what is the point of keeping him? So he can contribute to a couple 6 or 7 win seasons before he is complaining about his contract again? Blow this team up. Clean up the cap situation. Stockpile draft picks. Rebuild.

  6. The problem with trading great football players, is that it may be a long time before you get another great one. It is financially understandable though, he’s gonna want a big contract after 2013 and the Jet’s won’t have the cap room to keep him. If you lose the guy to free agency and get nothing it’s even more painful.

  7. Revis probably wants to play for a winner. If so, it’s time for him to leave NJ.
    The jets look to be locked in the cellar for years to come.

  8. Also most Jets fans actually think shipping Revis is a smart move (think Keyshawn Johnson and John Abraham)

    Both resulted in 2 1st round draft choices that poured the foundation for future success

  9. This all comes down to Revis’s comments after they Jets agreed to increase his contract. It was someting like:

    “This is enough for now, but maybe not next year.”

    Johnson realizes he should have never bent over for Revis the first time and doen’t want to do it again.

  10. Are Rex Ryan, Woody Johnson, and the rest of the Jets going to have a hissy fit if they don’t make headlines? I have never seen a bigger bunch of attention prostitutes in the history of professional football.

  11. Of course not revis makes every defensive player on that team play above themselves.

    Revis is a rare talent. With him at cb you don’t need as good of a passrush.

    But trading him could potentially result in drafting younger/cheaper players as well as free up cap space for bargain players in free agency.

    It’s a good move in the long term. Revis will only end up costing more then he’s really worth until around 32-33 when age plays a bigger factor in contract negotiations

  12. That team needs to get rid of as many “Me” guys as possible and there is a reason he’s called “Mevis.” Another contract holdout is on the horizon and he’ll want money that the Jets need to spend in other areas.

  13. Rex just wants to keep him around because if he leaves Rex will have to have laser surgery on a fairly sizable Revis tattoo located in a sensitive spot.

  14. I’d dump him and Holmes as soon as the new year began. Preferably a trade, but Revis’ contract and injury will make that impossible. Free up the cap space, suffer this season with Ryan/Sanchez (because of his contract), and then dump both next off-season and rebuild. I think Mr. Johnson wants to fire Rex, but figures with Sanchez’s cap nightmare he may as well get rid of both at the same time next year rather than pay one, or the other, or both to sit at home. A new coach wouldn’t want to be saddled with Sanchez, but you cant pay him $10+ million to play somewhere else. So, suffer for one more year. Then move on.

  15. Suh for Revis and a first. Rex would jump at the chance to get a DT on his team like SUH.

  16. Anyone else think it might actually be wise for the Jets to consider trading him and a draft pick for a qb?I believe the Jets were near the top of the league in pass defense when he was out of the lineup

  17. i cant imagine why the jets would be even considering options for revis..even with a torn ACL hes still the best player on the tema and the ONLY player who keeps his mouth shut during seasons.. they need to lose the other big mouths, and santanio holmes..hes an overrated, big mouth who thinks hes better than he actually is

  18. Look under the word dysfunctional in the dictionary and you see the whole Jests team pictured with the front office and management team. Sit back, order your popcorn, and enjoy the show.

    This is just the coming attractions!!! More butter please!!!

  19. Currently, Revis is due 9M in 2013 and 2014 -2016 6M per player option, the high cost 11+M plus on his contract is gone. So even on a trade, they will be a need to negotiate a new contract on the trade (team is not going to trade for him knowing there is option for him to walk away in 2014).

  20. Woody is looking at the money he’ll save. Ryan could care less about Woody’s money he’s trying to build a team. I see trouble in River city.

  21. im tired of this cheap jerry jones mind your own, be an owner and let your staff handle what needs to be handled, if not im sure broadway joe would love to take over, sell this team for god sakes, your love for your football team is showing more and more(only wants to make money).

  22. This always happens. Players tear an ACL and the world proclaims them damaged goods. I’d say Brady, Welker, and Peterson looks just fine to me and there are countless other examples.

    I’d trade for Revis in a heartbeat if the price were right.

  23. If someone came out of a coma and read some of the last few articles, they would wonder if the Jets are going to the Super Bowl. Why do we always read about this irrelevant team ? Even Fireman Joe gave up on them.
    Go RAVENS !!!!!!!

  24. How is this a story ??
    The coach says he doesn’t want to trade one of best players in game… yeah that’s weird !!
    No one “wants”to trade him the issue is the cost ,their cap and the return he can bring to build the roster with talent faster.
    The backfield was solid this year it was probably best unit on the field so you trade your most valued chip and get some high picks in return to fill a couple of the many holes you have now and hardly miss a beat.

  25. crubenst says:
    Jan 24, 2013 12:31 PM
    Revis for Vick and Nmamdi. Done.
    So, trade one great player with a huge contract for two poor players with huge contracts?

    Very funny.

  26. Nice to see that the Jet’s implosion for the 2013 season is already well under way.

    I think the Jets would have a hard time trading Revis anyway. He’s a total turd who will not honor a contract for more than 2 years max and who wants to get paid elite QB money. Even assuming he heals as well as possible and returns to his old form I can’t see many teams wanting to cough up what he’ll want to get paid, and what the Jets will want in trade.

  27. Is it too much to ask that you wait for the full story to develope instead of posting 3 back to back headlines about the jets? Seriously the jets aren’t even good they didn’t make the playoffs and the aren’t in the Super Bowl. 1 article should be enough.

  28. I’m sure Revis is requesting a trade too. Why would the best corner in the league want to stay on a team that has no chance at a winning record next year.

  29. Rex isn’t a Head Coach without Revis, quite obvious his defense revolves around Revis- as it did with Ray Lewis & Ed Reed

  30. what the hell are you talking about? how is not trading Revis going to make it harder for Rex to keep his job??

    The Jets finished with the 2nd ranked passing D WITHOUT Revis.

    If they keep him, it will keep them from improving the team via players or picks in other areas that actually, you know, need improvement.

  31. sfm073 says:Jan 24, 2013 11:58 AM

    Just what I wanted, another story on the jets.

    But yet you go to the article and reply. Nice doggie.

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