Texans sign a couple of quarterbacks

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Matt Schaub isn’t going anywhere as the starting quarterback of the Texans and T.J. Yates will almost certainly be back as the backup, but it looks like the team’s planning a battle for the third spot this offseason.

The Texans announced that they’ve signed eight players to future contracts on Thursday and a pair of quarterbacks are on the list. Case Keenum signed with the Texans as an undrafted free agent last year after completing a prolific career at the University of Houston. He completed 8-of-16 passes in three preseason appearances before spending the season on the team’s practice squad.

Stephen McGee didn’t play anywhere in 2012 after the Cowboys cut him as rosters were slashed to 53 in September. McGee played three games for the Cowboys in three years after they made him a fourth-round pick in 2009, starting once and completing 46-of-82 passes for 420 yards and three touchdowns.

Tackle Nick Mondek, a 2012 sixth-round pick of the Texans, was also signed to a future contract.

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  1. I’m done with Schaub, no killer instinct. He’s surrounded by 5 probowlers on offense & still looks lousy when it counts. Incapable of extending plays and too scared to throw downfield because of his slow wobbly throws. Designed to be a pocket passer like Brady & Mannings but doesn’t have skills to do so. I’d give him away for free because he’s not worth his contract

  2. Every Texans fan dogging Schaub was all over his nuts when they were 11-1. How many times did we hear the Texans would’ve won in Baltimore last year if Schaub would’ve played,even though he’d ALREADY LOST there earlier in the year?

  3. Can the Texans please stop recycling Dallas Cowboy players?
    Gary Kubiak cannot fix nor improve Matt Schaub so Keenum and Mcgee will never see the field in Houston.
    Can the Texans give a future contract on a head coach? I pick David Shaw from Stanford or Kevin Sumlin from Texas A&M.

  4. A moment of clarity:
    The media would have you believe that Matt Schaub is not tradable which is not 100% accurate.
    The Texans have just decided that it will take the entire organization 8 years and 82 million dollars for them to realize that Matt Schaub is not a difference maker at quarterback and far away from being elite or even very good.
    The Texans could trade Schaub to move up in the draft and /or acquire more picks. The Texans do not want to admit it was a mistake to give Schaub and Kubiak contract extensions last summer. Schaub can be traded but the Texans will have a 15 million dollar salary cap hit in 2013. Sad but true. Even still, I would trade him to acquire draft picks to improve the team. I still suggest sending Schaub to Kansas City and ask to switch positions in the 1st, 2nd and 4th round of the 2013 NFL draft. Anywhere that will take Schaub in exchange for draft picks to improve the Texans draft spots so the Texans can draft a DT, DE and ILB.
    Why do we need 2 more years to watch Schaub’s skillset decline before our eyes? He is a 10 year NFL veteran so there is not much room left for growth and improvement in his skills as a quarterback. I think the Matt Schaub you saw in December and January of this season will be the Schaub you see all next season. It is time to get off this sinking ship. Why do the Texans want to pay Schaub 13 million dollars to dink and donk in Kubiak’s predictable, conservative offense when T.J.Yates can do the same think on a rookie contract paying Yates about 400k for two more years? Both are 1-1 in the playoffs and atleast if you trade Schaub then the Texans can evaluate Yates before they give him 30 to 50 million dollars without knowing his skillset or we find out he is not our quarterback of the future.
    There is no upside left in Matt Schaub. As a diehard Texans fan, I am being realistic about our current situation and I see the writing on the wall.
    It is time to move on regardless of the cost.

  5. The Texans flashed for a moment like a shooting star. And just like a shooting star you wonder if you saw anything at all or if it was just your imagination.

  6. I love when the texans wear the all red battle uniforms. For a moment you think they are a great team, but then youremember.

  7. Raqaiw: there were tons of fans that weren’t happy Schaub got an extension before making him prove it in playoffs. And I don’t think it’s a stretch to say the team had a better chance to win with a 9 year vet over a rookie 5th round pick. Nobody thought Schaub was leading the team to victory, he was the beneficiary of a great surrounding cast that was able to mask his deficiencies by continuing to win games. He only had 1 “excellent” game this year and it was against the slow secondary of the Broncos.

  8. Not one person had a bad thing to say about Schaub last year and where crying Yates had to start a game then they go 11-1 and they’re best in NFL lose a few games and now he’s worse than John Skelton ….some fans are absolutely amazing he can start for my team next 4 years

  9. I never thought Matt Schaub or Gary Kubiak were irreplacable. The Texans will become a better team and organization once both of them are gone.

  10. @dalucks

    I really hope you check the comments one day, because I’ve been pointing out how stupid you look with every Texans post. The Chiefs will give up the first picks in both rounds 1 and 2 to take Schaub and move back to the back? Jesus Christ dude. Just stop it.

  11. I thought nobody could be signed until after the super bowl. Wasn’t there a recent story about a guy getting cut but was retracted due to that limitation?

  12. dalucks, you’re the same guy who was insisting the Texans sign Terrel Owens, so anything you say is automatically discredited.

    Complain about Schaub all you want – he’s not going anywhere.

  13. FinFan68 says:Jan 24, 2013 8:38 PM

    I thought nobody could be signed until after the super bowl. Wasn’t there a recent story about a guy getting cut but was retracted due to that limitation?
    These are futures contracts. Only players who were not on any NFL team’s active roster when the previous season ended are eligible for these types of contracts.

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