Browns still undecided on future of Phil Dawson, Joshua Cribbs

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Cleveland Browns kicker Phil Dawson and kick returner/wide receiver Joshua Cribbs are both in Hawaii this week representing the Browns in the Pro Bowl.

Whether they will remain with the Browns beyond Sunday’s game is still undetermined.

According to Nate Ulrich of the Akron Beacon Journal, the Browns have yet to discuss the future of their free agents-to-be.

“They’ve obviously had success,” head coach Rob Chudzinski said. “We’ll just have to wait and see and see how everything fits together on that.”

Both Dawson and Cribbs will be unrestricted free agents in March. Browns owner Jimmy Haslam praised both Dawson and Cribbs for what they’ve brought to the Browns over their careers.

With Chudzinski and new general manager Michael Lombardi still settling into their new roles in the Cleveland front office, the decisions on personnel will take a few weeks to be considered.

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  1. As a fan of an NFC team I don’t really follow the Browns all that much but it seems to me that I’ve seen 2 kinds of highlights of him over the years… One week he will make an amazing play (usually a return for a touchdown or something of that sort) and the next week it will be of him being helped off the field after taking a vicious hit

    I’m just wondering if his injuries are due to unfortunate circumstances or is he injury prone because if the browns feel he is injury prone that might have a big impact on what they offer him and what his true value is

  2. Dawson is the only Brown left from the 99 team & has been at times the lone bright spot of the entire organization. He still is productive & has a couple years left. So he needs to be re-signed.

    As far as Cribbs goes, sure he’s a fan favorite. That being said, he’s not nearly as productive or exciting as he once was. I wouldn’t offer big money to keep Cribbs.

  3. I don’t know what the Browns’ special teams would look like, without these two men…and I don’t want to, really. Cribbs may have slowed a step in the return game, but he’s still a head-hunting gunner. And Dawson is just “automatic.”

    Keep them both, Jimmy…

    Go Brownies!!!

  4. when your special teams players are in the pro bowl – it means your team is not very good…Cribbs gets so many opportunities cuz the BRowns get scored on so much – Dawson does cuz we can’t put up 6 in the red zone (well 6 after two times)

  5. I always liked Josh Cribbs, but I’m not sure why you’d pay him significant money. He’s a returner, which is all fine and dandy, except the return game is mostly a thing of the past (plus, he hasn’t returned a kickoff for a score in three years). It’d be different if he’d developed into a reliable receiver, but he hasn’t.

    It’s a shame because he seems like the kind of player that’s easy to root for. But there’s just no logical need for him on the Browns any longer.

  6. They should have signed Phil to a long term deal years ago instead of the franchise tag. Probably would have cost less in the long run if they plan on keeping him now. My guess is they let him walk.

    Cribbs is not the same player/threat he used to be. He seems slower. With Travis Benjamin able to take over KR/PR, Cribbs is not as important.

  7. They need to take care of Phil, he knows how to kick in Cleveland, and needs to retire a brown! Cribss can still be an asset, he may have lost a step the past couple of years, but he is a playmaker and this team can use all the threats they can get their hands on even if only used as a decoy with the new offense. that being said I would only keep him if he is willing to take the “hometown discount” unfortunately I think Josh will believe he is worth more than what the Browns are willing to offer. Thanks for the memories though if either of you go!!


  9. To let Dawson go would be a travesty. He’s kicking 50+ yarders in his sleep! Sign him and let him finish his career as a Brown.

    On the other hand, Cribbs hasnt done anything since he got paid! He has not taken one “to the house” since he got his new deal. Let him go and let Benjamin do the returning! That guy is “holysh*t” fast!

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