Holdout definitely isn’t an option for Revis

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As the Jets evaluate their options for dealing with cornerback Darrelle Revis and a contract that expires after the season, Revis has far fewer choices, as a practical matter.

While he can refuse to do a contract extension with the Jets or anyone else, which would make it harder for the Jets to get real value via trade, Revis can’t try to force a new deal by holding out.

Technically, he can.  But if Revis holds out at any point under his current deal the final three years of the contract won’t void, putting Revis under contract for 2014, 2015, and 2016 at only $3 million per year.

Even if the contract didn’t prevent it, he shouldn’t do it.  If he wants to cash in next year, Revis needs to rehab and practice and play and show that he’s still one of the best cornerbacks in the game.  He won’t be able to do that if he’s holding out.

And he definitely won’t be able to cash in if he’s still under contract beyond 2013.

16 responses to “Holdout definitely isn’t an option for Revis

  1. A problem child coming of a bad knee injury. Next year he’s a free agent too.

    Yeah, teams are lining up to trade for this guy.

  2. “only” 3 million a year. yeah that is something to cry about isn’t it? how much was the GUARANTEED signing bonus again? did he get paid his salary while not playing this year? yeah I feel real bad for him and other whiny cry babies out there who sign deals with big bonuses then cry because somebody takes less up front to get paid more per year than them. sign a 1 year deal next time if you want to get paid more than anyone else. oh wait that would mean you have to play great every year and we can’t have that can we?

  3. The thing that disappoints me the most about Darrelle Revis is when he signed his contract he kind of made passive aggressive comments that he was going to hold out in the future. In a little under 2 years he made 30 mil and had the gall to say he needed to feed his family. This clown made 30 mil in 2 years when the majority of the league wouldn’t even make 30 mil over the course of their entire career. He seems like a selfish and unappreciative individual in my eyes, but karma came for his knee.

  4. I did not realize that he got 40 million out of a reported 46 million on that 2010 deal.He said that was a ”band aid”.A band aid.that’s 1 hell of an expensive band aid.

  5. Its only a passing league & they only play against Brady twice a year for the division title so………trade your best CB!

    Here’s an idea, sign him long term & trade back in the draft. Build around young talented key personnel.

  6. Last year it didn’t even seem like Revis was missed,because he got hurt so early in the year.The Jets had time to figure it out,to where if he got hurt in week 13 or 14 it would have had a greater impact.But relly how much of a difference would Revis had made last yr. if he played the whole year.Their secondary did not cause them to miss the playoiffs.

  7. Let Revis walk after next season if they can’t trade him in the off-season. Let him test the market because there are teams that will overpay for his services.

    He’s not worth the money or the drama of another holdout, at least for the Jets.

  8. They’re going to have trouble trading him with DRC and talib being free agents. I’m sure someone will want him but the Jets will probably only get a 2nd round pick at best, maybe a 3rd and 4th. But no one is going to trade anything of real value for him when he can just leave after next season. I would go after Talib or DRC before I would Revis, no one knows how this acl injury will affect his play. Plus it seemed like Bellichick put Talib in check when he came to the Pats.

  9. Revis was great before his injury, now we have no clue how he is going to perform long term.

    No way should the Jet’s get involved in any talks until the 2013 season is over.

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