Idzik calls Revis, Revis appreciates it


On Thursday, Jets cornerback Darrelle Revis was speechless in response to reports that the team will try to trade him.

New G.M. John Idzik called Revis anyway.

Revis was no longer speechless after Idzik explained the situation.  Idzik said in an interview that will air during Friday’s Pro Football Talk (5:00 p.m. ET, NBC Sports Network) that Revis appreciated the effort to clarify the situation.

“I reached out to Darrelle and I made sure he knew exactly where we were coming from and that this is my first day on the job,” Idzik said, “and our message to everyone was, ‘Give us a chance to get to know each other and introduce ourselves to each other.’ A lot of the people in the building you know through football circles but you’ve never worked along side each other.  So give us that chance and give us the chance to go through our current roster, ultimately that’s the basis of comparison to whatever you may contemplate doing.  We haven’t taken that first step and that’s what I relayed to Darrelle.”

Idzik said Darrelle “reacted well” and that “my feeling was that he was appreciative to hear form me about what happened.”

Still, Idzik’s explanation strongly implies that the situation could go either way.  That it’s too early to decide whether to trade Revis, and that it’s too early to decide whether to keep him.

It’s a far cry from the endless gushing we’ve heard from men like coach Rex Ryan, who as we reported doesn’t want to trade Revis.

Idzik also said that his most important job will be to build consensus in the organization.  He’ll get perhaps the toughest test of his career in building a consensus on Revis.

44 responses to “Idzik calls Revis, Revis appreciates it

  1. Rex is seriously considering chowing down on whatever he’s staring at in that picture.

  2. It’s really simple.

    If you don’t think or you don’t want to sign Revis long term you would be foolish to not trade him and take the draft picks to help rebuild.

    If you can and want to sign Revis long term you would be foolish to not do so.

    Sounds like Jets want to dangle the Revis bait to see what fish bite on it and if it’s a big enough fish they’ll take it and if it’s not they’ll work on keeping Revis.

  3. Can we be sure that it was Idzik and not Lenny Kekua/ManuTuiossospo/MantiTeo/Jerky Boys that called?

  4. Transcript of conversation between Idzik and Revis.

    Idzik: I’m just calling you to break the ice and make sure you understand we need to give this a chance to work out.

    Revis: Noone wanted to give up a 1st round and 2nd round draft pick plus pay 12 million a year for a corner with a torn ACL and questionable time table to return.

    Idzik: exactly

  5. The Jets have been run by football coaches for too long. They have no clue of how to function with a budget. They have acted like little kids in a candy store going all in on every star they can throw a contract at. They are their own worst enemies. That is why Idsik was brought in, to give the organization a little financial common sense. Revis will be shipped out. They need to start making business decisions instead of football decisions.

  6. Realistically, if the Jets can gets a couple of 2nd, 3rd and 4th round picks for Darrelle Revis over the next two seasons then the Jets should trade him.
    The Jets are not contenders for the division nor Super Bowl so they should go ahead and blow it up to start over from scratch.
    Honestly Jets fans, what is your team playing for next season?

  7. the problem is if they dont trade him by end of march/june they will have already paid bhim 3 mill–i dont know why people keep on bringking up the hershel walker trade–the jets are going to get mabe a one(late first rd) and another pick NOT 20 picks

  8. I pity jets fans, dealing with a delusional owner, a big mouth pompous clown of a coach, a bottom barrel qb, no hope for at least a year after they fire the clown which means no hope for at least 2 years.

  9. Revis is the only player worth anything. If a team is willing to take Sanchez in a deal with Revis the Jets would have to do it.

  10. My Jets will be just fine this coming season.

    The media and the pompsuous posters (Lions,Kansas City,Bear,Patriots,Dolphins etc etc…) can go and stick their head up their arses

  11. Reed for Revis. Straight up, contingent on Reed agreeing to a contract. Jets will get their almighty jersey sales and media circus, and the Ravens will continue to beat the Pats for them.

  12. I know Idzik is new and all, but I can tell that I’m going to like him a lot better then Tannenbaum. Happy Woody made the best decision of his life.

  13. The people who think the jets should trade Revis have either disdain for the jets or haven’t watched him play. You don’t trade a hall of gamer for what could end up to be a Kyle Wilson (late first rounder) and a Vladimir Ducasse (2nd rounder). You don’t let him go for nothing either. You sign him. That’s it. Cut the rest of the overpaid guys. Don’t draw the line with Revis!!!! The one solace of being a Jet fan right now is having the a hall of famer on the team. Apparently that’s too much though, and we have to give him away. The draft loving patriots even want him, what the heck does that tell you. Makes me sick.

  14. Revis is over paid. The Jets are over the cap, this roster needs to be blown up. Trade him for a 2nd and 3rd pick and be happy you got that much.

  15. i heard a rumor about revis coming to seattle with the trade involving a first round pick and second round pick. what about matt flynn and bradon browner along with a second or first. I think it could be a reality if they truly want to get rid of revis.

  16. Revis is all about Revis ! hes not about the team, doesnt care about his team mates. Thats not the kind of player that gets the TEAM to the superbowl. Trade him

  17. Revis refused to provide pictures of his girlfriends feet to Rex, so…he’s a goner.

  18. I hope the rumors that the niners are seriously interested in trading for him are just that! He is broken, he is and will always be a part of that circus over there!
    dont give up nothin for him, they will more likely cut him cause he is a cap hazard!

  19. Revis is a great player but he doesn’t make a team better. That may sound like a strange sentence but it’s true.

  20. I know the Jets are a joke but maybe this Idzik is cut from a different cloth. I think Ryan is a good enoigh HC. He just needs to be left alone. Woody is that teams problem. If they get a half way decent qb in therethen they can easily win 11 games consistently This is Rex’s career this year. Maybe Idzik was the right choise overall.

  21. Mike just won the argument with peter king, you cant pay that much for one player, trade and draft another, if he wants to be a jet, he will stay, if not, let him roll, next Man up! They sign him for more than what he is getting now, might as well call it quits on a championship!

  22. Revis is a special player that the Jets are crazy not to lock up. What is an elite CB worth ?15 mill ? A year ago the Jets were going to pay Nnamdi 12 Mill.Unless Revis believes he’s worth Brady/Manning $$

    I believe it will be hard to get a #1 for Revis and have to pay big $$ too. The Jets will get a #3 round compensatory pick from the NFL.

    The Jets did make a major mistake letting the Revis info out at this time.

  23. As a Eagle fan all I hear is we should trade for Revis.The Birds have more holes than a piece of Swiss cheese,Revis would be good for a serious SB contender,that’s who would give the most for Revis island.Who wouldn’t like to have a player of that quality but I see the Eagles rebuilding because we stink and that’s being kind

  24. let’s say i’m a team like the vikings, looking for a long term solution at the cornerback position.

    why would i give up draft picks for a player who:

    a) can’t be franchised
    b) is on the last year of a contract
    c) threatens to hold out every year
    d) gives no guarantee that he will remain beyond the 1 year


    everyone seems to think that revis should net the jets either multiple picks or multiple players, but why would anyone trade for him when you have no way of knowing if he’ll be there beyond the 2013 season?

    i have an idea, hell no.

  25. The Jets should try to resign him, he is their best player.

    But the problem is the salary cap. The Jets have made numerous bad decisions and are seriously over the cap for 2013. They have to cut players….just to get back to the cap. That doesn’t include signing anyone new or paying their draft class.

    If you gut the team to sign Revis, what good does it do you. The Jets have so many needs…..they need multiple players, not just one.

  26. It wouldn’t matter if the Jets got 10 first rounders for Revis, Rex and company would pick 5 Vernon Gholston’s and 5 Jamarcus Russell’s with them anyway……Im a Jet fan BTW……

  27. They clearly didn’t miss him this year. Cro was a shut down all year and if they didn’t have finger wag wilson on the opposite side they would still have a decent secondary without Revis.

  28. Don’t see the hype with Revis. He is good, when he plays. To often he is injured or holding out, his burn rating is not the best, he only plays one side of the field most of the game, his attitude has more effect on the team then his play.
    Defensive players are soon to be about as relevant as the networks yellow first down line. Trade him for draft picks. Unless he can play QB, then he might have a case.

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