Jim Caldwell wants to be a head coach again


Jim Caldwell deserves a healthy share of the credit for having the Ravens in the playoffs: After taking over the play calling from the fired former offensive coordinator Cam Cameron, Caldwell helped shape an offense that has played well in the postseason and taken Baltimore to the Super Bowl.

But while Caldwell has already been assured that the coordinator job is his for 2013, he’s hoping that he doesn’t have the job much longer than that. Caldwell says he’s hoping for another shot as a head coach.

“At some point in time, if the Lord wills it, I’d love to be able to do it again,” Caldwell said. “But it may not happen. Everybody in our profession is looking for an opportunity to run their own program, and I’m no different than anybody else in that regard.”

Caldwell’s 2-14 record in his final season as a head coach may make him a tough sell for other NFL teams: Although he went 14-2 and reached the Super Bowl in his first season, that was after inheriting Peyton Manning and a team that Tony Dungy had taken to the playoffs for seven straight years. When Manning was lost to neck surgery in 2010, Caldwell wasn’t able to salvage the season.

But Caldwell has helped salvage a Ravens season that appeared to be on the brink of collapse at the time Cameron was fired. If the Ravens’ offense has another strong season with Caldwell calling the plays in 2013, he may be a head coach of another team a year from now.

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  1. I really hope he doesn’t leave, he has been phenomenal with the Ravens offense but if this production from the offense continues, he will be a head coach soon

  2. Who would give this loser an offer? 2-14 your last season as a head coach, and offensive coordinator of the terrible Ravens on your resume will not get you many offers.

  3. Caldwell got the royal screw job in Indy last year, Irsay and Company built a roster to absolutely tank a season away.

    His work this year should be good enough to get him a chance, assuming Flacco and Co. keep up a solid offensive showing in 2013.

  4. He didn’t get a fair shake in Indy. That said, it’s a little soon to be bringing this up I think. It’s one thing for Lovie Smith or Andy Reid to reasonably expect another HC job right away, but Caldwell is probably going to have to pay some more dues at OC.

  5. Caldwell could get a job with the Steelers or Patriots in a heartbeat….Tomlin and Belichick stink to high heaven and are proven losers.

    The Ravens will win the Superbowl for the next 4 years in a row with or without Caldwell.

  6. Considering the success Caldwell had with Flacco and the tenuous situation with Jason Garrett in Dallas, you’d think Jerry might consider a late firing of Jason and bring in Caldwell to try to get Romo playing optimally.

  7. In his defense, that Colt team was supremely UNtalented at Quarterback and although they went 2-14, they were very competitive and played their absolute best which shows that the players never gave up on him.

  8. Did he succeed in Indy on his own or with a combination of Dungy’s team and Manning’s guidance on offense? That’s how it appeared when the team imploded after Manning’s injury. Now he has an opportunity to prove his own worth with the Ravens. Obviously his offense is the catalyst that’s taken them to the next level. But he should continue proving himself where he is for at least a full season before trying for another head-coaching position.

  9. One thing that I noticed about him is just about every time the camera panned to him he was motionless, looking like he was staring into the great abyss. I’ve never seen that in any other coach.

  10. He’s Romeo Crennel 2.0. Don’t give him any more than coordinator duty. He 100% botched the QB situation when Manning went down and his game management was horrible even with Manning playing.

  11. Focus on getting this ring…. Your time will come Mr. Caldwell when the opportunity is right. Your last season in Indy is not something that should be forgotten so easily.

  12. Anybody that thinks this guy deserves another shot at a HC gig, don’t know what they are talking about. Take it from a Colts fan, This guy was horrible as a HC, he had no motivational skills at all, his lack of knowledge regarding in game adjustments is borderline comical. He had no idea how to gameplan, does not know talent if it slapped upside his head. No clock management skills what so ever, he was an embarrassment here in Indy. And nobody give that crap about him going to a SB. Manning got us to the SB, not this clown. Trust me Ravens fans, you will not be as happy with this guy next season, his job has been easy so far, do the opposite of Cam Cameron.

  13. say no!!! the only thing he is doing with the ravens offense is running the ball more, theyve always threw the long ball, theyve just gotten lucky that the WR are catching them(or denver db is playing cover 2 stevie wonder D). but no way this guy deserves a HC gig again, hes just a puppett

  14. If you really want to tank a season, there’s nobody better.

    You can even pick up Curtis Painter as your QB while you’re at it.

  15. I don’t know that I’d pin that 2-14 season entirely on Caldwell. I blame the Polians for failing to acquire a backup QB that was even marginally competent.

  16. Caldwell deserves another chance.

    Everyone knows he was the loyal soldier, purposefully losing games so the Colts could Suck for Luck.

    This years Colts team proved that the team wasn’t as bad as the 2-14 record, but of course the goal was not to win – but to deliver the #1 draft pick.

    Caldwell did what the owner asked and then got fired because of it.

  17. The only competent QB the guy ever had in the NFL was Peyton Manning and Joe Flacco now.

    Yes he went 3-13 the year he got fired, but I have no idea who the Colts QB was.

    Bill Polian never got a competent QB to back up Manning and he got bit by the untimely Peyton injury. It’s why Irsay fired him.

    Looking back now, not even my team’s head coach could’ve done much better than 3-13 under those circumstances

  18. I love all of the “Suck for Luck” comments. Tell me this, if the Colts really threw the season, why would the so called people in charge all lose their jobs?

    As far as the post goes, Jim Caldwell was never head coach material to begin with. The only reason he was groomed to take over for Dungy is because the Polians would have the least resistance to run the Colts however they saw fit. Like many posts above this one, he’s unqualified for many reasons…he was Peyton’s QB coach before becoming HC…Peyton ran the entire offense by himself, he didn’t need a position coach.

    Extremely nice man, unfortunately that doesn’t always translate to being a head coach.

  19. This is insane. Just a few weeks ago, Caldwell was thought of as a decent assistant but a failure as a head coach. If he was hired to coach your favorite team, you’d probably be furious.

    But now he’s been identified as the lone black offensive coordinator, so in the matter of weeks he’s gone from Matt Millen like incompetence to Bill Walsh offensive brilliance.

    The 2-14 was not all his fault and i do think he’s a decent coach, but let’s get real here, would his name be getting tossed around if not for the recent media guilt fest about no black coaches getting hired this year?

  20. “When Manning was lost to neck surgery in 2010, Caldwell wasn’t able to salvage the season.”

    Manning was out for 2011. He played in 2010.

  21. I’ve heard rumors that there may be a head coaching job opening soon in the SW corner of Pennsylvania.

    I have no idea if that rumor is true or not, but that might be one place Caldwll interviews.

    Stealer fans? You want to comment (and show us again your hatred of anything and everything not Stealer)?

  22. There is not one soul in any NFL city that would like to see this lifeless body on the sideline coaching their team. Just admit it people. U know it is true

  23. I wish people would quit falling into the whole “he didn’t have a competent backup in indy” argument. Two of his starters that year where starters for other teams. One of which was the cause of much of his frustration the year prior with the Titans. The guy was out coached in every game they played. The guy made Pat Shurmur look like Bill Walsh.

  24. Rex Ryan, Jack Del Rio, Marvin Lewis, Mike Nolan, Mike Smith, Mike Singletary, …

    Coaching for the Ravens is a proven formula for being a Head Coach. But of course no Ravens players are Elite, only the coaches that Florio wants to lure away from the Ravens. The only time credit is given to the Ravens team is to mention when the players deserve more money, or the coordinators deserve to be promoted to Head Coach for another team, or the player personnel need to be promoted to GM.

  25. It’s amazing how little people that read these articles actually know. 3-13, how can anyone take what you say seriously when you can’t even get your facts straight? Do yourselves a favor and pay attention.
    Caldwell didn’t do anything as head coach in Indianapolis besides looking lost and setting Peyton on auto pilot. The one time he actually did anything was call a horrible time out against the Jets in the playoffs and give them time to set up for a game winning FG.
    Just because he “turned” around the offense in Baltimore doesn’t mean he deserves a head coaching job. He belongs in the box calling plays to hand off to a top 5 rb and bombs to big physical receivers. See Rice, Ray and Boldin, Anquan.

  26. Caldwell was a horrible HC in college and worse in the NFL. If Tony had stayed, the colts beat the Saints in the Super Bowl.

  27. Ya he’s done an awesome job. Hey flacco heave it up as far as you can and lets hope our guy catches it. If that’s not open just check down to rice. Ha try that against the 49ers. Picked off all night! 49ers in a rout! Ratbirds 17 49ers 40 Final

  28. He, just like Dungy, benefited solely from having Manning as their OC. Any coach can look great when they have a top 5 quarterback in league history behind center.

  29. The rest of that Colts team he was apart of had way too many holes. The Colts made a living off of having Manning cover it up like they are with Luck of a subpar Oline and a pass rush defense that cant play the run. Jim got the ultimate FU when his QBs that were backups were not even good practice squad QBs.
    I think he deserves another chance it may hav to come from thr Jets next year or the Cowboys.

  30. @joesixpack

    The team that went 2-14 only returned 16 players from the 53 man team. That is a 37 player turnaround.

    How do you call that the same roster?

  31. And I want to be 21 again. Here’s the thing. It won’t happen for me. It shouldn’t happen for him. That is rising to the level of his incompetence. A good man, he may be a solid coordinator/QB coach. He should not be a head coach. He doesn’t even understand the concept of timeouts (you call them to benefit your team, not the other team).

  32. Hopefully Caldwell reunited with Peyton in Denver if Fox gets fired. Would really be hilarious if that actually happened…

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