Matt Kalil gets belated Pro Bowl trip


The game is two days away, but the players keep saying “aloha” while others are saying, well, “aloha.”

Vikings left tackle Matt Kalil has been added to the NFC Pro Bowl team.  He replaces Redskins left tackle Trent Williams, who has withdrawn due to an injury.

(What’s next?  Changing the game plan for run-heavy to 60 passes?)

Kalil is the first and only (for now) member of the team’s offensive line to get to Honolulu this year, even though they helped Adrian Peterson rush for 2,097 yards, the second most ever in NFL history.  Kalil and Peterson are part of a seven-man (for now) Minnesota contingent in Hawaii.

16 responses to “Matt Kalil gets belated Pro Bowl trip

  1. They ought to have a Pro Bowl awards ceremony, and watch highlights. Then the next couple days they should run a football camp for disadvantaged kids. It would mean a lot more than it does today.

  2. The pro bowls pretty much a popularity contest anyways, but the selecting of offensive lineman is the worst. The average fan has no idea how to gauge the performance of an OL. They just vote for a player on their team or some name they just happen to recognize. I’d say it’s much more of an honor being selected as a replacement than from fan voting.

  3. So how many players actually selected to the Pro Bowl are actually going? And how many are replacements? This is a meaningless joke especially when held before the Super Bowl.

  4. not true, 56. linemen have individual stats, like sacks given up, penalties against, etc. plus, blocking for a runningback who almost breaks the all time record means something. but like its been stated before, the fact that Sullivan isn’t going is a slap in the face. especially when writers from Pft and Bleacher report are calling him the best center in the NFL.

  5. Face it folks, the Pro Bowl is entertainment; mainly for the players who have played their hearts out all season. It is an opportunity for them to have some fun and for the fans to observe them having a good time. I watch it for the entertainment value and to see my favorite players enjoying themselves. If you are looking for more than that, then I would suggest watching a rerun episode of your favorite TV show.

  6. I think people are too hard on the Probowl. Look, the players don’t play hard and the game is kind of neutered. But people still watch it. Players still have fun with the festivities and what not. And I’m of the opinion that bad football is better than no football.

    Goodell should just accept that guys aren’t going full speed and not worry about it. This is an exhibition game. And regardless of how silly the game might be, there will still be a few players going hard.

    I’ll be tuning into the beginning of it just to see All Day bust open one last run for the season. You know he’ll be going full speed.

  7. zn0rseman says:
    Jan 25, 2013 9:01 PM
    “It’s a crime that Jeff Saturday made the Pro Bowl over John Sullivan.”
    Charles Johnson and Chris Clemons had great seasons … yet no.69 (who was shut down by Marshall Newhouse of all people) is in the pro bowl… no complaints or whining about that.

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