Payton’s in no hurry to hire a new defensive coordinator


With the 2013 hiring cycle nearing a conclusion, the Saints are just getting started in their search for a new defensive coordinator.

But coach Sean Payton isn’t concerned about that.  He says that the team will take its time in finding someone to run its new 3-4 defense.

“This one’s different because of the timing and because of the uniqueness of the situation. There’s not any one candidate in mind,” Payton tells Mike Triplett of the New Orleans Times-Picayune. “I know it appears to people that it’s late in the process.  But I don’t think it is.  We’ll be fairly patient, take our time in this decision.  Obviously, it’s going to involve philosophically a change, as well.

“We’re going to want to be deliberate, look at our league closely.  And I wouldn’t discount looking at the college game as well.”

Payton explained that the success of the 3-4 system has drawn him to it.

“For me and Mickey [Loomis] as well, some studies we’ve done and just seeing some of these teams weekly and the two teams playing in the Super Bowl, just having to attack it. It presents issues in running game, presents protection issues. I just know coaching on offense what it does to you . . . really from my own experience, when we played against a 3-4 teams a handful of teams.”

Still, Payton didn’t get to where he is without having a good plan.  And there’s no reason to expose that plan publicly now, especially with teams like the Eagles still searching for a coordinator.  Eventually, the Saints will make a hire — and it’ll likely be the guy they wanted all along.

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  1. The best defense the Saints ever had was the vaunted Dome Patrol. It was a 3-4 coached by Jim Mora, Sr. Of course they had Hall of Famer Ricky Jackson, Pat Swilling and Sam Mills at LB. Too bad we can’t pear those guys with the current offense

  2. My guess is that Payton is targeting either Romeo Crennell or one of the defensive coaches from the two SuperBowl teams (probably Ed Donatell from the Niners) which explains why he “isn’t in a hurry.”

    Although, he sure did seem to be in a hurry to fire Spagnuolo…

  3. randolph32 says:
    Jan 25, 2013 9:24 AM
    Just because the Saints have problems with the 3/4 doesn’t mean everyone does….


    Some people are really funny – will say anything even if it doesn’t make sense. Let’s try it this way… One of the best/most creative Offensive minds in football (Top 5 Offense for 6 years running and until this year the winningest coach over that time period) is saying that this defense is more difficut to deal with than others. Also, 6 of the top 10 Def’s in 2012, 8 of the 12 playoff teams, and both SB participants were 3-4s.

  4. I wonder if he tries to make a run at John Chavis from lsu. 6 lsu defensive players are entering the draft. Chavis on staff and few players from lsu would be a good step.

  5. xxwhodatxx says:
    Jan 25, 2013 10:20 AM
    Lovie Smith?


    Whodat – you do understand that Lovie is a Tampa 2 guy (4-3) and said he would only accept a HC job?

  6. In his welcome back press conference the other day, I heard Payton say that he had been in touch with Bill Parcells during his suspension. (The Saints had brought Parcells in to discuss being interim coach for the 2012 season.)

    I wonder what they talked about?

    Crennel and Mangini were under Parcells and are 3-4 coaches. Parcells would also know a handful of other 3-4 coaches who Payton would find to be a good fit.

    Bet the next DC comes from the BP tree.

  7. I may get blasted for this but i would absolutely like to see Mangini as our new DC.

    Thou the guy failed at being a HC he knows how to evaluate Def talent. And he lives in the film room.

  8. nolaisadump says:Jan 25, 2013 10:19 AM

    Does not matter who they hire. Atlanta owns the division.


    I think the thumbs down says it all dude. ATL currently has to be the least feared team when in the playoffs. 2 – #1 seeds during the Matty Melted Ice era and nothing to show for. And dude i know you are a homer, but you need to know that I truely believe the ATL locker know this too.

  9. haha owned the division….bhahaha. Yeah right…bout scared of Atlanta as a hrandna with glacoma carrying a gun….not so much. Lets just say you leased the Division and well the lease is up.

  10. The Saints are 11-3 against the dirty birds since payton and brees took over that says it all NFC South is OWNED by the Who Dat Nation…..the only reason the dirty birds won it this year is the Saints had 2 different interim coaches and the falcons STILL couldn’t sweep the Saints. The falcons should have an asterisk by there division title but oh well they should enjoy there little banner to hang up in Atlanta. Hope they enjoyed it, Payton’s back now its time to show who REALLY owns this division, WHO DAT

  11. You guys really need to leave the Atlanta fan alone, I hear after the Matt Ryan melt down, Authur Blank is considering bring in the Atlanta airport worker that threw eggs at the Saints team bus, he feels the employee can benefit the falcons QB prblems at a fraction of Ryan’s cost

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