Report: Trent Williams pulled from Pro Bowl after fight that resulted in stitches

It’s fitting that Vikings left tackle Matt Kalil is replacing Redskins left tackle Trent Williams in the Pro Bowl.  Williams, like former Vikings left tackle Bryant McKinnie, has been pulled from the Pro Bowl.

Technically, Williams is injured.  According to Grant Paulsen of 106.7 The Fan in D.C., the injury was sustained during a fight, and Williams required stitches.  The specific circumstances of the fight are not yet known.

We’ve asked the Redskins for more information, but the team is deferring comment to the NFL.

After the Redskins’ playoff loss to the Seahawks, Williams hit Seattle cornerback Richard Sherman in the face with an open hand.  Williams was fined $7,875.

Three years ago, McKinnie was booted from the Miami Pro Bowl after not showing up for practice the Friday before the game.  He forfeited his $22,500 game check, and he was required to reimburse the NFL nearly $4,300 in expenses.

UPDATE 9:09 p.m. ET:  Williams is viewed as the “victim” of the altercation.  He will attend the Pro Bowl but not play.

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  1. Just a few months ago, following his four game suspension for failing a drug test, he was quoted as saying something to the effect of “I am not THAT guy.” So I guess he’s not the “drug test failer” as much as he is the “hit somebody at an inappropriate time” kind of guy.

  2. Where are all the Redskins fans that claimed he was so innocent after he got into it with Sherman? Apparently he not only got into another fight, but got his ass kicked in the process. What a classy representative for such a classy team. I am really curious to find out who kicked his ass, so they can get the appropriate kudos.

  3. Funny when people said Sherman deserved to be slapped by Williams but yet again Trent is showing his true colors! At least Sherman isn’t going around hitting people!

  4. @pooflingingmonkey

    Way to just jump to a conclusion when you have no idea what happened. By the way, he didn’t punch Sherman, he pushed Sherman, just happened to be by the face. But if he’s the one getting stitches then wouldn’t that mean he’s the one that got punched? And why wasn’t the other guy sent home too? Takes two to tango so to speak.

  5. Would be an interesting story if the incident had anything to do with get back for when he smacked Sherman during that entertaining post game exchange. The audio of that incident was the best sound bite of the year!

  6. Oh….so you can’t play competitive football in an all-star game at least enough to make it watchable, but you can fight like it matters in practice?


  7. Trent Williams is a low life and I am glad Redskins made the mistake of picking him over Okung. I couldn’t believe it on draft and love it now as Okung plays at All Pro/Pro Bowl level without childish altercations or drug problems.

  8. That sucks for Trent. But he didnt get arrested, he got in a fight. The kid is competetive and its the offseason, no big deal. I mean he is no saint, but really no big deal.

  9. Unless the stitches are in his knuckles he probably lost the fight.

    Stick to picking them with guys half your size.

  10. The way I heard it, Sherman consented to Williams blasting him upside his face.

    The way I see it, when a classy player like Sherman invites you to blast him upside his face, you do it. Repeatedly. Until Sherman either revokes the invitation, or is unconscious.

  11. Damn how is Williams the “victim” here when reports only show he took the “only” hit yet he’s the one that has the stitches?? something doesn’t sound right

  12. larrybrown43 | Jan 25, 2013, 4:39 PM PST

    For non division teams, the Seahawks v Redskins rivalry will be must see TV for a decade.


    Agreed, especially after the Seahawks have bounced the Redskins from the playoffs the last three times the Redskins made it.

  13. Either local boys or the Marines who come down from Kaneohe were involved in the fracas. That’s typically the two groups involved in fights down there. It’s easy to get into a fight in Hawaii if you have an attitude. I was stationed at Pearl Harbor for 18 months and have been around the locals and the Marines and know what to do avoid any stupid situations that end in fights. On any given night at least one Marine would want to fight me because I was in the Navy. It became commical after awhile. As for the locals you learn pretty quickly what bars/areas to avoid unless you are with someone from the area that’s not a haole (how-lee) which means foreigner.

    Trent Williams probably was either in the wrong area, or pissed off a Marine.

  14. UPDATE 9:09 p.m. ET:  Williams is viewed as the “victim” of the altercation.  He will attend the Pro Bowl but not play.
    Florio you AMAZE me. Any chance to throw dirt at the Skins and you JUMP. In nearly ANY situation where someone is blasted to the side of their nugget with a Champagne bottle they would be viewed as the “Victim”. With the exception of Ben Roethlisberger or Ryan Leaf. Ben for in appropriate touching we’ll call it and Ryan for stealing meds.
    HTTR Bring Revis to DC

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