Seahawks replace Idzik with former Browns exec


Having lost a salary cap guy to the Jets, the Seahawks found another one Friday, naming former Browns executive Matt Thomas as their new vice president of football administration.

Thomas spent the previous three seasons with the Browns, after 12 years with the Dolphins.

“Matt is a well-respected salary cap expert and was recommended by many top-ranking NFL executives,” general manager John Schneider said in a statement released by the team. “I am excited to welcome him to our football family.”

Thomas replaces John Idzik, who was named Jets general manager.

9 responses to “Seahawks replace Idzik with former Browns exec

  1. Mr. Thomas isn’t a household name here in Cleveland. Mainly because the Browns never kept personnel around long enough to resign them and the previous administrations aversion to signing free agents. Regardless, cap issues haven’t been an issue with him steering that ship, the Seahawks are young and exciting and up-and-coming. Thomas will prove his worth in due time. Good luck sir.

  2. i heard a rumor about revis coming to seattle with the trade involving a first round pick and second round pick. what about matt flynn and bradon browner along with a second or first. I think it could be a reality if they truly want to get rid of revis.

  3. Am I the only one who read the headline and thought to myself, “Holmgren?” then read the article?

  4. Thomas may be a salary cap expert, but Idzik was a guru.

    Matter of fact, when he passes on the street, immigrants from the tiny nation of
    Zyxwvtsrqpnmlkjhgfdcb stop, point, and shout, “Guru Idzik! Guru Idzik!”.

  5. Hi have worked with Matt and cant tell you he is a bad person with everyone around him. he has a reputation of dirty guy. The only reason he got his position is because he has been protected by Wiedemeier in Miami and Cleveland. It is a shame that he comes to the Seahawks, a top notch organization. Now that Wiedemeier is no longer protecting him, lets see how good he is. Poor Seahawks, you didnt deserve this.

  6. Don’t want Revis, don’t need Revis. Let him stay his butt right here with me in NY. He’ll cost to much. What we really need to be worried about is that in 2 years, you have to start paying people. Sherman, Thomas, Wilson, etc. If the cap is not handled properly, we’ll have problems.

  7. We already were a top 3 defense all season even with Browner, Thurmond, Trufant all done for considerable number of games. Secondary is by far a strength for Seattle. We need to find another productive pass rusher because we weren’t getting home with 4 to close the season and when Clemons went down there was nothing. So much of our talent an a bunch of cap space which is a big credit to Idzik who just left to the Jets. But our guys rookie contracts are coming to a close and a few of those guys are All Pros and Pro Bowlers and that’s not even bringing up a guy like Allan Branch who is important in our run defense. Thanks to the Brown’s fan that gave us a heads up on a type of executive we were getting. Next year is going to be exciting. Go Hawks!

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