Suh: People should get to know me, I’d never kick a man in the groin


Lions defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh says that his reputation as a dirty player is based on people making assumptions about him without getting to know him.

Asked by the Houston Chronicle about his Thanksgiving kick to the groin on Texans quarterback Matt Schaub, Suh said people would have seen it for the accident it was if they didn’t have preconceived notions about him being dirty.

“People kind of had their minds made up already,” he said. “I would never want to kick someone in that area.”

Of course, the reason people had their minds made up is that a year earlier, Suh stomped on Green Bay’s Evan Dietrich-Smith — and no one thinks that was an accident. But Suh says that instant shouldn’t define him.

“I wish people took the time to get to know me,” Suh said.

Suh can come across like an intelligent, thoughtful man off the field. But opponents who have gotten to know him by playing against him on the field have voted him the NFL’s dirtiest player. Those guys would rather not know Suh.

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  1. Yeah, the young man definitely over-reacted when Evan Dietrich-Smith and others kept untying his shoes and kept holding him on plays. He should have been like the Lions of 10 years ago and just said “Please stop.”

  2. No offense, Mr. Suh, but the evidence is there for everyone to see…in fact multiple times in your short career you’ve illegally hit, kick, stomp, etc on opponents. The tape doesn’t lie, we’ve all seen it for our own eyes. No matter what you say nor how well I get to know you, I SAW you do those things. It was unabashedly clear what your intentions were at those times. Stop trying to defend what you’ve already done and don’t do it any longer. Then MAYBE some of us will start to believe you aren’t that guy you pretend not to be…

  3. He’s delusional, any PR pundit will tell you that when you make a mistake of that magnitude, you apologize and move on. Denying it, acting like it never happened is just an insult to the intelligence of anybody with functional eyesight.

    But then again, this is the Lion’s we are talking about. Accountability isn’t exactly their strong suit.

  4. Never is a long time NS. Think it’s already too late for that statement. Heard Suh was being traded to the Aints for a 4th round pick. Good deal for Motown.

  5. What suh did to schaub wasn’t intentional. When you’re lying on the back of your neck like he was, the natural reaction is to kick to get your body balanced out to a more comfortable position. Schaub’s groin just happened to be there.

  6. Suh is one of those guys that off the field is a class act (the first thing he did after signing his first NFL contract is was donate money to Nebraska for a new weight room center), but on the field he’s a complete jackwagon.

  7. Saying Suh is the dirtiest player in the league is like saying Tebow is the most controversial. Its all hype built up by this new opinion media, pft being one of the worst offenders. There are o-lineman who give 20 cheapshots every game but suh gets judged on 2-3 plays? He seems to be in denial of some kind of emotional disorder but there is no way he is the dirtiest player in the league.

  8. The worst decision that Suh made was not stomping the GB player, but denying that he stomped him after the game. No one will ever take what he says to be the truth ever again, especially when other questionable incidents keep happening.

  9. “Suh: People should get to know me, I’d never kick a man in the groin”

    Not so much….you have kicked and will kick again. Just a matter of time. Looks like players are going to have to better protect their other helmeted area when you are on the field.

  10. So maybe its uncharacteristic for him to kick people in the groin. I mean, no one does it all the time, right? But being uncharacteristically kicked in the mid-thigh region still hurts. Looks bad too, when viewed on national tv. Twice.

  11. Hilarious title, when you have to publicly announce you don’t go around kicking people in the nads, maybe you need to stop defending yourself and stop and look in the mirror.

  12. personally i don’t know much about this guy, except his first couple of games he was unblockable. it doesn’t seem so anymore.

    not living in detroit, the only time i see his name anywhere now is when he is doing something stupid either on or off the field. so unless he does something that isn’t stupid, what should i know……

  13. What about that traffic incident where he followed the guy to the practice facility and threatened him if he called the cops…or something along those lines…

  14. So sick of this egotistical bully.

    Will relish the day when he gets pancaked by an offensive lineman or even better, a RB picking up the blitz. Especially if its someone who’s a non-superstar, decent person like Pierre Thomas or Michael Bush. Even better, Darren Sproles!

  15. sportsmeccabi says:Jan 25, 2013 9:13 AM

    What suh did to schaub wasn’t intentional. When you’re lying on the back of your neck like he was, the natural reaction is to kick to get your body balanced out to a more comfortable position. Schaub’s groin just happened to be there.

    Umm, I think you need to go back and watch it in slow motion. Although I agree with your assessment about the need to kick your body out
    he CLEARLY snapped his leg to kick him after he was done rolling

  16. I’m a Titans fan and would love for the Titans to trade their first round pick for him. Then, we’d tell Suh to kick Shaub in the nuts on every play. Hell, we loved Haynesworth and stomped on a guy’s face once.

  17. Different times ….. I wonder how Butkis or Deacon Jones would be thought of today…? Would they be “dirty” players today….

  18. He’s actually a really nice guy, but that’s no fun for ESPN…maybe one day fans will come around to see that, but probably not because we are sheep who listen to anything the media tells us. Tom Brady is a great guy right? If Suh had kicked Ed Reed that his head would be burning on a stake right now. I just feel bad for him cause he’s constantly doing charity work yet people call him a scumbag because he’s an intense football player. If you guys want your DTs to gentley lay the QB on the ground tuck him in and read him a bed time story that’s fine, but I want my DTs to try and rip the QBs head off and that’s why Suh is my favorite player in the league behind Calvin

  19. IMHO he has done all this for one purpose, to get attention. My take. He is very very intellegent and has already made plans for after football life and I think he wants Sapp’s job. In order to get it he must be in the news, not just a player, but in the news and getting noticed just like Warren did.
    This everything he is doing is planned out in advance to get press and its working pretty good I’d say.

  20. “I wish people took the time to get to know me,” Suh said.

    All people know is that you’ll stomp on a players arm and say it was an accident and you’ll kick your leg out at a QB trying to make contact and say you werent trying to do it. Actions speak louder than words, Mr. Suh.

    Otherwise, you are a good player that could be great if you took the time to learn how to control yourself 100% of the time. You need to show respect before you recieve it. You are judged by what people see. Demonstrate excellence, and you are on your way to getting what you think you deserve.

  21. Scoregasmic….you got it wrong. It’s not how good a player he is on the field, it’s that he’s still in denial of what we all saw on film and heard him say about it afterwards. Advice to him is to move on, not keep bringing it back up. Yes, the guy is a dirty player, yes he’s also a very good DT and yes most fans will harp on him because of two reasons…1) he continues to give them reasons to do so by bringing up old crap and 2) he continues to do things on the field that are “beyond” the accepted standard of fair play…. You just have to wonder every game “is this the game that he has another melt down?” He certainly hasn’t shown any remorse for his unfair and unethical antics on the field and he hasn’t really shown any reason for us to believe it won’t continue…

  22. immafubared says:Jan 25, 2013 11:14 AM

    If I were him I would start worrying about his play or lack of. How he made the pro bowl is beyond me but he is not the star everyone thinks he is.

    And you base this opinion on …?

  23. Big surprise, Lions fans defend him and love everything he does. Everyone else hates him. Pretty typical of a dirty player (see Pierzinski, AJ).

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