Titus Young continues his Twitter drive to leave Lions

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Earlier this week, Lions wide receiver Titus Young took to Twitter to say that he would retire from football if he didn’t get the ball more often.

That missive was met with a response from coach Jim Schwartz that consisted of the relatively reasonable response that it was a bad idea to go on Twitter to complain about your touches after a season that saw you get essentially kicked off the team for detrimental conduct. Schwartz said that there was “obviously still some ground to cover” in regard to getting Young on the same page with the team.

Young doesn’t seem to have taken all that kindly to Schwartz’s response. He was back on Twitter Friday morning with another message for the team.

“Oh I’m not done, if y’all going to cut me let me go. I’m tired of the threats,” Young tweeted. “Never needed the money Give me a dollar and a ball bet I come back #HallofFame”

It feels like we’re just waiting for the start of the league year for Young’s eventual permanent departure from the Lions to become a reality. We probably won’t be waiting too long past the start of the league year.

129 responses to “Titus Young continues his Twitter drive to leave Lions

  1. Why would anyone want this self-centered idiot on their team?

    Here’s to hoping he does retire so we don’t have to hear about this nonsense anymore.

  2. Does this man have an agent, or anyone else to tell him he needs to shut his pie hole?

  3. I hope they keep him and never use him. Or just make him run streaks every play. Selfish SOB.

  4. Just goes to show you how most of these so called College graduates are dumb as a box of rocks. This guy is completely and utterly stupid. Cut him now and be done with it.

    Why is this even news?

  5. Titus,

    You are clearly on the path to the Hall of Fame, just keep doing what you do.

    Oh, just one quick thing though. When no one throws you the ball, and then you get cut and no one wants you it’s called “out of football” not ” “retired”.

    Then you can literally play for a dollar in the Arena league or Canada

  6. Just give this idiot the Keyshawn Johnson treatment already. Don’t even cut him….sit his stupid butt on the bench and make people completely forget about him. See if that smartens him up a bit.

  7. tell me im not the only one who laughed at the #halloffame tag. Titus youre a clown, have fun at mcdonalds

  8. They should trade him to Cleveland for a grilled cheese sandwich. That’d fix him real good.

    I’d say trade him to Buffalo, but I’m a Bills fan.

  9. Personally as a lions fan, i hope they dont cut him. Thats giving him what he wants. Make him come to camp, and deactivate him on game days. He doesnt deserve to play with his attitude.

  10. I think it’s clear Young’s drive is actually to leave professional football altogether.

  11. Since he doesn’t need the money and all he wants is the ball, why not go to the AFL or CFL where he’d be the star? ……what a jerk

  12. I had hope this past season issues would wake Young up. Looks like he’s still the same conceited punk he always was. Give up, he won’t change. Cut him and hope no one takes a chance on him. NFL has enough issues without adding more head cases like Young. Grow up, kid. You’re blowing a one in a lifetime chance.

  13. What a clown this dude is….you were never that good bro and for you to use #HallofFame is just laughable….I don’t know that you could even get in the HOF as a visitor. You should be using #BUST.

  14. Lions are gonna string this goof out until the very last second. I would do the same. I do not see how this goof will get another chance in the nfl. It’s bad enough to have an attitude like his. Its bad enough that he runs his mouth on twitter. BUT I dunno that ANY team will overlook that fact that this idiot actually sabotaged plays by lining up in the wrong position and running the wrong routes thinking he is going to get the ball. That certain trust factor that is needed just won’t ever be there with this goof.

  15. As a Lions fan I’m over it, it sucks to have burned a 2nd round pick on this kid, but live and learn. Hopefully Meyhue learns from it.

    I’m really interested in how this kid was treated growing up, his parents must have held his hand and given him whatever he wanted whenever he wanted. He’s got some deep rooted entitlement problems.

  16. “Never needed the money Give me a dollar and a ball bet I come back”

    I’ll take that bet. I could use the money.

  17. This dude has serious psychological issues. If any coach brings him into their locker room then they are complete morons. This guy is a straight cancer and should not be rewarded with an nfl contract. Playing in the nfl is an amazing privilege, not a right! If you can’t act professional then beat it.

  18. Why not just go with #FirstBallotG.O.A.T.?

    How many times can you kick someone in the groin who wants to pay you hundreds of thousands of dollars to play a game you are pretty good at? SMH

  19. Undersized Drama-queen – his best bet was when Nate Burleson went out, and he even messed that one up.

    Cut him and let him eat some humble pie…

  20. The other side of this scenario is that the Lions—a team desperately trying to turn their moribund history around, and whose long suffering fans deserve better—burned a Second Round pick on this guy when both Randall Cobb and Torrey Smith were still on the board. How does the GM and Scouting team keep their jobs?

  21. I never thought i would say this about a grown man but this guy needs a good ol’ wooping from his dad, he is acting like a spoiled 10 year old. Don’t cut this guy, stick him on the practice squad so, he can’t go no where and teach him some respect. Mania….

  22. The back of his jersey reads, “Young, Sr.” I have no doubt that his child will learn to be an upstanding member of society.

  23. He’s got someone chirping in his ear. Be it a “friend” or a family member. “Titus, you’re the best player on your team! They just need to get you the ball more!”

    The Lions should make an example of him. It will be fun to see how his tone changes when he’s cut and the other 31 NFL teams ignore him.

  24. With a top 3 receiver on the other side of you in Calvin Johnson you shouldn’t be surprised you are not getting the ball as much. Earn your stripes kid and do what you’re paid for.

  25. As much as the average Joes that post here want it to be true, he will not get ostracized from the league. If he’s good (and he is) then some team will be stupid enough to take a shot with this future cancer.

  26. The only way this dolt will see the Hall is with a ticket. BTW – it costs more than a dollar.

  27. Do not cut him. There is always some other team willing to give selfish clowns another chance. Keep him and suspend him without pay for conduct detrimental. No money and no playing until his contract expires. If he needs cash, he could find another type of employment.

  28. Not only is this the best way to get cut, but it’s also the best way to never get a job in football ever again.

  29. Wow. Do the Lions do any mental screenings prior to draft day? If so…someone needs to be fired. If not…someone still needs to be fired.

  30. Seriously, why are the Lions waiting?? CUT HIM!! Nobody is going to trade for a guy that sabotaged a team and acts like this. Get him out of the league asap!

  31. ummmmmm…..for those of you wondering why he is still a LION…it’s a technicality… the Lions cannot cut him until AFTER the super bowl.

  32. Just another example of an individual who would be in prison or homeless but for the ability to run fast and jump high. The most disturbing part is, people actually idolize low lifes like this.

  33. How this malcontent hasn’t been cut just displays the lack of control over personel or desperation on behalf of the Lions.

  34. Why is it WR get these attitudes? I bet we could list 20 WRs that have had this same prima donna opinion of themselves.

    Everyone mentions Keyshawn.
    Carl Pickens

    Who else?

  35. The guys who haven’t really done a thing talking smack…makes my day. If he doesn’t need the money, I’ll take it.

  36. “Adversity introduces a man to himself”

    Titus? Are you man? Did you sign a contract and take money to play for the Lions. Then BE A MAN and do you job… and whatever else the coaches tell you to do.

    Contracts mean nothing in the NFL and there are very few ACTUAL Men playing the game.

    Feel sorry for TYjr.

  37. I hope they cut him there is no place on the team for a guy like him, he had a perfect opportunity to succeed next to the best receiver in the NFL in the most pass happy system in the league and he blew it, he will get his touches…in the CFL

  38. Ok “Titus”. Too bad without football and your weekly $100K+ game paychecks you’d be like half the other non skilled, uneducated know-nothing clowns in the NFL that would be flipping burgers at Mickey Ds who are you kidding ya punk

  39. The owners should get together at their offseason meetings and just blacklist this guy. Of course that will never happen because there is always one team that disagrees and the rest are afraid of the NFLPA coming after them.

  40. If he practices these six words 50 times a day he may have a job next year.

    “Would You Like Fries With That?”

  41. I realize all of you, yes it appears 100% of you, are experts in football and human nature.

    I also realize that everyone of you have broken down the NFL film to understand exactly what is going on with Young.

    Is he emotionally immature? Yes he is.

    Has he spent two years running 40 routes a game, where he has been wide open 80% of the time? Yes he has.

    Has he been asked to stand out there wide open and watch Stafford never check off his first read and throw the ball to Calvin in triple coverage? Yes he has.

    After two years of running over a thousand routes where you are wide open, and the quarterback never looks your way, can it become frustrating? Yes, but I realize he is being paid to do it and you people are right, he should just do it and collect his check. But, he is emotionally immature, and is not the type of player who can effectively deal with this.

    Just as you are right, the belief that Titus is a victim of being drafted by the wrong team, with the wrong offensive coordinator, is also a very good point.

    Purchase the All 22 game film package from the channel and you might become more balanced in your take on Mr. Young Senior

  42. I don’t know about everybody else, but I’m enjoying the heck out of this guy. Completely oblivious.

  43. azarkhan says:
    Jan 25, 2013 9:41 AM
    He obviously grew up idolizing Terrell Owens.


    What’s crazy is that’s not fair to TO. TO was a locker room cancer and a malcontent, but he never actively sabotaged this team on the field.

  44. They’ll keep this guy on roster for as long as they can stand him… then cut him before the season so he can’t catch on to another team’s playbook.

    The guy basically said he knows what the play is… it’s not going to him… so he runs to where the QB’s 1st read is ’cause that’s where the ball’s going.

  45. Mike singletary would like to speak to you in his office, wait maybe he will come to your side of the field next year and make you sit on the bench, then maybe he forgive you! Or maybe he would just take your helmet and send you to the showers. Dont be silli sir

  46. #Halloffame, huh? More like #employeeofthemonth!

    Bye Titus. Don’t let the NFL door hit you on the way out!

  47. As a Lions fan, I can’t stand looking at his face anymore let alone reading what trash he posts to twitter.

    Please do cut him. Make him someone elses “head case”. More likely a Canadian Football Team hopefully.

  48. Titus Young’s new book.

    How to get Fired in a 140 characters or less, for Dummies.

    Young was supposed to be a poor man’s Percy Harvin, but I guess he stepped up his game to see who gets run out of town first.

    Percy Harvin tweets, “Well played, Titus, well played sir…”

  49. No Titus, please don’t go!! Lol! For real I forgot you were ever in the league. Just keep stealing a pay check and keep your mouth shut.

  50. “I think it’s clear Young’s drive is actually to leave professional football altogether.”

    I think you’re right- and it’s monetarily advantageous for him to be cut. I’ve employed this same tactic before in my own career in order to get laid off so I didn’t have to quit.

  51. What will the league do without the 5th leading receiver on a 4 win team?! Hope they can bounce back. This has CBA lock out repercussions written all over it!

  52. Not only do I hope they don’t cut him, but I hope they figure out a way to sue him. He is obviously purposely trying to sabotage the Lions both on and off the field. His behavior is aimed at getting out of his contract. I’m no lawyer so I don’t know the possibilities, but I would think that they could somehow hold him responsible legally for his actions.

  53. The way he has handled this situation is completely immature but the fact that he pulled that stunt during the season and was not cut and then is still pulling it and has not been kidna shows the Lions may know he is a little right. Yes they have Megatron and he will always be #1 but maybe this guy is pretty good and they know it.

  54. Kid is very talented.I sorta understand,he plays for a team that has a superstar WR in Calvin.Nate is there also.I like the fact he has the Gall to stand up and say there are other WRs on the team other than Calvin.He needs a team that doesnt have as much depth on it.He has the confidence that he can be a #1 on a team.Yes he has attitude issues.So did Moss and T.O..They will one day be in the HOF.Not for 1 minute am i saying he is right for using twitter to vent his frustrations.But I still believe this is a talented WR,and with the right coach like Andy Reid(he did wonders with DeSean Jackson),or someone on that level,this kid will shine.He wants the ball like every receiver.I believe this kid has the talent to be a top notch receiver in the NFL given the right opprotunity.OUTSIDE of all that he is a BONEHEAD.and needs to grow-up before that window of opportunity closes and in this league that could be really fast.

  55. Don’t cut him, let ndamakong suh use him as a tackling dummy!!! #halloffame? How bout #halloflame.

  56. I used to think that people who posted on this sight were insensitive because they harbored racist views. I now knew that ninety percent of this post has absolutely nothing to do with race but a general misconception about people’s actions. Each of us understands that it is the height of stupidity to tell a employer that you’re going to quit if you’re not used differently on your job. The assumption that is made is that everyone should know that. The problem is that many of these young men haven’t been provided the basic skills to cope in everyday situations. Kids like Titus Young probably would end up as part of the criminal justice system if they didn’t play sports. The problem is that although this Kid has made money his basic view of the world has not changed. He’s still distrusting of authority and doesn’t respond well to correction. None of this makes him a bad person. That being said I really worried about him. If someone doesn’t reach him he’s going to end up in prison or worse. This is an inner-city kid that hasn’t been provided the tools necessary to deal with the basic issues of life. I hope someone reaches him before it’s too late

  57. Just give me the damn ball. Where have we heard that before? Oh yeah, another diva and selfish receiver. What happened to him? MeShawn Johnson got the Marcus Allen treatment when the team sat his butt on the bench. Here’s hoping the Lions do the same to this modern day Keyshawn Johnson.

  58. Clearly, Titus Young is not just a whiny punk diva but signs suggest that he may be mentally ill, as well. These bizarre outbursts and antisocial actions are often associated with cognitive or emotional disorders. The initial inclination would be to cut him during the off season but that would simply be a reward for bad behavior. A better strategy might be to counsel him privately, make strict, non-negotiable demands and then suspend him without pay for conduct detrimental to the team when he acts out. Given the mentality of this organization, it is no surprise that they find themselves in another position of distraction. Years and years of poor personnel decisions continue to haunt them and the team shows no inclination to make meaningful changes. Without a commitment to excellence from the top on down, the team will continue to wallow in the foul swamps that they created for themselves.

  59. sikologik says:Jan 25, 2013 12:05 PM

    “I think it’s clear Young’s drive is actually to leave professional football altogether.”

    I think you’re right- and it’s monetarily advantageous for him to be cut. I’ve employed this same tactic before in my own career in order to get laid off so I didn’t have to quit.

    So you, like Titus Young, lack integrity. I see.

  60. Its unfair for Schwartz to single him out. Titus Young is just doing the same thing that many other Lions players have done.

  61. So Tightarse, what’s up with #HallofFame? You lettin everyone know that will be your new address when your livin out of your car in the HOF parking lot, soon after the Lions cut you? Oh wait it’s the lions, their roster is full of dude just like you. Grow up, you haven’t done anything in the league yet.

  62. I am sure he can use his college degree from Boise State to find another job that will pay him millions of dollars.

  63. Just a reminder that the Lions took Titus Young 20 picks ahead of the Packers taking Randall Cobb.

    Ah, I remember the days when Lions fans talked about Mayhew as if he was the next Ted Thompson….it’s easy to remember, because it was still going on up until the Lions implosion this year.

  64. In street terms, Titus Young suffers from what is known as “Little Man Syndrome.”

    He is obviously working fron the Eagles D. Jackson playbook (ironically, another little man).

    Jackson has faded and so will Young.

  65. Does anyone remember those Snickers commercials in the late 90’s with “Leon”??

    Here’s the gist of one. A reporter asks Leon how he feels about his teams blowout loss. Leon responds with something like “Leon can’t do everything, baby. Other guys got to step up.” The reporter asks, “So your five fumbles had nothing to do with it?” To which Leon replies, “Not if one of the other guys had jumped on the ball.” The reporter turns to the camera and says hesitantly, “There’s no I in team.” Over his shoulder, Leon retorts “Yeah, we’ll, there ain’t no we neither.”

    Titus Young is the embodiment of Leon. It’s sad, yet mildly entertaining.

  66. It’s going to be hard to “ball” when no one wants you on their team because you are a character risk to blow up and have a diva meltdown.

  67. “skoobyfl says:
    Come to the Bills, we need some tude.”

    NO WAY!

    There is a very big difference between a guy with a bad attitude and players who play with attitude.

    The Bills can use a few players who play with attitude but they need those players at LB and SS.

  68. There is a problem with a few things you guys have said so far
    Suspending a player without pay isnt possible by teams alobe i believe.
    Two, he will get cut and so should the Lions OC as they overused Calvin and didnt run the ball as much to help setup the pass.
    Three its weird but he has a point about getting him the ball, Stafford doesnt go through his reads often and when your the 3td or 4th option to Calvin it sucks cuz the guys alway gnna be big enough to throw it up to. But his way of acting out is stupid bery few teams would look at him now, mayb the Colts if they took chances Texans or Dolphins.

  69. Give him the dollar, a ball, and a mop. So that he can mop the floors at the Hall of Fame. That or buying a ticket is the only way Sr. gets in.

  70. Wait wait wait… let’s remember that it wasn’t even two months ago when Lions rubes were trying to tell everyone that this guys was light years better than Randall Cobb.

    So… yeah.

  71. I’m a longtime Lions fan, so I already know how this story unfolds. We cut him. THEN he finally changes his attitude and figures it out. He gets a second chance with a different team, where he finally reaches his potential. He makes it to several Pro Bowls. The Lions continue to struggle, no matter what. I go insane…

  72. Schwartz plan…..Keep him on the roster. Bring him to camp. Let him do something stupid. Watch Riaola and Backus beat the $hit out of him for it.

    Trade him with two black eyes and a busted lip for a 2015 7th round pick.

  73. What a jerkoff this kid is! Usually I feel bad for ex-players that lost all their money and end up living in squalor, but I really won’t care if it happens to him when all the other NFL teams pass on his “greatness”.

  74. This guy is redefining the phrase “selfish player

    How did the Lions scouting department not see this coming before they drafted him???

  75. I wouldn’t cut him quite yet. He won’t count against the 53-man roster while he’s at home on suspension for cause. Enjoy that dollar, chump!

  76. Titus Young, Lomas Brown now stands a better chance of future success in the NFL than do you.

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