Trent Williams viewed as “victim,” will attend Pro Bowl but not play


While the details remain unclear, multiple sources with knowledge of the situation tell PFT that Redskins tackle Trent Williams was merely the victim in the incident that resulted in an injury that required stitches.

As one source explained it, Williams was doing nothing wrong and was not at fault.  A statement is expected to be released eventually by local authorities.  Another source said that others have been arrested.

Williams, we’re told, will attend the Pro Bowl and be treated as a full member of the NFC team.  He will be on the sidelines with his teammates, but due to the injury he will not play.

27 responses to “Trent Williams viewed as “victim,” will attend Pro Bowl but not play

  1. Officials will now attempt to sort out which “it was the other guy” story to believe.

    Probably, once the details slowly eke their way out, we’re all going to be in stitches from this fight.

  2. Mmm hmm. Thank god nobody jumped to conclusions.
    I wonder where all the tools are that bashed him in the last article?

  3. Just in case you’ve already moved on from the previous article…those of you who rushed to judgment might want to apologize to Trent. The good news in all of this is he doesn’t have to risk injury playing in a meaningless game of make-believe football.

  4. Who hit him??? My guess would be Suh or a Seattle player.. In dreamland it’s Eli Manning kicking the crap out of him.. because.. how funny would that be?

  5. “will attend Pro Bowl but not play”

    How is that different than everyone else who goes to the Pro Bowl?

  6. Where are all the geniuses from the other thread who had everything to say about Trent?

    Might want to hear the facts before you mouth off next time.

  7. Same dude that punched R. Sherman in the head after the foreskins were slapped around by the seahawks. A punch that made Sherman laugh:) By the way I am not a seahawks fan. Another example of good player with poor sportsmanship…….typical deadskin.

  8. hailvictory10 says:
    Jan 25, 2013 9:08 PM
    Trent Williams is a GREAT LT, not good, GREAT. He is a baller.


  9. How are the Skins overrated? They won a tough division over the Giants and Cowboys! Why can’t you just congratulate them on a good season? No one said they were SB contenders….yet. It’s amazing how some folks thinks that a team has no right to get better. Just dumb.

  10. TW71 was fifth in amongst all tackles in combined QB hits/sacks allowed according to PFF. He deserves to be there, as that stat doesn’t even address his badass run blocking.

    Happy to see he’s *in the process* of maturing, as that is the only thing holding him back. Note the asterisks, he still has work to do, but I believe he’s finally headed in the right direction.

  11. dezbryant says:
    Jan 25, 2013 10:14 PM
    Richard Sherman got him back for the sucker punch that Trent through at him !

    Huh? Richard Sherman isn’t even in Hawaii…

  12. I have actually been to the pro bowl. The regular guys HATE the pro bowlers because they take the women and they mention that to the players but feel free to randomly hate

  13. hater79 says: Jan 25, 2013 9:10 PM

    Reading this website I cant help but think the Redskins are the most hated team in the NFL.

    When the hell did that happen?
    Because from last april (the draft) up through january some guy pretending to be a redskins fan sat on this site 24/7 posting inflammatory nonsense on every single article designed to guarantee that everyone on this site would have nothing but hate and ill feelings towards the redskins.

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