Vernon Davis knows he would have handled lack of involvement differently in the past

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During a late-season dry spell that came after the 49ers changed from Alex Smith to Colin Kaepernick at quarterback, tight end Vernon Davis saw his production evaporate.

While he mentioned to the media that Kaepernick and Davis need to develop chemistry and that it has been a difficult season due to his lack of involvement in the offense, Davis never complained.  Not the way he would have a few years ago.

“As the team was winning and having success, I’d probably have been the one complaining,” Davis told Michael Silver of Yahoo! Sports.  “I would have probably been in the media, making a scene, going to the coach and just being a cancer to the team.”

Those days ended, apparently with former coach Mike Singletary’s decision to send Davis to the showers, followed by that epic “can’t win with ’em” rant.

This time around, patience has paid off.  Davis had five catches for 106 yards and a touchdown in the NFC title game victory over the Falcons.  But catching passes no longer is his biggest motivation.

“I didn’t go into that game thinking I was gonna have a big day,” Davis said.  “A big day for me is blocking.  Throughout the season, I had a chance to relate to that — the blocking game and pass protection.  It took time, but over the course of the season it kind of grew on me.  I was like, ‘We’re winning, and I am a big piece of this.'”

He’s definitely a big piece of it.  And if the 49ers beat the Ravens, he’ll be a big reason for the team’s first championship in a generation.

Even if all Davis does is block.