Antonio Cromartie thinks Mark Sanchez just needs more help

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The common opinion about Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez is that his contract is the only thing keeping him in the mix at quarterback for the Jets.

Cornerback Antonio Cromartie does not subscribe to that opinion. Cromartie believes that Sanchez can be a successful quarterback in the NFL as long as new General Manager John Idzik puts a stronger supporting cast around him.

“If he has good, veteran players around him — ones that know how to practice and compete at a high level every day — then you’ll have a better quarterback,” Cromartie said, via Andy Fenelon of “But when you don’t have a supporting cast around him, you’re going to get an average or below-average quarterback. That’s what we got.”

It sometimes gets lost in the circus atmosphere that surrounds so much of what the Jets do, but the overall talent level of the team is abysmal. When the talent around Sanchez was better in 2009 and 2010, the Jets were able to advance to the AFC Championship Game, so there’s something to be said for Cromartie’s argument.

There’s also something to be said for finding a quarterback who doesn’t need a perfect supporting cast around him to be successful, especially in a year like 2013 when the Jets are going to have to work hard to get under the cap before they can even think about upgrading the talent around Sanchez.

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  1. You know what would really help him?

    A head coach who takes a young QB with confidence issues and boldly guarantees a Super Bowl victory to all of the greater New York metropolitan area sports fans.


    That would help.

  2. I’ll call BS on this. Three things contributed to the Jets demise last year: 3) injuries, 2) poor coaching, 1) Mark Sanchez. The WR crew of Holmes, Edwards, Kerley, Hill, and Keller – when healthy – is solid if not spectacular.

    The issue was an OC who could not conceptualize and install extra protection when defenses brought the house. Add in a QB who gets rid of the ball like it has mold on it and you’re done.

  3. Insert whatever Jets jokes you want, but I’ve said it all season. This is the most UNtalented team in the NFL. It was crystal clear when Revis and Santonio went out. They have NO ONE that other teams need to fear at any position

  4. This is a case of New York being New York. Sanchez was never as great as they made him out to be when he led the Jets to AFC championship games, and now he is not as bad as they are making him out to be when the team is struggling.

    I expect the fans and media to be wishy washy on the evaluation of Sanchez as a player, but the fact that the organization itself buys into the hype is kind of embarrassing and amateurish.

  5. There’s no point in arguing for Sanchez’s play of late, he obviously hasn’t been good. But it’s worth noting that the quality of the team around him has gotten a LOT worse since he arrived.

    Most importantly, he’s throwing to a receiving corps that’s bottom-five in the league. Holmes left early with an injury, and there’s a reason the Steelers were glad to let him go. Edwards arrived late with an injury, and the chemistry he had in the past with Sanchez will take time to redevelop. Hill has alligator arms. Keller is a terrible blocker and not a good enough receiver to make up for it. And the running game is atrocious, making it easy for defenses to key on Sanchez.

    Give Sanchez a better supporting cast, and he’ll be a better QB. There aren’t many NFL QBs who could’ve thrived in those conditions. Sparano is a terrible coordinator, and the talent around Sanchez is unquestionably amongst the league’s worst.

  6. @jr507

    Didn’t work out like that. Holmes was out most of the season, Edwards played 2 games and Hill was better at dropping passes than catching them. Even Keller was absent most of the season. The depth chart was usually Kerley, Chaz Shiliens, Clyde Gates and Jeff Cumberland catching passes from Sanchez. Not quite the Greatest Show on Turf.

  7. My what a juicy article the instigators put here. Perfect for the Jets haters whose teams are also done for the season.

  8. kingpel says:Jan 26, 2013 9:18 AM

    I expect the fans and media to be wishy washy on the evaluation of Sanchez as a player, but the fact that the organization itself buys into the hype is kind of embarrassing and amateurish.

    Sir, if you read Jets blogs BY Jets fans, you’d see how incorrect your sincere, but incorrect evaluation might be. More Jets fans are upset with the organization, Rex, its personnel decisions, etc. percentage-wise than the clowns who just enjoy critiquing for their own pleasure.
    Jets fans could have rooted for the Giants and experienced celebrating four Lombardi trophies, so if anything they have been loyal, yet pissed off.

  9. I really have no confidence in Sanchez and probably never will. While its true talent around him has been bad, he has also been just as bad if not worse sometimes.

    Next year should be Sanchez’s last year in NY. Unless of course he really turns it around, which I really dont see happening.

    With their money issues, I dont see them getting much help next year. So looks to me like next year is going to be similar to this year or worse and the Jets will can Ryan and Sanchez at the end of next season

  10. Antonio Cromartie is right. Sanchez needs much better players around him, He was good quarterback in 2009 and 2010.

    I heard Tum Birdy needs mental help. He is a sore loser. He kicks a defensive player like little baby. baltimore’s defensive coach found away to stop NE offensive.

  11. Jets first mistake was relying on a college QB to play at the same level as he did in college, with the joke of a coaching staff they had, they tried though, they brought weapons in and just flogged it up!
    restructure your coaching and get the bad apples out, i for one thought 2 years ago, they would be dangerous, buuuut now, i see the mistakes they made! You know cause im such a genious

  12. The reporter who wrote the original story left out this nugget from Cromartie “I talked to Sanchez before the season ended. He’s my bro and I love him. I just told him pulling out is overrated and to stay in the hole as long as possible”

  13. He might be right. We may never know. Alex Smith got resurrected with some help. At minimum any quarterback will need an offensive line in order to look good.

  14. We win SBs, people. Why don’t you try it for once? No team can match our SB era greatness. I’m sure you are jealous, but that’s just something you have to live with.

  15. Mark Sanchez will do just fine at QB. He needs an OC that knows what the heck he is doing and a HC that is more focused on offense and not exclusively focused on defense and soundbites. Sure, the Jets need better receivers and tight ends, as well as a running game.

    Look at how many people wrote off Alex Smith. All he needed was the right OC to work with. Yeah, he is a backup now, but if the 49ers starter goes down, I would be more than comfortable with him coming in as the starter.

  16. I didn’t even know Cromartie was in a coma all of last season. He evidently didn’t see a single game.

  17. The problem is, I am not sure how many free agents would join this circus if they have a choice.

  18. Sanchez needs a new start. Here is K C we have a quarterback that also needs a new start. Cassel for Sanchez, K C also will throw in Quinn.

  19. The entire Jets roster is mediocre and while it’s true you can surround a mediocre player at any position with first rate talent and that player will perform at a higher level – You are still dealing with mediocre talent. Sanchez could probably fill in just fine for a couple of games for Brady or Manning it doesn’t make him a good quarterback. Ten other players would find a way to compensate and they’d muddle through just fine, but the minute, even a minor crisis arrived you’d be right back in the soup.

  20. Translation…’If we had an offensive line, a running game, good receivers, coaches.who knew what they were doing and a good defense, we could run the table even with Dirty Sanchez.’

  21. Arent QBs supposed to be part of the answert though? Make their teammates better? According to Cromartie, Sanchez is a wonderful QB as long as he has pro bowlers on both sides of the ball to keep his ints into triple coverage from killing the team. I agree. Sanchez is a wonderful QB…in the pro bowl where nothing counts.

  22. “chiefwood says: Jan 26, 2013 10:25 AM

    Sanchez needs a new start. Here is K C we have a quarterback that also needs a new start. Cassel for Sanchez, K C also will throw in Quinn.”

    Are you out of your damned mind?

    Trading one worthless QB for another is not progress!


  23. Screw the Jets! Who cares about Revis, Sanchez, coaches, owners, who fricking cares! There are a sucky team yet they get all the media attention. Something ain’t right here…

  24. Do you think Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, or Joe Flacco could have made the playoffs with Kerley, Shiliens, Gates and Cumberland? And.. an offensive line that underperformed?

  25. All you have to do is look at his numbers. They stink and that spell bust, given his draft position.

    The jets have been dumb with contracts and very poor management. We all need to remember that this franchise hasn’t sniffed a Super Bowl in 45 years.

  26. Sanchez really isnt that bad, give him a running game and somebody to catch the ball consistently and might do alright. He has some pro talent he just makes terrible decisions and has no football instincts. He looks to Rex Ryan way toooo much. I say give him one last chance to prove hes not a career backup. Meanwhile…Tim Tebow waits patiently knowing he will get his shot,eventually. Jets hired a QB coach that has experience with the wildcat for a reason.

  27. Just because the Jets won in 2009-2010, doesn’t change the fact that Sanchez was still one of the worst rated QB’s in the league during the year. Secondly, what has become clear is that when he does not have three top receivers (Holmes, Braylon, Edwards and Keller) and one of the league’s best running games, he not only plays poorly, he completely loses his head under the pressure. If there is any chance in the world for Sanchez to become even a half decent QB, it can only be in a perfect situation, and in a quiet town w/o NYC headlines. Here he is mentally destroyed, and fixing him is like trying to make Ed Whitson be a good pitcher in Yankee Stadium.

  28. N.Y. didn’t help his development. The only help he’s gonna need is packing his bag’s to get out of N.Y.

  29. Sanchez had 31 td’s in 2011 (26 passing, 5 rushing) and while he has never been elite he has always been on the winning side of games.. I remember when he had like 5 4th quarter comebacks in 2010 alone. This year 2011’s number #4 Jeremy Kerley was the Jets #1 and the other members of the receiving core were #2 chaz schilens #3 clyde gates and tight end Jeff Cumberland.. can any QB succeed with that kind of pathetic talent? Maybe a handful but Sanchez was never considered a top 3 or 5 qb.. I do think, however, he could be a top 12 QB with the right cast and this newly adopted west coast system.. he’s got great footwork, a strong arm and good athleticism. His decision making has always been questionable but in this system you have one or two likely receivers to be open picked out before the play starts. Resign Braylon, Dustin Keller get santonio and Stephen Hill healthy and bring in another GOOD, cheap (stokley, gaffney, etc.) wr for depth and you have a quality offensive unit in place

  30. If he is working out and learning with Jeff Garcia, it will only help him. Garcia really know his stuff and the mental part is where he shines.
    He could coach if he wanted to in the pro’s.
    I heard he is a taskmaster, but he also was ready to drag Butch Davis behind the wood shed and kick his tail when he called him “skiddish” when the Browns had NO O -Line.
    Want proof?
    What has T.O. done without Garcia?

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