Ayanbadejo plans to use Super Bowl to promote same-sex marriage

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The Super Bowl brings intense media attention for the players and coaches.  One of the players plans to take advantage of that attention to promote a concept about which he feels strongly.

Linebacker Brendon Ayanbadejo, according to the New York Times, plans to use the intense media coverage to promote his support for same-sex marriage.

“It’s one of those times when you’re really passionate and in your zone,” Ayanbadejo said.  “And I got to thinking about all kinds of things, and I thought:  ‘How can we get our message out there?'”

Ayanbadejo’s agenda could dust off a disagreement with the message from center Matt Birk, who opposes same-sex marriage.  Ayanbadejo has said that their differing views will have no impact on their relationship as teammates.

His theory could be tested on Tuesday, when both players could be grilled about their respective positions for an hour, simultaneously, at the Superdome.

66 responses to “Ayanbadejo plans to use Super Bowl to promote same-sex marriage

  1. How would a player be received if they promoted say a conservative cause..I know they would be vilified..I love the hypocrisy

  2. i wonder what Matt Birk thinks about this??

    C’mon it’s super bowl week. I understand people are passionate about this but keep the politics out of sports :/

  3. Explain to me again why I should care about the political views of pro football players?

  4. bad move, football is an escape from all the political nonsense and controversial/sensitive subjects like this…it’s about football and fun, can we just leave it like that.

  5. The last thing on his mind before the super bowl should be gay marriage. Most people are indifferent, without being ignorant about gayness.

    It just seems bizarre that he’s doing this. T’eo references made me laugh.

  6. I think it’s great that he has the courage to speak out on what should not be a issue at all. Most pro players don’t have the balls to speak about what the weather is like today.

  7. The biggest game in this guy’s career, and he is preoccupied with same sex marriage!? If this is a harbinger of things to come, this does not bode well for the men in purple and black!

  8. How would a player be received if they promoted say a conservative cause..I know they would be vilified..I love the hypocrisy


    I read this in Sean Hannity’s voice lololol

  9. So I wonder if he will be lambasted like Tebow was for his Superbowl commercial? Somehow I doubt it.

  10. I’m a middle age black man. I want everyone to know this before I say anything else. Now, the NFL should give all the social BS a rest. I love women all types. Now, I’ve come out of the closet. The NFL is really getting silly. First of all they make a big deal about no minority coaches getting a head coaching position. Please someone correct me if I’m wrong. But, they’re only 32 positions in the damn league. And, the truth of the manner is I didn’t even think about that until the story was posted on this sight. Secondly he can say that he support Gay Marriage and this sight will carry the story. But, I’m agianst same sex marriage and if I post that it’s taken down because it’s offensive. No one really cares who his thought is on the subject. Let’s just talk about football. That’s what this sight is suppose to be about

  11. This is a bad time to be bringing this up…it would obviously be a divisive issue in the locker room and the last thing any team needs is this type of distraction right now. By the way, I agree with Birk anyway.

  12. people are being persecuted against simply because they were born different. a couple generations from now we will be remembered in the same shame that we remember the ones before us that allowed hate due to skin color. its absurd. I hate the baltimorons but I applaud this guy. as for this not being the right forum for such discourse — bulls#@t. there is never a better time to stick up for those discriminated against than when people are listening.

  13. People that are comparing allowing gay couples the same rights as everyone else to forcing people to carry unwanted foetuses to term (even if they’ve been raped)… you just don’t get it.

    If you’re against gay marriage, you’re a bigot. And you’re almost certainly the sort of person who would have happily treated black people like second-class citizens too, if you were born a few decades earlier.

  14. When Tebow n now Ray Lewis talk about their belief in Jesus everyone says they should keep their beliefs n personal views to theirselves, shouldn’t it be the same for this guy? What’s gonna happen is, someone who doesn’t believe in gay marriage is gonna speak up n everyone is gonna portray him as a bad guy, this guy should keep his obvious gayness to hisself.

  15. @ mikebrown
    Agreed…and it’s funny how other players who talk religion all the time (ie Ray Lewis)don’t get lambasted as much as Tebow either.
    I’m not religious and I agree with allowing gay people to have a legal union but the SB is not the right time to push one’s political agendas. I can’t stand the hypocrisy of some towards certain topics depending on whether it’s considered “open minded” to believe in it.

  16. People’s minds are already made up as to whether they support this or not. A 30 second Superbowl ad is just going to be a waste of $3.5 million

  17. People who believe that sports aren’t the place for political change are sadly mistaken. Look no further back in history than segregation between white and blacks – Jackie Robinson, etc.

    Let’s try to remember that back then the conservative cause that opposition would try to champion would be that of segregation and racism. Now, 60+ years later, we look back at the folly of our predecessors ways and believe it to be ridiculous. In fact, without breaking color barriers in sports, the games we love now would not exist in the way they do.

    In 60 years our grandchildren will look back at people who opposed same-sex marriage with the exact same disbelief.

    To paraphrase Louis CK – who cares who someone else wants to sleep with? It’s not as though gay guys are just running up behind straight guys at an ATM and having sex with them. It’s none of our business.

    For some reason we are continuing to treat contributing members of society as second class: humans fighting the exact same fight day in and day out as the rest of us – with families that love them, working jobs they sometimes hate, paying the same taxes, dealing with happiness and joy and death and the same stuff as those of us in the heterosexual community.

    We’re continuing to treat them as second class citizens. It’s unbelievable.

  18. Totally annoying! Tebow gets completely crucified for speaking out and supporting his belief as a Christian, but some 3rd string Linebacker(how fitting is his position) wants to turn this into a Pride Parade & everyone thinks he is courageous????? Please, people watch football to escape from this junk!
    All we need is Anderson Cooper, Rachel Maddow & Rosie Odonell and we have a perfect sewing circle

  19. Umm… Matt Birk isn’t being vilified for his conservative Catholic views. I think it was Ayanbadejo’s initial views and subsequent Maryland bigot politician’s response during election season that started this story. And naturally, the media is bringing the spotlight back to him when he is now on an international stage. I happen to agree with him, but being from St. Paul, where Birk is from and revered, doesn’t cause anyone around here at least, to vilify him for having conservative views. It’s shocking that football isn’t the only thing football players live, breath, and eat. How do they manage with any aspect of life than football? BTW, athletes/celebrities have the ultimate platform to promote any cause because it will be played 24/7 on multiple networks. Birk has been on radio and on TV in the Twin Cities to promote his views, but that doesn’t make news because it isn’t splashy like a Macho Pro Football player who supports gay marriage.

  20. “If you’re against gay marriage, you’re a bigot. And you’re almost certainly the sort of person who would have happily treated black people like second-class citizens too, if you were born a few decades earlier.”

    Let’s be real here. African Americans could not vote, could not hold property, separate schools, separate sections of the bus. Meanwhile, gays in America have above average incomes, housing, and jobs. They have always been able to vote and hold property. The two situations are not even remotely similar and it is insulting to African Americans to compare them.

  21. It’s ignorant to say peoples’ minds are already made up. Every year more people are swaying to the side of supporting equal rights. The president of our country has recently changed his stance on it. Pretty sure there are plenty of people that will change their minds. Long overdue in my opinion.

  22. Here is what bothers me about this. Proponents of gay rights respond to their conservative opponents by telling them not to be concerned by the private lives of others and to mind their own business. But that point is made completely null and void when someone uses the Super Bowl, one of television’s biggest events, to advance their stance. Same goes for Tim Thomas. For the love of God, leave politics out of sports!

  23. Good for him but I doubt many people turn to football players for guidance on political and moral views.

  24. I know the media badly wants it to happen, but please, please, don’t let football players become like Hollywood stars who shove their politics down our throats every chance they get.

  25. The message would be more effective if it were a surprise. Telling the world you plan on preaching to them tends to turn ears off.

  26. the Superbowl week should be about 2 teams getting ready for the biggest game of the year not the fight for same sex marriage.

    but Ayanbadejo Ive got your answer for gay marriage in American. here in Australia its called a Same Sex Union its exactly the same as a marriage in every way but just isn’t called marriage. this is the best of both worlds keeps the “sanctity” of marriage between a man and women which keeps the religious ppl happy but gives same sex unions the exact same benefits as a married couple.

  27. Lol at conservatives getting upset. There is a huge difference is wanting to treat people equally and trying to deny people equal rights

    As long as your “equal rights” don’t require my tax dollars, we’re cool.

    I like football better when we don’t politicize it.

  28. The Superbowl is about football not about your personal beliefs and should remain about football. Keep your personal beliefs for a talk show, try Ellen. ****************

  29. I am so confused. You cannot deny a gay couple the right to adopt a child because it is discrimination, but they are not allowed to marry because of work related benefits.
    We are lost as a society.

  30. CLK

    The difference between Tim Tebow and Ray Lewis is that one is famous as a multi-pro bowler and future hall of famer who happens to also be very religious, and the other is a guy who always had questionable talent to even belong in the league and skyrocketed to fame based more on his onfield religious practices than his onfield performance. The ONLY reason a team would be interested in Tebow would be because of the religious fanbase he would being with him.

  31. The difference between Tebow and Ray Lewis is Tebow was raised believing in God. Where as Ray Lewis didn’t find God until he was facing murder charges and than later pleaded guilty to obstruction of justice. Lewis is as fake as a $3 bill

  32. I’m not a church going christian but I do believe in God and what is written in the bible, and unless I’m wrong on this doesn’t the bible define marriage as being a union between a man and a woman. This is what I’ve always believed. If someone is gay more power to him but don’t try and force me into believing that it’s normal. Do what you want but don’t tell the rest us what we have to think.

  33. ‘As long as your “equal rights” don’t require my tax dollars, we’re cool’….really??

    I am pretty sure integration and doing away with slavery cost a few tax payer pennies. Were you against those too? You only care about civil rights if they are free…that’s just awesome.

    Either way gay marriage is inevitable, and there isn’t anything that will stop that tide, no matter what some think is “right”. Overwhelmingly popular under 35, and overwhelmingly opposed over 50. Guess who keeps dying any who keeps having kids. Just like mixed marriage and segregation, the minority will become the majority just as a function of time. It’s already the majority between 18-45. Nothing left to do but get used to it people.

  34. Agree or disagree with him, you have to admit it takes serious cahones to take such a public stance on this topic. Ayanbadejo is gutsier than 95% of the rest of the players in the NFL and has my undying respect.

  35. For those saying that Matt Birk(or other conservatives) will be slammed for disagreeing with Ayandabejo, that is what democracy is.

    The reason that it won’t be as vocal against the liberal point of view is because those against it know it is ignorant and simply based on their hatred of another group of people. Its much more socially acceptable to talk about acceptance than exclusion, because acceptance has always resulted in progressive leaps forward in society.

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