Crennel hasn’t been contacted by Saints, yet


Former Browns and Chiefs head coach Romeo Crennel is on the list of potential defensive coordinators with the Saints.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, however, the Saints have not yet contacted him.

It’s unclear at this point whether and to what extent Crennel will be interested.  After a difficult and trying season in Kansas City, which included Crennel witnessing the suicide of linebacker Jovan Belcher less than two months ago, the 65-year-old coach may want to take a year off — or more.

He’ll continue to be paid by the Chiefs for the next two years, so he doesn’t need to work.  More importantly, any work he’ll be doing will be for free, since any money he makes coaching will reduce the amount the Chiefs owe him on his buyout.

Thus, it could take some work to persuade Crennel to keep working.