Desperation leads Mike Munchak to Gregg Williams

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So when a guy who coaches a struggling team nearly loses his job and knows that he definitely will be gone if he doesn’t turn things around, what does he do?

He takes a risk.

That’s what Titans coach Mike Munchak will be doing by bringing former Titans defensive coordinator Gregg Williams back to the team, if Williams ultimately is hired by the Titans and reinstated by the NFL.  Even though Williams has been shunned by former Titans coach Jeff Fisher without ever even working for Fisher in St. Louis, Munchak is willing to roll out the red carpet for a coach who brings plenty of red flags.

Even though Williams undoubtedly won’t be running a pay-for-performance program or ranting about “killing the head” or targeting ACLs, Munchak also will face a challenge in the locker room, given the perception among players that Williams snitched on linebacker Jonathan Vilma, via a sworn statement and subsequent testimony at the appeal hearing before former Commissioner Paul Tagliabue.

But Munchak, whose team invited scrutiny from the league office via tough talk from defensive coordinator Jerry Gray, has no choice.  The team must improve in 2013 or Munchak won’t have a job come 2014.  Which means that he has no choice but to go all in for a guy who otherwise would be permanently out of the league.

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  1. Must suck not being a Pats fan. I don’t know how fans of the 31 other pathetic “franchises” can wake up everyday not being able to root for such greatness, such dominance, such importance. Wow.

  2. It’s only January and Mike Munchak has already wrecked the 2013 season for the Tennessee Titans.

  3. If you’re desperate enough to hire this guy, you have to be in boiling water. Why would an owner not step up and say no way I want this guy as a reflection of my franchise? Every time a player makes a questionable hit, anytime a player on another team gets injured, it’s going to be questioned. The stupids at ESPN will have a 30 for 30, an outside the lines after one week about this guy. It will be a massacre of the titans as an organization week in and week out. He has spent one year away from the game. No amount of self finding hikes in buenos aires in one year is enough to make you “find yourself.” This is a joke, I hope…….

  4. How can people complain that Williams is a snitch and still say that the players didn’t do anything? At least one of those assertions is wrong. That said, Williams’ suspension should be longer.

  5. He might as well have taken Hue Jackson as OC.

    Jackson was likely was willing to go with a “hot seat” coach and shame on them to go with continuity for the worse.

    Continuity is garbage when the incompetent stay, but overrated when familiar faces come back.

    I know Gregg Williams acted stupid over the past several years and ruined his name, but why can’t we cheer for him and the Titans for a turnaround? This might be the unknown turnaround/Cinderella story next season.

    Remember Mike Martz in Chicago during the 2010 season?

  6. Hey h3min1230… im just glad u wake up in your mother’s basement everyday with a smile….your so strong, and brave

  7. If Williams did not get an NFL coaching job, he would write a tell all book about he used ‘bounties’ with the Titans, Bills, Skins, Jags, etc in the past, other prominent coaches like Fisher and Munchak supported it, and it was a prominent part of NFL culture. The Titans are one team that would not benefit from that story being told, nor would Goodell, so Williams will be back to work soon. I always said this would be the case.

  8. Glad Williams found a job. He had to do what had to do with Vilma. If snitching gives him a chance to continue his career then so be it. Vilma or anybody else aren’t going to give him pay checks for keeping quiet.

  9. Why are you people still hung up on the whole bounty thing. It’s over and done with. Get over it. Sure he’s not the only coach that’s done something like that. If this guy can help out the Titans defense I’m all for it. I’m not gonna cry bitch and complain bc he made a mistake or two in the past. We’re human and that’s what we do make stupid mistakes and pay for them later. GET OVER THE BOUNTY TALL PEOPLE!!

  10. You know the Rooney rule is doing a great job when the titans will take a chance with Williams and his cheap shots over the other black/hispanic/other minority candidates.

  11. I find the Pats fan to be annoying as hell, don’t get me wrong here… However, I think the “I hate New England” guy might be more annoying.

    You would rather have your team lose than root for the Pats? I’m gonna say this gem is from Buffalo.

    Look, stop overly hating on the team and embrace who they are. I used to hate Brady, but now I just enjoy him play. They haven’t won in 9 years, so just enjoy how talented they are, knowing they will lose at some point in the playoffs.

    Oh, and I just read that the Titans have already been eliminated from the playoffs.


  13. I am not sure it is fair or constitutional to not allow a person to earn a living who has not broken any criminal laws of the country. Even excons like Plaxico Burress and Micheal Vick are allowed to practice their trade again. Greg Williams has been very successful at every stop he had been at and New Orleans doesn’t win the Super Bowl without his ballhawking defence which was self evident this season.

    I am also confused by how he is criticized for going for the head of running backs when it is a legal hit as Bernard Pollard did to Stevan Ridley with complete malice of forethought and the Giants did to that poor punt returner in the NFC final and loudly bragged about it. Actually I am not sure what exactly anyone is guilty of when no opposition players were injured and there is the hypocritical fiction of vacating the player suspensions but not the coaches. So the bounties existed but the players didn’t profit or contribute into the pool.Not sure how that works.

  14. @hymen1230 so the patriots are playing in the superbowl? Oh wait…. No they are at home just like 30 other teams right now. I do not like either team in the superbowl right now, but I’m pretty sure their fans are pretty thrilled right now.

  15. The defense hasn’t had much talent since Fisher left. I don’t blame Jerry Gray for having the least talented defensive squad for this organization in thirty to forty years. The team should look to add defensive talent and with Williams on board look for a major improvement.

    I question the direction of the offense, and if it fails Munchak could be fired mid-season. If such were to happen then who would be his replacement? The candidates would be either Jerry Gray or Gregg Williams. And no I don’t see Munchak making it through the season. He’s a great position coach, but doesn’t have the vision to be a successful pro football head coach in this day and age.

  16. Actually, if you’ll look at the rest of the coaching staff, you’ll see that this hire is standard operating procedure for Mike Munchak.

    In his first two years of coaching, Munchak’s primary philosophy has been “Hey, man…..we’re putting the old band back together.” Munchak’s coaching staff reads like a who’s-who of former teammates and fellow coaches from the Oilers/Titans organization circa 1995-2000.

    The way things are going with this organization, it’s only a matter of time until Munchak brings Les Steckel and Eddie George back into the fold.

  17. Williams and Payton suspended for a year over a system that nearly every team has run since the beginning of football and Belichick who admits cheating gets a fine and a loss of a draft pick after abusing modern technology to put a nearly invincible cheating system in place. Shouldn’t the punishments have been reversed? Goodall dropped the ball hard on this one.

  18. Greg Williams is a good technical coach. Totally against pay for performance…but he’s very knowledgeable on the game. As for players buying in….why not…he is a proven winner and as long as you play by the rules there is nothing to worry about. As far as his suspension…should be more than one year. People benefited from trying to hurt other players for cash……nobody took responsibility but Williams and others should man up. Just Saying…

  19. undraftedstar says:
    Jan 27, 2013 12:58 AM
    Williams is a good DC , was great his years in D.C. , as a person his character is questionable, but it’s better on what the titans had last year.

    Just what I was about to say. I don’t think anyone here can deny that Williams is a very good DC.

  20. Clearly, Munchak’s contats around the league are few. Everyone he knows is either coaching in St. Louis or Detroit. A head coach candidate should have a deeper pool of friends & colleagues to choose from.

    That’s why Lovie Smith failed the last five years. He couldn’t get guys to interview for his offensive staff and had to resort to his friends. Martz was a desperation hire; Tice was a give-up promotion; both because other guys around the league didn’t even want to interview.

  21. OK, I’ll say it.

    What’s so great about Gregggg Williams as a defensive coach anyway?

    The Saints average ranking for the 3 seasons he was there was 13th. The Jaguars were 21st under him in 2008. The Redskins were 27th and 7th in his last two years there.

    Not saying he’s the worst coach in the world, but hiring him is far from a slam dunk.

  22. “FinFan68 says:Jan 26, 2013 11:57 PM

    How can people complain that Williams is a snitch and still say that the players didn’t do anything? At least one of those assertions is wrong. That said, Williams’ suspension should be longer.”


    Either he snitched or he lied to save himself, either scenario doesn’t endear him to players because he put his own interests over that of a player who trusted him. You can’t trust him again after that.

  23. As a Titans fan, sure I on’t care for what happened in NO but it’s over time to move on. He did the time. Williams is exactly what this franchise needs. Hate to say it but it will be nice to have a little fire back on the sidelines and in the locker room. This team has been so bland they need someone who will stir it up…. albeit without bounties. Good Hire!

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